Harry Potter and the Return to Godric's Hollow by Erin10.

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Chapter Eight: - Lily Potter

Hermione looked around quickly to see that no Muggles were around and then with a swish of her wand, she transfigured a twig into a sharp penknife. If the occasion hadn't been so important Harry might have laughed, Hermione was a brilliant witch, but he hadn't needed such an ornamental object, decorated with intricate little designs of Lily's around the handle. He looked at her, and sensing his thoughts she raised an eyebrow.

"Well it is a formal Wizarding custom even if it is an outdated one, did you really think I'd let you use a crude blade Harry?" She tutted slightly and a familiar burst of affection leapt from Harry's heart to her. She really was a thoughtful friend.

"I used a cleaning spell on it also so that the cut you make won't become infected." She added looking quite pleased with herself. He smiled slightly at her, grateful for her concern.

"Thanks." Harry muttered. He quickly sliced his palm like Dumbledore had in the cave, which made his friends gasp slightly. He ignored them in favour of watching the blood ooze from the semi deep cut impatiently. When he believed he had enough he let it trickle onto the frozen carving of the lily and with a rumble the carving immerged from the tombstone until Harry could free it from its enclosure.

He looked at the carving and realised with shock that the carving was in fact a marble bottle stopper. He frowned upon seeing the bottle, which held a milky substance, which he knew instantly to be a memory. Pondering this fact for several minutes he only broke out of his musings when Ron tapped him on the shoulder.

"Mate I think you should look inside that hole, there seems to be some… well… some miniature dolls things, but I can't get them out, must have a charm around the hole." Ron added smiling awkwardly at his best friend. Harry nodded and returned the smile.

He hesitantly put his hand inside the recess and pulled out a few items. They looked like they belonged in a miniature dolls house. He looked down at what seemed to be a letter, two books, another memory, and some kind of diary.

He placed them into his pocket and looked at his friends. "Do you mind if we go back to the tent now?" Harry asked them trying not to look as apprehensive about the items as he felt. No one had really told him much about his mother, he didn't even know who her friends were, all he really knew was that she was training to be a healer, that she was intelligent and had a gift with charms.

"Harry?" Ginny said looking at him tenderly. He looked at her and watched her take his hand gently looking at the gash that he had made. It was only then that he realised that the excess blood was dribbling down his hand.

She pointed her wand at the cut and murmuring a few words, she healed it for him. He smiled grateful, one thing he hadn't studied was healing charms, he didn't even know the basics. He thanked her and then turned to more pressing matters.

"Shall we go then? Only I thought we could stop at that bakery in town on the way back and pick some things up for lunch." Harry decided hearing Ron's stomach growl. Ron grinned.

"Boy's! It's only ten o'clock, you only ate an hour and a half ago." Hermione said smiling slightly.

They stood in the bakery, Adams family bakery with sensuous, delicious smells coming from the counters. Ron and Ginny had never stepped foot inside a bakery, reliant on Mrs. Weasley to supply them with pumpkin pasties and other little treats. Ron, Harry noticed feeling very amused, looked like a five year old in a sweet shop, Ginny looked to be only marginally keeping herself in control. Hermione looked at Harry and smiled, she too found the situation laughable.

Ron had his face inches away from the glass cabinets that housed the confectionary of doughnuts, chocolate éclairs, cream slices and other deserts. The assistant who looked to be around sixty, and whom Harry guessed was probably the owner and father of the family looked at Ron with unshed good humour in his blue eyes.

"We'll I must say my treats usually get that response from the little 'uns but never before from a grown man." He smiled kindly as Ron peeled his cheek from the glass and blushed.

"You'll have to excuse my friend here, he doesn't get out much." Harry replied watching Ron's blush rapidly spread down his neck, and disappearing into his shirt collar.

"No, he's a bit funny in the head, he didn't mean offence." Ginny chipped in smirking at her brother.

"Granddad, Nan's back from Sainsbury's. She's got that flour you wanted." A dreamy voice floated out from the back, and a few seconds later the foursome were shocked to see Luna Lovegood walk into the room. She peered at the four of them looking surprised to see people standing there.

"You know, my friend Ronald blushes like you do, I've often wondered how far his blush actually goes." She said in an offhand tone, making Hermione frown, Ginny giggle, Harry smirk, and Ron blushed even brighter.

"I say." She peered at him even closer. "Maybe you should visit the healer about that, I've heard that a person only blushed that brightly when they're standing too close to scurvy wart-grass." She smiled dreamily and her grandfather coughed, looking very uncomfortable.

"Maybe you should go and help Ida, Luna." The man spoke softly, Harry heard him continue in a whisper to her. "You know you're not supposed to talk about that stuff in front of Muggles you're fathers told you before."

"They aren't Muggles Grandfather, they've got illusions charms placed all around them to change their appearance." She replied the dreamy look not as pronounced.

Ron shifted uncomfortably, Hermione was still frowning and Ginny looked uncomfortable also. Harry, who had felt very guilty when Luna had been reprimanded, felt even guiltier for deceiving Luna even though they had never meant to do so. They were after all, supposed to be friends with this eccentric girl, and he felt that she had been cheated, hurt and lied to enough by her fellow Ravenclaws who hid her possessions and treated her as though she were a freak, and he after all knew how that felt.

"She's right." He spoke up, deciding that they could trust Luna with at least knowing who they actually were. "We didn't mean to deceive you Luna. We thought this was a Muggle bakery, and I didn't want anyone to know who we really are."

The old man looked alarmed whereas Luna smiled brilliantly.

"This is a Muggle bakery Harry, My grandparents are Muggles." She told him her eyes surveying each of them in turn. "Granddad this is Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald and Ginny Weasley. My friends, you remember me telling you about them from school?"

Mr. Adams relaxed then smiling at them all but looking at Harry with an odd glint in his eye which Harry wondered about. Harry wondered why he wasn't shocked to find that she had guessed who each of them was so easily, she was after all a Ravenclaw.

"How did you know…" Ron began but trailed off as Luna smiled brilliantly again.

"I knew it was Harry when he spoke, then I guessed you would all be with him, I knew it was you because you always blush like you're standing next to scurvy wart-grass, Hermione usually looks tense and she was frowning at me in disapproval like she usually does, Ginny, you giggled which Hermione rarely does." She said dreamily, in her usual blunt forthrightness.

"So Ronald, how far down your body does your blush actually go?" She questioned making him blush like a beacon, Ginny laughed almost hysterically clinging onto Harry for support, he smiled, and Hermione blushed knowingly.

With the promise of calling into the Adams's for dinner, and with a carrier bag full of goodies, the quartet were back at the tent sitting around the kitchen table with the pensive on the table as we'll as all of the possessions his mother had left him beside it. Hermione had resized the objects and Harry was busy opening his mother's letter.

To my Son, Harry

Writing this is one of the hardest things I have had to face as a parent, especially knowing that this is in affect my last memoir for you. I hope that you never have to read this, at least, not until you're old and grey yourself and your father and I have died of natural causes, having watched you grow, marry, have children, and fulfil any dreams or burning ambitions that you have… but deep in my heart, I fear that we may never have the pleasure of watching you grow.

The war against Voldermort and his Death Eaters is not progressing, as we would like. He's winning, and we, we are dying or going missing at an alarming rate, and Headmaster Dumbledore is looking tired, aged, in fact this war is taking its toll on each of us in it's own way.

I fear however that this war will take its toll on you, the hardest of us all. You my precious child could apparently be the key to destroying the monster, and I am deeply afraid for you.

As I write this, you're laying in your cot, fast asleep dreaming of catching snitches, flying on broomsticks and cuddling your ragged old Lion teddy that you love so much. Its hard to imagine a toddler, my child, could one day be the saviour of the world, but Dumbledore insists on the validity of the prophecy which, by now you should be aware of, and he seems as worried for you and Neville as much I as am.

At the moment we do not know which one of you it will be, but the fates will show us soon, and I am terrified that it will be you, because I see the signs as clearly as Albus does. Mars is extraordinarily bright, and it's getting brighter.

You father is blissfully unaware of the prophecy, as I believe Frank Longbottom to also be. It is not an ideal situation but we do know that someone close to us is betraying information, one of their friends and your father and Frank have enough burdens placed upon them. To add another burden… the most heart breaking of them all could lead to their downfall. This is also a lesson for you my child, as Albus would say 'Tell only those who need to know and no others.'

You should know that your father works for the Department of Mysteries, and I know nothing of what he does except that he has been commissioned to try and find a counter curse for the three unforgivables. At the moment, I don't believe that his research is going very well. I have offered my assistance, but he declined, I shouldn't even know that he works for that department. He is afraid that I will be obliviated and he discharged from service should they find out. Tell no one of his work my child.

Anything else you need to know in the event of my death is in the belongings that I have left for you. To open my diary say: - "Alice in Wonderland," That book was incidentally, my favourite book when I was a child and didn't know I was a Witch. Dumbledore likes to use Muggle passwords because so-called pureblooded bigots would never stoop so low as to know anything concerning Muggles, this should also be useful information for you.

Just know that your father and I love you more than life itself and that no one person is perfect my child, we all make mistakes, it's up to you to forgive those who stray. We shall be going into hiding very soon, as will the Longbottoms.

With all my heart,

Your mother.

Harry stared at the letter, frowning.

He looked around the table remembering what his mother had said about trusting people. The less people who knew your secrets greatly improved the chances of those secrets being revealed. He trusted all of the people at the table with his life, and, he supposed that he also trusted them with his mothers secrets.

Ginny rubbed his hand slightly in comfort, although she didn't say anything, she just let him be.

He then turned to the diary. This was the second time that he had been left a diary, one from Dumbledore that he had yet to open and one from his mother. He opened her diary saying the words, aloud; startling the others, and making sure his voice didn't break.

The others looked at him in different states of puzzlement. Harry smiled, "It was my mother's favourite book before she knew about Magic."

Hermione laughed, "That's quite ironic Harry, when Professor McGonagall took my parents and I to Diagon Alley for the first time, I felt like Alice. I felt like I'd fallen down a rabbit hole into an extraordinary different world. Your mother must have felt like that too."

Harry smiled slightly and nodded, he had, had a similar experience when Hagrid had collected him to get his school things too.

Ron and Ginny however still looked bewildered.

"Alice in Wonderland was written in the eighteenth century by a British writer named Lewis Carroll. It's about a little girl who follows a rabbit that can talk down a rabbit hole, and finds an extraordinary world full of talking animals and mad hatters. Lewis Carroll was of course a Muggle. It's a children's book."

Harry nodded and looked at the first page of his mother's diary entitled…

For my son Harry,

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

He turned the next page.

I had an interesting meeting today at work. On my lunch break Marietta told me that I had a visitor in my office. I thought it would be one of three people, Remus Lupin, My James or Albus Dumbledore as each of them visit me now and again if they are in Diagon Alley but my visitor was none of these people.

Imagine my surprise when the visitor lowered his hood. If James or Sirius were to know that he had come here, to see me, then blood might very well have been spilt. I knew that it was probably unwise to stay and chat but he asked politely to be able to explain his actions before I threw him out. So I did, I heard him out and now I don't know what to do.

I could tell James, but he is a rash man who hates my visitor with a passion. He would discard anything my visitor had to say with a pinch of salt, laughing at the news I've been given.

I could tell Sirius, but that is also unwise as he would rant and rave and… well… I know that I can't tell him. He would only hinder me.

I could tell Remus, except he's never around much anymore, something Dumbledore had him doing which is highly dangerous, top secret and… something to do with the underground colony of werewolves I think. James and Sirius are suspicious of his true loyalties but I'm not… I don't doubt that Remus Lupin is on the side of light, I know he is. He would never turn dark.

I could tell Peter except we've never really clicked the way I have with the other Marauders. I hardly know who Peter actually is; he certainly isn't one on my friends, not like Sirius or especially Remus.

I know. It's so blindingly obvious I haven't seen her since she started her training as a spell creator but she's still one of my best friends. I'll tell Cassandra Adams. She'll know what to do. I hope she isn't with Teddy Lovegood though; not that his conspiracies and beliefs aren't interesting because they are, but I have other more pressing matters on my mind… why did he have to come to me? Why in the name of Merlin did he think I'd be able to help him? Merlin help me, this is getting too deep.

Harry stopped reading and looked at them horrified. If only she had told Dumbledore, maybe things wouldn't have turned out so bad in the end.

End ch8

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