Starting Over: Do You Want to be Friends?

Chapter 27

Written by Senshi of Valis

Ranma ½ created by Rumiko Takahashi

Card Captor Sakura created by Clamp

I don't own any of these series or the characters in each.

SeCtIoN bReAk

They final few days had flown by and now it was Friday night, the night of the full moon and Sakura was nervously looking around her…this was her dream, one of them anyways. If this was coming true…then what of the other dream? She didn't want to bring it up but she knew she would have to right after the judgment was over. If there was a chance of the other dream happening then Ranko would have to be warned.

"So where is this Yue?" Ranko asked, holding onto Bakura's hand.

Nabiki and Tomoyo were both taping it so they could get more angles for this momentous occasion.

"I don't know…" Kero said as he stood tall in his true form beside Ranko.

And Li and Meilin, they were just showing up which caused Sakura's heart to beat faster. She wasn't sure how they knew to show up but Sakura was glad they did. She was hoping to talk to Li some more. She wanted to find out more about him and more about the way that she had been feeling lately. She just couldn't stop thinking about him.

Then she saw him, the man from her dreams, he was floating down just like in them looking just like an angel with his two large wings outstretched.

"I am Yue, final judgment lies with me." Yue said, then he glared between Ranko and Li. "Neither one of you have caught all of the cards so what makes either of you think you are worthy of being their master?"

"I have faith in Ranko and so does the cards that she has sealed." Kero said, "They have come to love her and has chosen her to be their master. She has every right to be their Mistress, Yue."

"And what of you?" Yue asked staring at Li.

"I am Clow Reed's direct descendant," Li said, "I have every right to be the cards master! But…I…I will abide by your decision."

"Wise choice." Yue said, "Come here." Yue motioned for Li to come to him and Li's eyes became blank as he floated into the air and toward Yue to land before the silvery haired man.

"Wh-What?" Li asked as he woke from his trance.

"Face me, Li." Yue said, "Show me that you are worthy of being the cards new master!"

"Fine with me." Li growled unleashing his sword and throwing a card out and thrusting his sword out toward it horizontally with his body, "Twin Card, Make a copy of me to face off against Yue! Release and Dispell! TWIN!"

Sakura watched in fascination as the card grew into another Li, an exact copy of him sword and all. The two leapt at Yue attacking at once using both hand to hand and the sword alternating. Sakura wasn't sure to hope for, of course she wanted Ranko to win but she also wanted Li to win.

"I…I don't want to lose you…I don't want to forget…" Ranko sniffed watching the fight in worry.

"What do you mean, Ranko?" Sakura asked.

"There is a safety built into the judgment, if anyone is found unworthy they will forget about the clow cards and they will forget about them. Everything will be like they were before the cards were released and a new candidate will be chosen to reseal the cards." Kero explained. "But there has never been two candidates though, I'm not sure how Yue will handle it should both lose or both win. He has final say, I am the Guardian Beast of the Seal and Yue is final judge on who will become the new master."

"Ranko…" Sakura whispered to herself, now she wanted Ranko to win now more than ever.

"ENOUGH!" Yue roared and flew up into the air pointing one hand each at each Li and ice crystals shot out slamming into both. One of the Li's vanished into a card and flew to Yue. "That was pretty good, Li but not good enough. What else do you have?"

"Try this!" Li shouted back holding a scroll before his sword, "Force hear my plight, Release the Light! LIGHTNING!"

Sakura watched as a large bolt of lightning erupted from the scroll arcing towards Yue, the air crackling as it traveled. It struck Yue in a large explosion leaving Li gasping for breath, waiting for the loud from the explosion to dissipate. Sakura gasped when it finally did, Yue was untouched with his arms crossed in a bored manner behind a shield of energy.

"Come now Li, I expected the descendant of Clow Reed to do much much better than this." Yue sneered, "If this is all you got then I guess I wasted my time with you."

"WASTE THIS!" Li cried out shoving another scroll before his sword, "WATER DRAGON!"

Sakura watched as a ball of water appeared from the scroll then shot forward towards Yue taking on the shape of a dragon about ready to chomp down on Yue who again blocked the attack but Li was right behind it with the dash card making a running jump to slash at Yue with his sword. Surprisingly the sword shattered the shield and hit Yue cutting right through him.

Li laughed standing triumphant after he landed, looking up where he had slashed at Yue and gasped as Yue turned into a card, the Twin Card that he had taken from Li. The Dash Card also flew from Li now joining the Twin which both flew over Li's head and behind him. As he was turning he gasped, Yue was right behind him aiming a glowing blue arrow at him.

Sakura watched in awe as Li barely deflected the arrow with his sword. Li blocked another arrow but when Yue followed it up with more ice crystals the got through and sent Li flying back to land on the ground rolling before coming to a stop. The other cards Li had now flew from him and to Yue leaving Li own his own power.

"I…I won't give up." Li said as he struggled to get up, using the sword to support him.

"Stop it!" Sakura cried running towards Li.

"Stop Sakura!" several voices rang out from behind her but she ignored them. Li was hurt and she couldn't take it, she had to help. She ran in front of Li and faced Yue with her arms outstretched, "If you want to hurt Li anymore then you have to go through me."

"Sakura…" Li said weakly.

"You interfere in the judgment, girl." Yue said, "So be it, Li is disqualified."

"Wh-What?" Sakura asked shocked.

"You interfered, it's very simple. Any interference automatically disqualifies the candidate." Yue said, "Li's trial is over."

Sakura gasped and turned to Li, bending down to check on him with tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Li."

"Don't be, Sakura." Li said as he reached out with a hand to cup her cheek wiping the tears away from her eye with his thumb. "I lost before Sakura. Thank you so much for trying to help."

"Hey, what are friends for? Right?" Sakura said with a smile.

sEcTiOn BrEaK

"Ranko, your trial begins now." Yue said, "Face me and do not hold back or you to will be deemed unworthy of the cards."

"Don't you dare call her unworthy you flying freak!" Bakura growled.

"Its okay, Bakura." Ranko said kissing Bakura's cheek. "I can do this."

"Just be careful, Ranko." Bakura said. With a nod she jumped toward Yue landing a few feet from where he was now standing.

Ranko was trying to hide it but she was very scared, this was the moment that she had been dreading ever since she learned of the trials. If she messed up then she would lose everything that she had worked so hard for. But worse of all, she would lose the cards and Kero who she had come to think of as friends…as her family. If it wasn't for them…if it wasn't for them then she would probably have either been dead or still under Genma's torture.

Another thing that was bothering Ranko was that she knew Yue was only doing what he had to do, if she could prove that she was worthy of the cards then he too would probably become her friend. There was a friendliness in his eyes already and a sadness.

"I'm sorry for what I must do…" Yue whispered softly but Ranko heard it.

"I am too,Yue." Ranko said, "I hope we can be very good friends after this is over."

"I would like that, Ranko but first you have to defeat me and I can not hold back." Yue said.

"I understand and I won't hold it against you, no matter what happens." Ranko said.

"Thank you." Yue said, floating a little into the air.

"Lets get this over with." Ranko said. At some unknown signal they both flew forward at each other trading punches for several minute. Ranko was rusty since she really hasn't done much lately but she was holding her own pretty well but neither one was really landing any attacks so she decided to try taking it up a notch. "Kachu Tenshin Amagurikan!"

Yue was hard pressed to match Ranko's impressive speed so he flew back smiling. "Not bad Ranko, not bad at all."

"Thanks." Ranko said as she jumped back, flipping through multiple shards of ice dodging each and every one with ease. "You too, but I won't lose."

"Bring it on then, girl." Yue said.

"Gladly…Key of Clow! Power of Magic, Power of Light, Surrender the wand The force ignite! RELEASE!" Ranko felt the familiar surge of power as the key turned into her staff then she jumped back again dodging more ice crystals, turning neko as she did to help with her speed and agility otherwise that shower would have most likely hit. She needed something that would stop Yue though and hopefully without really hurting him. "Time Card, Freeze time around me, Release and Dispell! TIME!"

Ranko watched in satisfaction as the ripple of power washed over the area but was broken right after it appeared. It didn't work…but why?

"Ranko…" Yue said sadly, "If you insist on using cards that are under my protection then you will never beat me."

"Y-Your protection?" Ranko asked, shocked.

"The time card is powered by the moon which is my jurisdiction, Ranko." Yue said, "Please try to remember that."

"I-I will…" Ranko said nervously, taking out another cared. The Wood card was the sun, right? After all, trees and plants needed sunlight to survive. "Wood Card, Form a cage to trap Yue, Release and Dispell! WOOD!"

"I'm sorry, Ranko…" Yue said sadly as the vines and branches shot out toward Yue stopped just short of him then reversed trapping Ranko as all of her cards flew to Yue.

"No! PLEASE!" Ranko cried, "Don't take them!"

"I'm sorry, Ranko…" Yue said sadly, "You had your chance, now both you and everyone else will forget what had happened since you broke the seal."

"NOOOOO!" Ranko cried as the vines finished surrounding her, trapping her into the darkness.

SeCtIoN bReAk

Ranko slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room at the Tendo's. She was sore and exhausted after walking home from yet another malleting by Akane. She didn't care about changing into Ranma at the moment, all she wanted was to lay down…actually, what she wanted was to die but she was too much of a coward to do that. She was too much of a coward to stand up against the bastard who made her life hell.

When she opened the door to the room she sighed in release, Genma wasn't there. He was probably out drinking with Soun. That was good and yet bad at the same time. She was hoping that if she was able to get to sleep before Genma got home maybe he would let her sleep.

She laid down on her futon and sighed after several minutes of trying to get comfortable. She was too sore from that messed up landing to get comfortable enough to sleep. She closed her eyes quickly though when the door opened and tried to pretend she was a sleep though. She could smell his disgusting breath right on her face though, the stench of alcohol making her want to throw up.

"I know you aren't asleep." Genma whispered, hatred clearly in his voice. She tried to remain still when she felt him undoing her shirt, opening it and reaching in to fondle her. "You had another fight with Akane, whore. What did I tell you were going to happen to you if you picked another fight?"

Ranko whimpered, knowing exactly what he said and knew that he was going to do it. She opened her eyes to look fearfully up into his as just as she felt a sharp sting in her cheek as he slapped her hard.

"Answer me, whore." Genma snarled quietly.

"Y-You s-said you w-was going to…" Ranko whimpered.

"Say it!" Genma snapped.

"Show me what good I am." Ranko cried, "That you would…" Ranko couldn't finish, instead she broke down crying. Genma put a hand over her mouth, and growled at her.

"I swear you little whore if you keep acting this way I'll just sell you to a brothel. I may not get as much as the dojo is worth but at least I don't have to put up with you anymore." Genma hissed.

Ranko shook her head fearfully as Genma moved to yank her pants off then climb on top of her. She cried out in his hand, her sobs muffled as he did what he wanted then passed out on top of her.

Crying, Ranko shoved Genma off of her and pulled a sheet around her while curling into a ball sobbing until she fell asleep.

sEcTiOn BrEaK

Ranko hurt when she woke up the next morning in so many different ways. But all of them were because of two people, Genma and Akane. She already hated Genma but now she was starting to hate Akane too. She didn't do anything, it wasn't fair that she blamed her for something she imagined and then caused what happened the previous night. It felt wrong thinking that about Akane though for some reason, it didn't seem right.

Sitting down at the table she ignored the glares from Akane and Genma until Genma spoke up, "Apologize now, boy!"

"I-I'm sorry, Akane." Ranko said, not looking at her or anyone else. Instead she looked down at the plate of something that looked like it was moving…scratch that, it was moving.

"You are lucky, boy, to have such a great and forgiving fiancé." Genma said, "She even made you breakfast."

"I think its alive." Ranko mumbled then found herself crashing through the roof and flying over Nerima until she crashed into the drainage canal with a large headache. She crawled onto the shore and collapsed crying, curling into a ball.

She lied there thinking over everything, all the pain in her life and why she was so scared to just end it. She felt like something was missing though, some part of her heart. This shouldn't have happened, she knew that it was wrong and not just what Genma did to her. Everything just felt wrong, like she was no longer complete.

She noticed something shinny in the water so she sat up to look at it, it was a small piece of copper wire curled up into a circle. It reminded her of something…something that should have been there with her. Or someone…Bakura…

She pulled her knees to her chest and cried into them, she remembered Bakura…Kero…the cards. They said she wouldn't remember but she was, they became such a very important part of her, how could she forget. And now…now she would never see Bakura again, she was stuck with Genma again. She would never see Bakura again…she lost him forever.

"I'm sorry." Ranko sobbed, he was gone. She would never see him again and she'd never be able to tell him. Seeing a pocket knife lying among the gravel she crawled over to it and picked it up. It was dirty and rusty but it still had a blade, it would do its job. Prying the blade open she cried as the everything went dark and a golden ring appeared hovering in midair. Then Bakura faded into view though he looked like a ghost.

"Don't do it, Kitten." Bakura said.

"Why not?" Ranko asked. "I-I everything…I lost…you."

"Because." A new voice said, Ms. Mackenzie appearing with her bell, "This isn't over yet. Don't give up Ranko, summon the staff."

"I can't." Ranko cried.

"You can, Ranko, concentrate." Ms. Mackenzi said ringing the bell once, "Don't give up."

Ranko held out her hands, closed her eyes and concentrated, speaking softly as she could feel a faint trace of power. O Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light. Surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!"

Ranko gasped as she felt the magic circle appear under her as she could feel a ghost of the staff appear in her hands.

"Now, Ranko, raise the seal!" Ms. Mackenzie said, ringing the bell again but it sounded like it shattered.

Ranko raised the staff into the air feeling the seal move with it, changing as it went. Words filled her head and she repeated them, ""Key that holds the power of the stars, reveal your true form to me. I, Ranko, command thee under convent. Release!"

Ranko gasped as she could feel the rush of power surging through her, it was similar to how it used to feel but it felt new to and yet familiar to her.

Ranko opened her eyes and could tell that she was no longer by the canal or in that dark space with Bakura and Ms. Mackenzie but she was back in the confines of the wood card. She could feel the key in her hands but it felt different than before. "Key of the star with powers burning bright reveal the staff and shine your light! Release!"

Ranko gasped as she seen the magic circle, it was different now. Instead of the sun being in the center and larger it was now off to the side opposite of the moon and was now the same size of it. There was now a large star design in the middle of the circle and the staff…it had a large ring on the end with wings and a star in the center instead of the birds head. Ranko raised the staff and called, "Card created by Clow, discard your old form and be reborn, under the name of Ranko, the new Mistress!"

The wood disappeared flowing back into the card but it looked different than before. It now had a pinkish tint and instead of the old seal on the back it had the new one.

"Welcome back, Ranko." Ms. Mackenzie called.

"You can do it, Kitten!" Bakura called from next to her.

Ranko threw the card above her and pointed the staff at it, "I call upon the powers of my star. Ancient forces near and far. Clow Card, transform all your might, and draw your power from my light!"

The star started spinning inside the ring of the new staff as the wings grew and Ranko could feel a strong mental connection with the card as it formed into branches and vines that shot out toward Yue. She no longer had to tell the card what to do, she could ask it over the link.

"I'm disappointed in you, Ranko." Yue said, "Wasting your second chance like this."

"I didn't waste anything." Ranko said as the vines and branches enclosed around Yue, trapping him.

"H-How?" Yue asked incredulously.

"The cards have chosen their new Mistress, Yue." Kero said, "This proves it."

"I concede." Yue said, "I name Ranko as the new Mistress of the cards."

Ranko blinked and found herself back in a dark space again with a strange man standing there smiling at her. So we finally meet. I've been watching you closely, Sakura. The Cards need a strong master, but they also need someone with a brave heart. That's where your strength lies, Ranko. Keroberos and Yue have chosen well."

"Who are you?" Ranko asked but she had already figured it out before he answered, "Clow Reed!"

"Yes, Ranko and I am so sorry that you had to go through that." Clow Reed said,"I was afraid that something like that may happen and I had no wish to see you suffer anymore that you already had. That is why I asked Ms. Mackenzie to use her bell to help you."

"Did you give me the new staff?" Ranko asked.

"No, you made this one all on your own. Your staff is ruled not by the power of the sun or the moon, but by the power of your very own star. That is how you defeated Yue, the Wood Card was changed into your very own card and no longer drew it's power from the moon." Clow Reed said, "Take care of your power, Ranko. Your star is a tiny light now, but it burns bright and will always light your way."

"Kitten!" Bakura's voice said happily.

"I-I did it!" Ranko said crying.

"You sure did, Kitten." Bakura said.

"Oh god, I thought I lost you Bakura." Ranko cried as she flung herself into Bakura's arms. "I thought I'd never see you again."

"I made you a promise that I would always be there for you Ranko, and I will." Bakura said, "But don't you ever think about hurting yourself, okay?"

"I promise." Ranko said.

"Thank you, Kitten." Bakura whispered.

"Bakura…I-I love you." Ranko said as she leaned up and kissed Bakura.

SeCtIoN bReAk

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