Chapter 1:

It was night, a night of a new moon. A figure ran across the grounds of a mansion, hidden in the darkness of the night. It crept past the cameras, hurrying to the large house and stopping by a large window, hiding behind a large bush as a guard walked by with a flash light.

A girl, about 17 with long black hair pulled up in a pony tailand chocolate brown eyes looked into the window, making sure the cost was clear before shegave asignal and she was soon joined by another girl. The second girl looked just like the first. Both of them were dressed in black, tight clothing that kept them from being seen in the shadows.

"Akane. You have the tape?" The first girl asked.

"Yeah. Give me a second." The second girl replied as she took a backpack from her back and placed it in front of her and took out a roll of duct tape. "Here Kagome."

Kagome took the tape and started taping the door. "Hope this person doesn't have a good alarm system." She said.

"They don't. I had Sango check it out. She said that this person had one of the crappiest systems she had ever seen and that it only consisted of the guards and a few cameras." Anake replied.

"Wow. This person must be pretty confident in their security." Kagome commented with sarcasm.

"They must." Akane said. "Sango also said she put up a video for the guards that kept an eye on everything by camera."

"So we're now the invisible women." Kagome finished.

"Right." Akane said. "You finished yet?"

"Yep. Hold on to your butt." Kagome said before she elbowed the window where she had covered it with tape, not causing a single sound to be made, but causing the glass to shatter enough for her to push it in and make a hole in the window big enough for the girls to climb through.

"And we get out how?" Akane asked.

"Roof." Kagome whispered.

Akane gave her a thumbs up before she went over to the door to make sure no one was outside. She opened the door slightly to take a peek and found no one their. "Clear." She whispered before Kagome walked over and they both walked out of the room and started walking down the hallway, searching for the library of the house. Akane led the way through the house, since she had memorized where everything was. "The owner is supposed to be away on business. So we don't have to worry about him dropping by."

"So what are we getting this time?" Kagome asked, sounding bored. This was what she did for a living, and her job usually didn't come in until they actually got to the target. Then it was her job to grab it and both their jobs to get out. Akane's job was always to memorize the information that Sango gave to them. Sango was the one who told them what, when, where, and all the info they needed and then sell the object.

"This time, it's an antique French tapestry from the 1600's. It was once hanging in a castel, which is why the costumer specifically requested this one or something like that." Akane replied before making a turn into the library of the house.

Kagome looked around and was amazed that a house could have so many books. It was practically a public library, but no one was suppoed to be there. "Is it in here?" She asked.

"Right here Sis." Akane said as she pointed to a tapestry that was hanging on the wall, but was in a glass case.

Kagome let out a quiet groan. "Why did it have to be a glass case? I hate glass cases." Kagome said. Then she realized how large it was. "How are we gonna get this out?"

"We've gotten larger things out before." Akane said.

Kagome thought back to their last job, where they has to get an sntique sofa that used to be in the how Mozart used to live in before he died. Why someone would want them to steal a couch, she had no clue. But they did it, almost being caught, but thank God they didn't. She even got to see the detective that she had heard of being after her and her twin sister for the past two years. He was quite cute. Long silver hair on his head, dog ears, golden eyes. She didn't get a good look at anything but his face since they had to hurry though; just his face.

"Kagome." Akane said as she waved her hand in front of Kagome's face.

Kagome blinked a bit. She was daydreaming on the job again. This was no time to daydream. If someone were to walk in and find them, they would be done for. "Sorry."

"You have to stop that." Anake told Kagome.

"I know." Kagome said as she took a box of rubber gloves out of the bag they brought, and then a screw driver. "I just hope this whole thing isn't glued together." Kagome said as she as she looked for the screws that held the glass and soon started unscrewing while Akane went to keep watch.

Kagome was finished with the glass in ten minutes. Then she went back to her bag and grabbed a bottle of hairspray before spraying it on front of of the tapestry to check for lasers, but found none. "That's wierd." She said to herself before she started to remove the tapestry from the wall carefully, making sure not to trip any sensors as she did so. But there were no sensors either. She felt that something was weird, and this was a request job, not the usual. but Kagome grabbed the tapestry and went to get Akane. "I'm done." Kagome said. "Now how the hell do we get out?"

"Follow me." Akane said as she grabbed one end of the tapestry carefully and lifted it before they headed to a set of stairs, looking around for guards. "Wow. This place really does have crappy security." Akane said before they got to the roof.

"Now what?" Kagome asked.

"Wait." Akane said as she looked around. Then she saw it. A helicopter was coming. "Here they come." Akane said.

"A helicopter? You have got to be kidding me." Kagome replied.

"You have a better idea to get this thing out of here without being caught?" Akane asked. "Besides, Miroku makes stops here every so often on this roof, so he said he would get us."

"You got Miroku to get us?" Kagome asked. "Why him?"

"Do you know anyone else with a helicopter?" Akane asked.

"Good point. But still..." Kagome said as she helicopter came and landed next to the girls.

"Hey Miroku!" Akane exclaimed as she climbed into the helicopter, taking half of the tapestry in with her while Kagome lifted her half in and climbed in.

"Hey girls." Miroku greeted the girls. "OK. Just sit tight while I go explain myself and then I'll be back. If someone come, then fly away without me and we'll just say that someone stole it and I'll get a new one. Got it?"

"Got it." Both girls said at once before Miroku climbed out of the helicopter and went into the house. He was back in five minutes, and the girls were ready to go. Then Kagome looked down to see a cop car pulling into the drive way of the house.

"Shit!" Kagome said.

"What?" Akane asked.

"They're here." Kagome replied.

"OK. I talked to one of the guards, did my job, now we leave, quickly." Miroku said as he got into the helicopter and lifted it off the roof, getting away from the house before anyone could see the number of his helicopter.

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