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The Kinomoto and Li families are at war. On fate, Sakura and Syaoran meet, but not under good circumstances. A year later, after being apart, they meet again, but this time it's for war. Syaoran, at first, doesn't remember the Kinomoto girl he'd spent a week with, but Sakura remembers him. After Syaoran kidnaps Sakura and her best friend Tomoyo, things start to get interesting. Sakura's father is murdered, the Li clan is betrayed, Tomoyo falls for Syaoran's friend, and Syaoran and Sakura find themselves plunging headfirst into a forbidden love. Now the group must fight together against their own people to stay alive…but who is the mysterious leader that wants Sakura dead?

Love of War
Chapter One: Trapped

Sakura swam for her life, her dress was soaked and weighing her down, trying to drag the fifteen-year-old down into the darkened water.

"The…ship." She cried as she swam, kicking for her life towards the shore of the small island ahead. "The ship..."

She had been traveling with her ant and uncle on their large carrier ship, towards her home in Tamoeda, Japan, when a Li ship had approached them from behind, and attacked.

Sakura didn't know if the enemy ship had been sunk, it had definitely been damaged, but she hadn't had time to watching it sink to the bottom of the ocean.

As her ship had. Killing everyone, but her, inside it.

She felt helpless, she had never been alone, in her entire life, before. And her family was in the middle of a war between another family from China. The Li clan.

The war had been raging for a whole year now, bombs were sent to houses, soldiers were sent to assassinate. It wasn't a good thing for any girl to grow up in.

Sakura had once been a charming, happy girl. Sure she still had her charm, but the happiness had seemed to sink like the ship. She was always afraid that a Li would pop out of nowhere and kill her, or her family. And she was, when sixteen, expected to go out to a full on war, to save her family.

Sakura finally made it to shore, her hands clawing at the soft, wet sand for support as she crawled up onto the beach, turning onto her back and just lying there, coughing, gasping for air.

Hot tears streamed down the girl's face as she stared into the afternoon sky, already dimming with the setting sun. Her aunt and uncle were gone, the Kinomoto would have to get back at the Li clan now, if possible.

She reached her hand to her neck and ran her fingers across the cold chain of her necklace. It always brought her comfort, the small silver chain with a key with a star on it. It had been given to her when she was ten, and she hadn't taken it off since.

Sakura got off the sand and shook herself off, ringing the sand and sea water from her hair, she began to walk along the beach, searching for a place to stay the night.

She lifted her wrist to her face and pressed a small button on her bracelet. A tracking device. Her father had planned well.


Syaoran gasped, coughing up the sea water as he lay, exhausted, on the beach. Where was he?

"The…ship." He whispered, punching his fist into the sand angrily. Their ship had been sunk, after much damage done to it, they could no longer sail, and had to swim for shore.

Out of twenty people, Syaoran was the only one not hurt, and was the only one who had made it to shore alive.

Everyone on his ship had died, including one of his best friends, Mik.

"Fuck." Syaoran hissed, sitting up on the beach and looking around. "Damn you Kinomoto. I will avenge his death."

It had been a Kinomoto ship that his ship had sunk, just before going down. Syaoran doubted that anyone had survived, since the ship, other than a few cannons and bombs, was just a civilian ship, sailing for Japan.

He reached into his pocket and pushed the button for the tracking device that he always carried with him.

Syaoran doubted that any of the Kinomoto's on the ship had survived, no one could have had as much training as him to swim that far, in clothes, and not drown.

Syaoran thought this, until, however, he saw a flash of white out of the corner of his eye.

"What the-" He hissed, standing up and gazing out across the side of the island towards the small forest. He'd definitely seen something white…like a dress.

A woman?

"Kinomoto." Syaoran smirked, puling his gun from it's holder at his hip, and rushing down the side of the island. She wouldn't expect him.

The beach was oddly silent, seeing as it was on an island, the waves crashing into it, so Syaoran had to step lightly as her ran, careful not to alert the girl as to his presence.

The sixteen-year-old crept along the branches of the small forest, his dark uniform blending nicely in with the surrounding.

He caught sight of her.

And stopped.

She was a girl, but not a woman, just a girl, no older than fifteen. She had gorgeous auburn hair that fell just to her shoulders, curling slightly, and a nice figure, from what he could see. She was perfect in every way, even in the way she held herself. Proud, unafraid.

But she had probably been taught to seem unafraid. Any girl in a war, was terrified.

"Don't move." Li shouted, walking slowly out of the forest, his gun aimed at the girl. What had she been doing? She was just standing there, staring out at the ocean.

She gasped and spun around, reaching for something at her hip.

A gun.

The two stood there, gun to gun, glaring at each other.

She had green eyes. The most beautiful eyes Syaoran had seen, like emeralds.

"Who are you?" She asked. Her voice was soft, but demanding, gentle, but her words were harsh.

"It doesn't matter who I am." Syaoran smirked. "But I know who you are. Kinomoto."

The girl nodded, a smile not coming to her pink lips. "I knew you were a Li. Chinese gaki."

"Gaki?" Li growled. "Just because I'm Chinese doesn't mean I don't know your language."

"I know that you know Japanese." The girl growled. "So I guess your ship did sink, didn't it?"

"As did yours." Syaoran snapped. "But if I were you, I wouldn't be so full of talk. I'm the one with the training."

"Training? And what makes you think I have none?"

"Girls can't fight." Syaoran hissed.

The girl smirked and shook her head sadly. "Wrong thing to say."

Then, she pulled the trigger.

Syaoran gasped and dodged to the side, but not before getting the bullet in the shoulder. It only skimmed it, but skimmed it badly.

So she could shoot.

Syaoran dropped his gun as her ran through the forest, he had to retaliate.


Sakura dropped her gun and just stood there, staring as the boy ran away.

"I…shot someone." She whispered, looking sadly at her hands. "How could I?"

Tears streamed down her cheeks again as she caught sight of the small pool of blood on the ground where the boy had been standing.

To see his almond eyes flash with pain like that, cut her deep, Sakura had never thought she'd hurt anyone. He had been a handsome boy too, tall and cut, she could see his strength through his uniform. His hair was messy and shaggy, but in a sexy way, a chocolate brown.

But in order to survive, she had to see that he didn't.

Sakura picked her gun, and his, back up, rushing after him through the forest. She had to find him, and kill him. Only then would she be safe until someone came for her.

The forest was slowly getting darker as the sun set. Shadows rose around Sakura, casting shadows that she could have sworn was a person, chasing after her.

She could see a small patch of blood on a rock, he'd stopped to rest here. Sakura ran her fingers on the stone ground. The forest was gone, it was all stone and dust now.

The girl could see his footprints in the sand the covered the rocks, slowly making their way to a nearby cave…

Sakura smirked and stood, walking lightly towards the cave, her gun raised.


Syaoran watched as the girl walked below him on the cold stone, her gun raised, towards the cave. His tracks led her in there, true, but she hadn't yet seen the ones leaving the cave, that led to the stone wall, that he'd climbed.

He held a knife tightly in his hand, if he wanted to survive until someone showed up for him, she had to die. Or she'd probably kill him as he slept.

Not that he'd be getting much sleep.

She was right below him now, sneaking along the wall towards the cave, so that he wouldn't see her, if he was inside.

He took the chance, and pounced.

The girl gave a startled cry as Syaoran jumped down from the rock and tackled her to the ground, his body covering hers, his hand raised with the knife to stab her.

But then he caught the look in her eyes. The look of pure fear.

She was horrified of him. Of this place. To be out here, alone, with the enemy.

He couldn't do it. He couldn't kill her.

She'd dropped her gun, and his, when he'd attacked her, so she had no way to fight back.

"Are you going to kill me or what?" She snapped, the fear still hiding in her eyes, while her face was angry. "Get it over with will you? Or at least get off me."

Syaoran did. He got off her, but before she could reach out for a gun or run away, he put his knife back in it's sheath and grabbed both of her arms, pulling her off the ground.

"Ow!" She growled as he pulled her arms, not too gently, behind her back and shoved her towards the cave. "Easy will you? You'll hurt your arm more."

He glared at her. "What do you care?"

"I can dress it." She said. "I can help you."

"I'm sure." He said, leading her into the cave, where he'd started a small fire.

Syaoran made the girl sit and got some vines from the back of the cave. He then tied her wrists behind her back, and her ankles. "There," He smirked. "You aren't going anywhere now."

"It's going to get infected you know." She said. "Unless you let me treat it."

"I can do that myself." He snapped.

She shrugged and turned away from him. "Fine, suit yourself."

Syaoran sighed, "Are you always this difficult?"

The girl nodded. "Yes. And if you're going to keep me here or whatever, get used to it."

Syaoran walked over to her and bent down, untying her wrists and ankles. "You can dress it, that's it."

The girl smiled a charming smile and ripped a part of her dress.

"What are you doing?" Syaoran asked, seeing her shapely legs for the first time.

"There'd no medical supplies here." The girl rolled her eyes. "I had to use something. And keep your mind out of the gutter."

Syaoran felt his cheeks heat up and he quickly looked away. How dare she speak to him as if he was just some regular teenager.

She looked around on the ground for a while, then finally went "Ah ha!" and picked a few leaves off a plant. The girl ripped the part of his uniform that had the wound underneath and slipped the leaves over top of the wound, then she wrapped the piece of her dress tightly around it.

"Does it have to be that tight? Your cutting off my circulation."

"Unless you want to bleed to death, or get an infection, it stays tight." She snapped.

"What were the leaves for?" Syaoran asked.

"Hold on." The girl said softly, setting her necklace over top of his wound.

"What are-"

"Shh." She hissed under hear breath, whispering a few soft words that Syaoran could barely hear.

"There." She smiled, tucking her necklace back around her neck.

"What…did you do?" Syaoran asked. His arm felt much better, like he hadn't been wounded at all. Though, he could still see dark blood seeping ever so slowly through the cloth. "Are you a…witch?"

The girl laughed. "A witch? Not quite. I learnt healing when I was very small, and I guess I just…progressed past expectations." She shrugged and got up, sitting a little away from Syaoran, staring across into the fire.

"What is your name?" He asked.

She looked up. "Huh?"

"What's your name?" He asked again.

"Oh, Sakura." She said.

He nodded, it suited her. She even smelt of cherry blossoms.

"What's your name?" Sakura asked.

"Syaoran." He answered.

Sakura smiled and nodded, "Syaoran."


The two were trapped on the island for a week, talking and getting to know each other. But after a week the two were picked up by reinforcements, come to claim them. But little did they know, a year later they would meet again. But in a very different situation.

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