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Chapter 1:


Tohru Honda was in the middle of class, watching the way Yuki Sohma's silvery-gray hair glitters when he tilts it a little so the sun hits it just right. The bell had just rung, and her classmates had started to gather their books to leave, but Tohru hadn't moved for being mesmerized.

"Tohru-chan? You all right?" Uo asked.

"You've been dreaming a lot lately. Are you sick?" Hanijima questioned.

"Wah? Ah, no, I'm fine. Just-just tired." Tohru answered, smiling.

The three friends walked out of the classroom and into the courtyard. There was a lot of commotion around the bulletin board, with people signing up for something. Tohru noticed Sohma-kun signing his name. Then Momiji came bouncing toward them from the crowd.

"Hey, Tohru-chan! Are you guys gonna sign up for the musical?" He said, resisting the temptation to jump into Tohru's arms.

"Which musical is it?" Tohru asked.

"The Phantom of the Opera. Cool, huh?"

"That musical is interesting. Maybe I'll sign up..." Hanijima noted.

"Not me. I might do tech crew, though." Uo said.

"What about you, Tohru-chan?" Momiji asked.

"Well, I'm not much of a singer..."

Tohru noticed Yuki had finished signing his name and Kyo also was signing. Then Tohru got an idea. Sohma-kun was very handsome, and maybe the musical could perhaps get him to notice her.

"...I might audition," Tohru decided.

The auditions were in a day, and Tohru still hadn't signed up. She was now at home--the home she shared with Yuki and Kyo Sohma. She was washing the dishes; they had just finished dinner. Then Yuki walked in.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Wha-? Oh, nothing," Tohru said, embarrassed. She had been daydreaming again.

"So... are you signing up for the play?"

"I don't know. I think its too late to sign up, and I don't know a song to sing for the auditions."

"Well, you can always walk right in to the auditions. I'll let you sing, even if you're late." Shigure had entered the kitchen. "I think everyone should audition, even if they don't think they can win."

Tohru looked at him quizzically.

"I'm directing. And if you don't really have a song, take this. It's the song Christine will be singing in the play. Try out, Ok?" He handed a song score to Tohru. "And Kagura-san will be staying for a few months, Yuki-kun. Will you set up the sofa for her use?"

"Kagura-san? She's staying?" Tohru asked, glad of the change of subject.

"Yes, she will. She will be taking online college courses, just to be near Kyo-kun." Shigure said.

"Oh, great. This will be a nightmare." Yuki said angrily.

It certainly was a nightmare. Kagura came storming into the house, beating Kyo senseless and then crying and accusing Yuki of hurting him. Then she questioned Tohru to make sure she had done nothing to "her precious Kyo-san." Then she rounded off the evening with yelling at Shigure for not telling her about the musical. All in all, it was not pleasant, and Tohru still had not decided to join in the play.

"Come on, please join!" Yuki begged. Kagura had finally fallen asleep and they were on their way to their rooms. "I don't want to be in rehearsal with only Kyo-san for company."

"But I can't sing, and I don't know much about acting."

"So I'll help you. I like acting, and I think you will be ok," he said. "Please?"

"You know, my mom liked acting. She said the best way to tell what a person is like is to see them act."

"She was right. So, what do you say?" Yuki pressed.

"I'll think about it," she said wearily. "Good night, Sohma-kun. Good luck tomorrow." She closed her door.

"Good night... Tohru." Yuki said to the door.

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