When the Flame Goes Out

By: Comm. Butler

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Author's Note: SPOILERS! ENGLISH VIEWERS BEWARE! This story takes place AFTER the end of the series so if you have just been tuning in on the English dubbing then this story is NOT for you… well that is unless you want to read it anyway! Then be my guest!

I'm not really sure why I wanted to write this, I guess I'm just sort of in this kind of mood lately… but if you have faithfully read my stories they always have a happy ending, no matter how sad they seem, so hang in there. I just enjoy a tearjerker every once and awhile.


It is currently three years after the fateful night in which Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye undertook the task of the assassination the Grand President Bradley. Mustang came out rather battered and lost an eye as well as his military career, or so he had thought. As it turned out, the new Congress was running sort on good leaders and Roy was reinstated as a full blown four star General as well as a National Alchemist. A position almost equivalent to the late Grand President, however his power was somewhat figurehead based. He did finally get his wish for female officers in miniskirts. After that Roy settled down for some unknown reason, it was rumored that it was due to Riza's resignation.

Riza Hawkeye, who on that night suffered from a gunshot wound and by the skin of her teeth, avoided a broken heart, was a little less, tampered with. Her military career was still relatively intact, since it was declared she was acting under an order of her superior, but at the rank of Major and up for Colonel, one of the only women to do so, Riza resigned for her own personal reasons.

It was rumored these two were married secretly with only a few people aware of it. All records at Central denied that there was a union and when asked the two would just smile and laugh. They were hardly ever seen together and even then it was on business and strictly professional. Apparently the dynamic duo was done for…

Mustang Household

2300 Local


"So where were you this time?" Riza asked softly and violently as Roy Mustang slid into bed beside her.

"I thought you were asleep. It was work, it's nothing." Roy tried to put his arms around her and nuzzle her neck, but she shrugged him off.

"I see. You work a lot lately."

"I have a job Riza and with the leftover issues in the South…"

"Those 'issues' are more important then coming home to your wife and son?"

"No, it's just that someone has to do…"

"That's what you have secretaries for." Riza snapped and turning on the bedside lamp she sat up to look down on him where he was propped up on the pillows.

"Riza, you know as well as I do that they aren't cleared for…"

"Oh shut up! If you're sleeping with her she has permission to do anything!" Riza got out of bed and walked over to her overly large closet.

"WHAT? RIZA! What the hell are you talking about?"

"Every night! Every night you come home with a different perfume smell on you since when you left me in the morning! You come home later and later and we don't talk like we used to and when was the last time we…" Riza's voice was rising to a yell.

"HUSH!" Mustang shouted.

"NO! Ever since little Roy was born, you have become less of a husband and more of a shadow! I don't think I can handle it anymore! I gave up everything for you and now you're giving me up! So I will just have to…" Riza stopped as Roy held her tightly to his chest. She tried to struggle away from him and he released her.

"Riza, why would I even consider someone less when I have the most beautiful woman in the world?"

"Humph! You say that to everything that has long legs and breasts! That might have worked on me a year ago, but I'm sick of it! I can't trust you anymore! I knew the second I resigned from the military because I was pregnant with our son that I was going to have to try really hard to keep you with me! I couldn't watch you all the time anymore and I thought little Roy was enough! I was wrong!" Riza shouted as tears filled her eyes and she snapped her large suitcase shut. Turning to her dresser she started pulling out her several guns.

"Riza! Put those away! What the hell are you doing! I thought you were done with those days!"

"I can't leave them with you!" Riza snapped clips into the guns and then throwing on her old military trench coat, she grabbed her guns and suitcase and left their room and dashed down the stairs. When she stopped for that split second to set her suitcase down Roy grabbed her from behind.

"AGH! PUT ME DOWN! STOP! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Riza elbowed him in the stomach and he loosened his grip. Riza took a few steps back and Roy straightened.

"What happened to you Riza? What am I not doing! Do you not love me anymore?" Roy asked quietly.

"NO! I'll put it in simple terms for you. The flame's gone out! We've lost our spark! I'm not even sure it was ever there! I don't love you anymore!" Riza cried and her voice reverberated off the high ceilings in the entryway.

Roy looked at her shocked for a minute and then closed the space between them so fast Riza could only gasp.

"Maybe you don't love me, I sure as hell love you and I'm going to make love to you so many times over, that you'll realize the bullshit you're talking. I'm going to make you forget everything else and you'll fall for me again…" Roy kissed her soundly and repeatedly until he was sure she was dizzy from lack of air and stopped struggling.

Riza was taken aback by Roy's ferocity and bruising movements. She'd only been kissed like this once before and that was a long time ago. She felt her coat fall from her shoulders and puddle on the floor as Roy's hands raked through her hair and all over her body. Riza tried to struggle, but it was only half hearted and she let him carry her back up the marble stairs to their bedroom. It was all she could do but whisper and plead.

Roy heard her whispering to him begging him not to stop, not to leave her. Roy ignored it all as he laid her down under him on the bed and then he stopped when she sighed,

"Roy… don't do it… don't break my heart again. Heal it don't break it… please…" Riza kissed Roy softly and the two fell into the spiral of passion that comes once in a century.

They were oblivious to the world and all of the uncertainty of it. The only thing they would rely on was the feel of the other's, lips, skin, warmth and their heartbeats, as they became one in a wave of moaning names that meant nothing and everything. Caught up in frantic kisses battling for love, hate and distrust. Both sides trying so hard to find completion, but all in vain.

Dawn lay across the horizon like a soft blanket of roses, Roy and Riza lay in an exhausted and graceful tangle with one another. Roy's breath caressed Riza's neck as he slept soundly beside her and Riza lay there ravishing in his warmth. She awoke slowly to the small sounds of little Roy's crying echoing down the long hall in the nursery and her stomach fell as she felt Mustang's arms around her. Riza carefully untangled herself from Roy, who barely moved and muttered drowsily,

"Rizzza…" Riza leaned down and kissed him softly.

"Shhh. It's little Roy, I'll take care of him… shhh." Riza slipped into a long skirt and sweater. It was winter after all, and she headed down the hall quickly and skidded into the nursery to see her son Roy the II crying in his little bed. He was almost two now and was the picture of his father, except for his eyes, those were Riza's. Riza picked him up and he quieted rather quickly.

"Mommy…" He was smart for a toddler and he was beyond mindless baby babble, but his sentence structure still needed work. Riza smiled.


"Daddy and Mommy… ffiight?" He asked.

"No, no, it's alright Mommy and Daddy okay."


"I'm going on a trip honey."

"Mommy go bye bye?" Riza nodded.

"Mommy go bye bye."

"Roy trouble? No love me?" Her son asked looking sad.

"No, you're not in trouble. Mommy loves you very much. You're gonna stay with Daddy for awhile."

"Mommy no go!"

"I have to. I'll be back for you I promise." Riza sat down with little Roy in her lap and undid a chain around her neck and then refastening it she handed it to her son.

"Give to Daddy, okay? Oh no! Don't eat it!" Riza pulled the chain out of his mouth and looked at her wedding ring and the locket, which held a picture of the two men in her life, her husband Roy and her son Roy.

"Give to Daddy."

"To Daddy!" Roy nodded and gripped the chain in his tiny hands. Riza hugged him tightly and kissed him many times and then set him back in his bed with tears in her eyes.

"Mommy loves you!" She said softly and her son smiled back.

"I love Mommy!" Riza then turned away from her son and walked out and back to where the older Roy was sleeping. She carefully and quietly crept to the bed and then looked down at him. She didn't have to do this. She could just take these clothes off and get back into bed with him and pretend like nothing ever happened. That's what she wanted to do, she wanted to do it so badly she ached inside, but she knew things weren't ever going to be the same. Nothing changed the fact that her heart didn't fully trust Roy, she supposed it never would. So she leaned over him and kissed his forehead softly and whispered,

"I'm sorry Roy, I'm so sorry." Then she turned and left just as he moaned something, but she didn't stop as she rushed down the stairs her heels clicking on the marble and then grabbing her coat off the floor she dashed out before she could have second thoughts.

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