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Chapter 12

Learn to be Lonely

"Child of the wilderness… born into emptiness… Learn to be lonely… Learn to find your way in darkness…"

The musical was performed for three nights in a row after opening night. The auditorium got more and more full each day, and was jam packed by the final performance. It was amazing, and everybody who left the stage felt as though their money had not been wasted.

Tohru was so happy. She was with Yuki, Kyo had approved, and the acting became easier every night. She spent all her free time with Yuki, going shopping and to the same ice cream parlor she had visited with Kyo earlier. They were inseparable, and the best part was, Tohru felt no guilt. Kyo left them alone usually, but sometime he would join them, and the tension once felt between him and Yuki seemed to be fading. He would still curse at him and they would occasionally fight (resulting in Kyo's demise) but they generally were well-behaved.

"Who will be there for you? Comfort and care for you? Learn to be lonely… Learn to be your one companion…"

Tohru was amazed. Yuki and Kyo had become like a second group of friends, but Kyo left plenty of time to just her and Yuki. His kisses filled her with such happiness, and her dreams were filled with nothing but Yuki.

There were only a few people that weren't overjoyed at this. Kyo, while happy about his freedom, still felt lonely. He wanted a love of his own. Tohru was great, but her affections stayed with Yuki. He wasn't as depressed as before, of course, but his heart still ached.

Saki Hanajima was also upset. Not many people could tell, since she always seemed upset, but she was. Even her powers seemed to be reacting strangely—she had accidentally zapped the Viscount Yuki fan club when they yelled at Tohru the other day. Her love for Kyo was unrequited, and that just hurt. Whenever she had seen Kyo come near, she had somehow disappeared behind Uo to avoid looking at him.

These two souls were unhappy, but they would soon unite.

"Ever dreamed out in the world… there are arms to hold you?"

When Kyo walked to school alone on Saturday (the last performance) he found himself at a deserted auditorium. He had come early to avoid watching that rat kissing Tohru. He still hated Yuki, just as much as before, and Tohru hadn't changed that. Kyo sat down at the edge of the stage. Somehow, he got a feeling of deja vous just as Hanajima sat down next to him.

"You've always known… your heart was on it's own…"

"Hello, Sohma-san." She said politely.

Kyo grumbled. "Don't say that. Being called "san" makes me twitch. Just call me "Kyo."" He said this without really thinking.

"Kyo…kun?" she said.


"Um… nothing, really. Excited for closing night?"


They sat in silence for awhile. Then Saki spoke.

"Tohru-kun and Sohma-kun are going out. But…"


She spoke so quietly he could hardly hear her. "Don't you love Tohru-kun?"

Kyo looked at her thoughtfully. "Well, yes… but…"

He seemed confused, as though this thought had only just occurred to him. "I love her. But, I guess it's different. Like I want her to be happy, even if it's not me. Almost like brotherly love… I guess…"

Saki smiled at him. This was a strange situation for them. Kyo hardly expressed any emotion except anger.

"So, what will you do now?" Saki asked.

Kyo thought that over. "Brood."

Saki's smile was very small. "Nobody likes brooders."

"But I can't help it. I still hate that idiot Yuki!"

"So laugh in your loneliness… child of the wilderness… Learn to be lonely… Learn how to love… life that is lived alone…"

Her smile once again faded. "If you can't move on, then I guess you'll just have to learn to be lonely." She stood and walked away, eyes blank and staring straight ahead.



Kyo found his face burning, getting redder and redder. Why? He cleared his throat and said, "What if I don't want to be lonely?"

Saki stared for a long minute at him. Then she cocked her head to one side and said, "Well, I guess that's something that you'll have to decide for yourself."

Was it his imagination, or was there a twinkle of something in her eye? Did she know something? What was she thinking?

As Saki walked away, Kyo made a split-second decision. He ran and caught up to her.

"Hanajima-san? Um… after the play tonight, do you want to go get an ice cream or something? My treat."

Saki smiled again. This time, Kyo noticed how her eyes slightly lit up when she did and how cut her lips were. "If it's a date, then you should just call me Saki."

"Ok… Saki."

"Learn to be lonely… life can be loved, life can be lived… alone…"

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