Notes: This is dedicated to my girlfriend because she went to visit New York and gave me inspiration.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans or any of the songs

Teen Titans: New York

Ch. 1: Where to?

It was a typical day at Titans Tower. Since no villains had attacked recently, everyone did whatever they felt like doing.

Cyborg was playing the gamestation with Beast Boy on one side of the couch, Robin and Starfire sat in the middle talking, and Raven

was reading a book on the other end. Cyborg however wasn't focusing on the game entirely. He kept thinking that the team

should do something instead of just staying in the tower. After he beat Beast Boy he jumped up.

Beast Boy expected him to gloat but instead Cyborg said, "I can't take this. I wanna get out and go somewhere."

"Are you sure we should?" asked Robin. "Dude," added Beast Boy, "Cy has a point. We should get out. Besides there hasn't been

any criminal activity for days." "Then it's settled," said Cyborg, "But where to go?" "Perhaps we may visit Tamaran?" suggested

Starfire. "How about Africa?" asked Beast Boy. "Maybe next time," replied Cyborg, "Let's try to go

some where in this continent." "How about Gotham?" asked Raven, "It's dark there."

"Man," said Cyborg, "This is tougher than I thought." "Well actually," said Beast Boy, "I don't really

care where we go, but I know what I want to see." "Which is?" asked Cyborg.

BB: Bright lights, big city, That's where we gotta go

Where the food is great and the girls are so pretty

I'd like to get my arms around a hundred or so

I'd hug 'em, squeeze 'em, hold 'em tight

Sleep all day, dance all night

I want the bright lights and the big city

That's the life for me, yeah

That's the life for...

Just then Raven slapped her hand over Beast Boy's mouth and dragged him to the window.

Rae: You little maggot, Have never seen the moon

Gliding 'cross the western sky

A dead oak tree by the waterside

Putrid vapors rising

Starfire then grabbed them both.

Star: That sounds lovely, Raven, I am sure we all agree

But I prefer the sunshine

A little park right in the center of the town

Flowers everywhere, children all around me, I would love it!

Just to be somewhere nice and warm

It is wonderful, wonderful

That is the life for me That is the life for me

That is the life, that is the life for me

Then everyone looked at Robin as Beast Boy stood next to him.

Rob: Elegant conversation

BB: Bright lights, big city

Rob: An elevated point of view

BB: That's where I'd go

Rob: Intellectual stimulation

BB: Yeah, waiting for you

Rob: And someone you love to share it with you

With that remark Robin took Star's hand.

All: It would be wonderful, wonderful

That's the life for me

"Why are y'all singing?" asked a confused Cyborg.

All: That's the life for me

"I guess it beats doing nothing," Cy added.

All: That's the life

That's the life

That's the life

That's the life for...

"Wait a minute!" Cyborg shouted, "I know a place that has all those things." He went to get a

brochure out of the drawer. "Really?" asked Beast Boy, "Where?" Cy came back in and

displayed the packet. "New York City!" he exclaimed. "New York!" BB exclaimed back, "They

love me there." "Who's they?" asked Raven out loud though mostly to herself. Cy continued,

"New York is where you'll find a park in the center." "Central Park," added Beast Boy. "There's

plays and museums." "Not to mention Yankee Stadium." "Dark places to hang out." "Night

clubs." "Plus cool subways for me," finished Cyborg, "This will be the best vacation ever."

BB: That's the life for me

Star: That is the life for me

Rob, BB: That's the life for me

Rae: That's the life for me

Cy: That's the life

All: That's the life, That's the life

That's the life for me!

"So that settles it, said Cy, "We're taking a plane to New York." "Why not the T-Car or the T-Ship?" asked Beast Boy.

"Because I don't like the idea of leaving either of my babies alone in the big apple."

"Well in that case," replied Robin, "Everyone start packing while I go online for the tickets."

With that everyone ran to their rooms to begin packing their stuff for the trip.

Luckily, Robin was able to get a flight that left the next day. So the morning came. "Rise and

shine team," said Robin, "Time to go." "I'll rise but don't try to get me to shine," quipped

Raven. "Where is friend Beast Boy?" asked Star. "Probably still asleep," said Cy. "I'll get him," said Raven.

She went and banged on the door but nothing happened. So she went through it to see that BB was indeed still asleep.

She was about to wake him when she heard him mumble, "I love you, Raven."

Raven was shocked at first but deep down she loved him back. With that incident past she lifted him out of bed with her powers and

dropped him on the floor. "What happened!" cried Beast Boy.

"Time to go," was all she said as she tuned to leave. In a minute the whole team was ready. "Let's go!" shouted Cyborg.

They jumped into the T-Car and headed for the airport. Once they arrived, the rushed to the plane.

"Come on team," Rob said, "The plane leaves at noon." They finally made it and found their seats. Starfire sat next to Robin, Raven sat

next to Beast Boy, and Cyborg got a big seat to himself. Then after a while the plane took off

and they were on their way. On the trip to NY, Star fell asleep on Robin's shoulder. No one

really cared because they had already hooked up and even if they hadn't this wouldn't be new.

However something rarer happened on that flight. Raven had fallen asleep on Beast Boy's

shoulder and Beast Boy had also fallen asleep and put his head on hers. The other three members

just stared until Star said, "Luckily I have brought the camera that is digital."

Later, the flight ended and they made their way out to the city that never sleeps.