Starting Over: Do You Want to be Friends?

Chapter 1: Secrets

By Senshi of Valis

Ranma sighed as she stood in the dojo staring at Akane, the redheads face a little pale from the shock of the other girl walking in there. Ranma had been practicing her arts, her other arts that became her responsibility several months earlier. Sure she hated it at first and fought it tooth and nail but as the little bit of time passed she had gotten used to it and even started liking it. It had its uses plus it provided Ranma with one of the only friends she truly felt she had.

"Humph, how long are you going to be Ranma?" Akane asked angrily.

"Don't know tomboy, why, you actually planning on practicing something other than breaking blocks?" Ranma asked, a slight but false grin on her face.

"At least I'm a real martial artist you pervert!" Akane screams and slams the door storming off.

"That was a close." Ranma sighed.

"You can say that again, Ranko." Kero said as he floated down from a beam in the ceiling, "You really should stop antagonizing the brat though."

"Does it really matter, Kero? She hates me like everyone else." Ranma replied disgustedly.

"Not everyone hates you." Kero replied sadly.

"I'm sorry Kero." Ranma said as she grabbed the stuffed animal looking creature in a hug. "I know you care, I just had a bad day."

"ACK…ENOUGH….ENOUGH>>>Your chocking me!" Kero struggled free, floating just in front of his charge, slightly blue from the temporary lack of oxygen.

"I'm sorry, Kero." Ranma said, scratching the base of her pigtail, giggling a little. She treasured these moments alone with Kero the most out of all her memories. It was these moments when she could act herself and not what she was forced into becoming.

"No problem, kid, but I have an idea." Kero said with a huge grin, "Why don't you spar with the fight card while trying out some of the other cards you caught and getting used to them since we still have a lot more to catch anyways. This way you can be prepared and burn off some of your frustrations."

"That's a great idea!" Ranma said brightly as she pulled her necklace out from its hiding place under her shirt. Slowly she closed her eyes to enjoy what was coming next as this was some of the few times she wasn't in a hurry from trying to catch a card.

Closing her eyes Ranma held up the charm on the necklace and concentrated as the spell circle appeared underneath her. She felt the raw power flow through her as an unseen wind blew around her. Softly she chanted, "Key of Clow! Power of Magic, Power of Light, Surrender the wand The force ignite!" Ranma felt the charm break away from the chain as it started spinning in the air above her opened palm. With practiced ease she moved her hand from under it to over it and cried out, "RELEASE!"

The charm stretched out, elongating into a small staff with a birdlike head on it. Spinning it quickly she pulled a card from subspace and tossed it in the air, "Fight Card! Come out and play! Release and Dispell. FIGHT!"

As she finished saying that she struck the card with the beak of the staff and if flashed on contact as the card grew into a girl about the same size as Ranma. With the spell circle gone now and without saying anything the girl smiled at Ranma as they bowed to each other and jumped at each other quickly trading blows.

"Ranko…" Kero said nervously, "Wouldn't be easier just to tell Akane the truth about who you are and stop letting your father force you into this lie. She might help you, you know."

"No, Kero, she already betrayed me once and I know she'll do it again!" Ranma snapped, as she traded blows with the fight card.

"But if she knew the truth about Jusenkyo and that you were actually a girl maybe she would help." Kero said, "From what I've seen she seems to be kinda nice even if a little bratty."

"No one will help me Kero, and you promised you wouldn't get involved with that." Ranma growled.

"But what that bastard does…he beats you Ranko…No one deserves that." Kero said.

Ranma stopped as the fight card did, and turned to Kero with tears in her eyes. "What do you think he'll do if he finds out I told anyone the truth?"

"I'll help…we can even use the cards." Kero offered weakly.

"We've been over this time and time again, as much as I want to I made a promise never to hurt someone in cold blood." Ranma whispered, "You know how much my promises mean to me."

"That's what makes you such a great cardcaptor Ranko…and an even better friend." Kero said flying over to Ranma arms and nuzzling her cheek."

Akane stormed out of the dojo and stopped dead, why should she give the dojo to the perverted freak! It was her home, her dojo, let the freak go somewhere else to practice. She started to go back in when she heard another voice that she never heard before. What was that freak up to now? She looked in through the crack where the door didn't shut all of the way and almost freaked at the flying, talking stuffed animal.

She listened as they talked and felt regret for the way she treated her unwanted fiancé after hearing how he believed everyone hated him. But why was the thing calling him Ranko for, his name was Ranma…wasn't it? And was Ranma almost ready to cry when the redhead grabbed the stuffed animal.

Another shock rocked her system when Ranma seemed to be using honest to goodness real magic and summoned a girl out of some card. At first she was going to barge in and beat the pervert before he did anything perverted with the girl. She was stopped though when the two jumped at each other at such high speeds and started sparing so fast it stopped Akane in awe.

The stuffed animal was talking again and Ranma was saying something about Akane betraying her and once again Akane was feeling remorse for her actions. Then the biggest bombshell hit though, there was something going on and if it was true then Ranma was really a girl and her father abused her. Akane shook with rage as she slammed the door open scaring all of the occupants.

"I'll skin that damn panda and make him into a rug!" Akane growled as she looked onto an obviously frightened redhead.

"Would you believe me if I said you was dreaming asked a very nervous stuffed animal with a deer caught in the headlights sort of expression.

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