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Summary: (AU) Alternate ending to the first Disney movie. This story begins after Mulan has been revealed and Shang and the others have left her there, then follows what events would have happened if Mulan had left the Tung Shao Pass for home before Shan-Yu and his men popped out of the snow.


Shan-Yu's Victory by lightbird

Chapter 1: Departure

Mulan sighed and picked up her father's helmet that she'd thrown aside in her grief and frustration earlier.

"Well, I have to face my father sooner or later. Let's go home."

"Yeah, but this won't be pretty," Mushu grumbled. Then his voice softened. "Still, we started this thing together. And that's how we'll finish it. I promise."

He hopped up and hugged her. She managed a wan smile, then stood up and gathered her father's helmet and the rest of her things. She got everything packed and loaded on Khan's back, then slipped her father's sword into its sheath.

She sighed and left Khan for a minute, walking to the edge of the cliff and staring down at the valley below. They had all almost died down there, a small band of foot soldiers facing an army of Huns on horseback that charged toward them from three sides. If she hadn't pulled the stunt she had, swiping the cannon, firing it at the cliff and causing the avalanche that buried the Hun army, they would have all been killed. And no one would have ever known about her. She would have been left slaughtered on the snow with the rest of her troop, like the rest of the Imperial Army.

She had no regrets. Shang was alive. The three soldiers that had become her friends were alive. She was grateful for that. And the Hun army had been stopped. The Emperor would be safe.

She was a woman and would never get the credit for anything – rather, news would get out of her revealing and she would be dishonored. But she was certain that she had done the right thing. China was safe now.

She would wait until night to enter her village, would remain unseen. No one in town need know she had been gone. She was positive that her family would have kept this a secret. Her father was living reclusively now no doubt, so no one would know he was at home and hadn't reported to camp.

She turned away from the valley and strode back to Khan, mounting him in one swift, fluid motion. She glanced down toward the Imperial City. Even from all the way up in the Tung Shao Pass the brightly lit city shone in the night, clearly visible. Shang and the others would be there already, celebrating the victory of China against Shan-Yu, she thought, a faint ache in her heart.

She suppressed it and turned Khan around toward home.

Mulan was long gone when a grey falcon went soaring through the valley, its sharp eye surveying the snow. He let out a sharp screech as he caught the scent of his master, alive.

A large muscular arm punched through the snow and Shan-Yu lifted himself up, climbing up from under the snow that had buried him. His anguished, bestial roar echoed through the valley. He lifted himself to standing, wielding his prized sword that had miraculously stayed in his hand when he was overwhelmed by the blanket of snow, and his faithful falcon swooped down, coming to rest on his shoulder. Several other arms, legs and heads pushed through the snow, and slowly the ten men that had survived climbed and clawed their way out of the snow drifts, then came to stand by their leader.

Shan-Yu moved toward the edge of the cliff, his men following. The lights of the Imperial City were visible from there and he surveyed the scene. The Emperor would be organizing a victory parade and a ceremony to honor the soldiers. That would take a day, and the parade would be the next night. They had to move quickly so they could arrive in the city, scope out the situation and come up with a plan.

It was not over yet.

He gestured to his men and they nodded their understanding. They all moved forward swiftly, headed for the Imperial City.


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