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Hughes Household

Same Time


"I haven't heard from her Roy! I tell you everyday you come by or call! I haven't seen her and if I had do you think that I wouldn't tell you? ALICIA! GET DOWN HERE!" Grace shouted turning her attention from Roy to her eight-year-old daughter.

"But, you two are best friends how can you not know?" Roy demanded. Grace glared at him.

"Well as her best friend here is my theory. You must have screwed up royally to get her to seemingly disappear off the face of the map! You sure you checked absolutely everywhere?"

"YES! I've had a company looking for her even in the southern most reaches."

"Well apparently you haven't looked that hard." Grace stated as she pulled on her coat. Alicia came running down the stairs carrying Mustang's son in her arms awkwardly. As soon as Little Roy saw his father he began squirming and calling for him.

"Hi Uncle Roy!" Alicia smiled and handed Little Roy to him.

"Hi… Now Grace what were you saying?"

"Risenboul!" Was all Grace snapped before she ushered him out the door.

"What the hell would she go there for?" Roy asked the closing door.

"You figure it out Roy! Get up off your ass and act like the knight in shining armor she wants you to be!" Grace sighed and then waved him goodbye and she closed the door. Roy let out a depressed sigh and headed slowly back to his car.

Central Headquarters

1315 Local


"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to do this Winry!" Riza demanded. Winry looked up at her.

"You mean you don't want to get Mustang-san back?"

"No! Well you know that I do… but are you sure this is the way to do it? How does this help you?" Riza looked at herself in the mirror, she hadn't looked this way in a long time, and she had secretly hoped that she could look like she did now again. Oh how she missed it all.

"Ahem! Come on, it will just make me happy!" Winry gave Riza a stack of files tall enough to go over her head and the top files teetered dangerously. Winry opened the door of the bathroom and they stepped out into the bustling hall at Central HQ.

Riza could feel the eyes on her from all the familiar faces, and of course the new ones too. Everyone looked stunned to see her. She made her way through the maze of hallways to the entrance to General Mustang's office.

"Oh ma'am! You can't go in there!" A pretty little red headed civilian secretary stated matter of factly as she filled the air with a heavy perfume. Riza let out a small snort.

"Why not?"

"He won't let any woman enter his office… well unless it's her. I went in once and well my hair got rather singed."

"Oh, I see and who is this her?"


"Did he say anything specific about this person?"

"Well he did tell me that I was incompetent, and that I couldn't do my job even one one-hundredth as well as she could."

"Hmm, oh well I know all about that. Open that door for me." Riza made it a command and not a suggestion. The little redhead went past her and Riza caught another whiff of the perfume that had come home clinging to Roy's shirts, and her stomach dropped with guilt.

"On second thought wait just a minute." Riza instructed and set down the files.

"How long have you been working here?" Riza asked.

"About four months."

"Do you always wear that perfume?"

"Of course! Since the first day I started working for the General. I thought he would like it. The player that he is, and well I wanted to make a good impression."

"Hmm. And you just spray it all over the place?"

"Yeah! I love it! It smells so good!" The girl took a deep breath with her eyes closed. Riza pulled out her gun and clicked off the safety. When the girl opened her eyes she screamed.

"SHUT UP! I'm not going to shoot you!" Riza snapped.

"Well… well… ththen whatt are you go… going to do?" The girl whimpered.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions and you answer with a yes or a no. Understood?"


"Alright. First question. You said you wanted to impress the General, did he ever notice?"

"No, but this one time…."

"Yes or no!"

"No." Riza's guilt only got heavier now.

"Did you throw yourself at him like a common whore then?" Riza was now just plain pissed off at this girl.


"Oh so then wearing a skirt so short I can see your lack of undergarments when you bend over, coupled with the lowest cut blouse I have ever seen, you can see more skin then fabric. That is just the new conservative? Give me a fucking break!" Riza snarled and the girl nodded.

"Yes." Riza put her gun away and then leaned across the desk so her face was inches from the girl.

"Come here." Riza whispered. The girl leaned closer and she continued.

"Now then. You will never, ever, go anywhere near my husband again, and if I ever see or hear of you even so much as breathing in his general direction, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger on my sidearm…"

"But ma'am, this is my job I can't just…"

"You don't do jack shit I'm sure, and doing his paperwork and turning him on is my job, got it?"

"Yes, but you don't deserve him if your going to talk like that!" The secretary hissed. Before the girl could so much as sneer Riza's fist collided with girl's face and the secretary was knocked into the wall behind her and she slid down it unconscious.

"That's what you get for hitting on my husband bitch!" Riza then, calmed down and the guilt sank back in as her hand rested on the doorknob.

"Here goes." Riza slowly turned it and opened the door slowly.

Roy was sitting with his back to the door watching his son play on the carpet, when he heard the almost non-existent creak of the door. His hands balled into fists.

"Sonya if that's you then you had better hike you ass out of here so…"

"Here are the afternoon papers you requested sir." Roy had to blink several times as he took in the uniform clad Riza Hawkeye setting several files on his desk and took the regulation two steps back and stood at attention.

"Ri…Riza?" He stammered. Riza kept her cool even though the look she was getting from Roy was breaking her heart.

"Yes sir?"

"When did you get back?"

"I've been here all along sir."

"But you can't have."

"Sir those papers need to be turned in by three. I also have some work to do." Riza nodded to him and sat all the way across the big room, and picked up a file of her own and began to read it intently. Roy was stunned. What the hell was up? Had everything been a horrible dream. Had he just had a glimpse into the future?

"Major… Hawkeye, how long have I been a General?"

"Almost three years."

"I see. Are we married?"

"Yes, sir. If you still want to be." Riza stated not even looking up from the file. Roy's heart about leapt out of his chest with happiness. He stood slowly, being careful to make sure he wouldn't trip over little Roy.

"So you really did leave then?"

"I did sir."

"But you came back. Why? I thought that…"

"Well sir once again your hot headed cockiness has made you incorrect again. In other words you thought wrong." Riza only now set down the file and saw that Roy was standing in the middle of the huge office. Riza stood up and met him in the middle; she was having a hard time keeping her act together now.

"So you still love me?"

"That depends."

"Depends on what?"

"Whether you love me still." Riza slipped a hand into Roy's hand and his other one came up and touched her face softly.

"You had to ask?" He choked out trying to keep his tears back.

"Yes or no."

"Yes, dear god yes!" Roy sighed and swept down to grab her lips in a heart-stopping kiss. He pressed her against him and held her so tightly that he swore that nothing could tear them apart. He relished in her warmth against him again and taking in her scent and everything about her. He wanted to take her soul through her lips, he wanted forgiveness for making her think those horrible things, for making her suffer, he wanted… no he needed to be her everything again, not just because he loved her, but because she was his everything, his whole world rotated for her. He'd gladly give up everything and just have her if she asked him to.

Riza pulled her lips away from Roy and looked up at him through misty eyes.

"Oh Roy, Roy, forgive me please!" She whispered and pressed her face into his chest. Roy kissed the top of her forehead gently.

"Of course. There's nothing to forgive Riza, just don't ever leave me again."

"Never…" Riza kissed a line from Roy's jaw to his lips again and before she said her next words she remembered that day so long ago it seemed…

…Riza dashed up the steps towards the inferno that had been the Grand President's home just hours ago, and tossing her gun aside she skidded to a halt fell beside Roy who lay in a bloody heap.

"Colonel! Colonel Mustang! ROOY!" Riza repeated over and over as she held Roy's limp body in her arms rocking him back and forth. She couldn't tell whether he was breathing or not but she never stopped clinging so tightly to him as his body got colder and colder. She kissed him and her tears fell onto his cheeks leaving little streaks in the blood. She didn't know how long she sat there just outside the flames but at one point she laid him back down carefully sobbing even harder then before and turned away ready to run as fast as she could away from all this. She couldn't face the fact that he may be… gone.

Lifting her foot to take a step she felt something grab her pant leg and she whipped around to see Mustang's eye that wasn't covered in blood looking at her and his breathing was heavy.

'Riza…' He panted and She obediently dropped to his side.

'Colonel! Thank god! Oh thank god!' Riza sobbed and sitting down she rested Roy's head in her lap.

'Riza… would… you…'

'What? Anything sir, anything at all.' Riza assured him as she stroked his hair softly.

'Would you… be my reality… my fantasy… be my… everything?' Roy stopped to cough and blood splattered out of his mouth but it didn't matter to Riza who had now taken off her hat and let her hair cascade down, leaned over him.

'You're going romantic sir… yes only if you'll stay to be mine.' She whispered and she thought that Roy chuckled, she couldn't really tell but the small shadow of his player smile told her everything.

'Good.' He whispered and lifted a hand to run his fingers through her hair as it brushed the side of his face.

Riza let out a small gasp as he grabbed a handful of it and using the strength he had pulled her head down so that their lips met. Riza could taste the blood on his lips but it didn't matter at all, nothing could be more perfect. The world could die and crumble around them and she didn't give a care, just as long as Roy kept kissing her and confirmed that he was her only one… then she was sure… everything was going to be just fine…



"Be my everything?"

"Only if you'll stay and be mine." Roy smiled and their lips met again in a kiss that held all the flames that eternal love could ever conjure.


Or should it be the beginning?