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Riza Hawkeye's Apartment

0800 Local


"Sir!!! We should have left over two hours ago!" Riza shouted through the door to her bathroom and kicked it with her foot as she wrestled with the pins in her hair. The colonel needed more time in the bathroom with himself then anyone she'd ever known, and quite frankly it was ridiculous.

With the last pin in a little less neatly then usual, she turned to the couch where the two identical baskets were perched with two bright-eyed babies in their wicker armor. Riza bent over the girl's basket.

"You are going to get a name today… yes you are…" She cooed and then after tapping the infant's nose and she straightened just as the creak of the bathroom door sounded and Roy stepped out of it. Everything about his image was perfect. Hair strategically messed and fussed over, clean-shaven skin, a tantalizing smile. The brass of his buttons shone in the sunlight through the window and Riza's eyes fell slowly, down the freshly pressed coat, perfectly pleated pants to the shiny… wait.

"Sir, when was the last time you purchased new socks?" Roy's beaming smirk fell.

"Hawkeye do you honestly think I can remember?"

"I figured not, now come on. The meeting will be running late."

"Hawkeye, I am the meeting and those hooligans can wait." Roy piped as he tied his boots lazily. Riza stood at the door both baskets over one arm and her steel-toed boot tapping lightly on the scratched hardwood.

Roy joined her a mere second's later and they walked down the hall and out into the daylight. It was bright but brisk for this time of year. The ride in the car was a silent one, they had a private meet them at the corner so neither had to drive. Even if Riza had been driving there was nothing to discuss. Roy had stayed like he had many nights before, nothing changed and despite how each hated to admit it nothing would change, even in this new circumstance.

Roy Mustang's Office

2 hours later

Central HQ

"Nope… nope… oh! Here's one! Sevgi! That's a solid name." Roy tapped his finger on the page with authority and Riza looked at the meaning.

"I don't think so sir. Look even he doesn't like it." Riza turned the male infant in her arms and the boy's nose wrinkled and he gurgled.

"Alright, alright…" Roy snapped the mythology book shut and pulled another one from the stack and tossed it open so it landed on the desk with a snap.

"Here. Herman and…."

"Helga?" Riza snorted before she could stop her self and then shaking her head she sighed.

"That's almost as bad as Sevgi and Serilda."

"Ugh. Hawkeye how is it that you are always right when my ideas are bad… not that I have many but…"

"I'm a woman sir, correction and multi tasking, it's how we operate best."

The couple worked in silence. Riza pacing the room, with one twin and then the other as she ran through every name in her head weighing it against all the others and listening as Roy rifled through pages and shouted names at her and she shook her head. And then it hit Riza like a brick and she whirled on Roy.

"Phillip!" And within a millisecond Roy shouted back.


The moment couldn't have been better timed. The names sounded right and if they both were in such an agreement as they word there was no changing of minds. Riza feeling rather accomplished sat down in a chair across from Roy's desk.

"Well now that has been solved, we need to think more of the logistics of this whole deal. That means sir an adjustment to your daily schedule for example…"

"There is also a need for a change in lodgings." Roy interrupted giving her a smirk. Riza ignored it.

"You need to insure that you get work done in a timely manner if you are going to care for Liana." She had to admit that it was nice having names for the infants now, it made things much easier.

"Hmmm yea yea…" Roy waved Riza's words away lightly, but the woman as ever was not to be stopped.

"That means, that you have a lot of work left to do." Riza shoved the door to the office open with her free hand and with a whistle two privates marched in carrying armloads of files while Roy stared flabbergasted and then slamming his head on a desk once he groaned.


"Sir please get them done as quickly as possible I have work to do and I can't watch them both all day and with that a female officer appeared and picked up Phillip and his bag and basket and then she and Riza began to move out of the room.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Roy demanded.

"Brunch." Was Riza's reply as she shut the door leaving Roy to paper cuts and misery?

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