Where to go what to do?

Raven soared through the air, looking for a place to go. She looked below her, in

the vortex, she saw her past. Monks… watching her… teaching her… praising her…

fearing her… teaching her… loving her… she clenched her fists. Her father had cursed her life to unhappiness, destruction, and death. She was so angry, but her father was still a part of her. She could not let herself get too angry… she could feel herself losing control.

'NO!' her mind screamed at her. 'You can't! It will make it happen faster! No!'

"I… can't… help… it…" she said out loud through clenched teeth. "Azerath…Metrion… aaaaAAAAAAAA!" she screamed in intense pain as her mind fought her.

'You have to! It is your destiny! I command you!' hissed anger, making her think of parseltongue from a book she had once read… snake tongue. Her body began to turn red.

"aaa… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" she cried as her cloak turned a bright red and her leotard a darker red. Her hair grew long and she lost herself as her mind won the battle, and she transformed. Then, she collapsed from the sheer exhaustion, falling out of the vortex and hitting the ground, her head striking a rock, as she gave in to unconsciousness.