She didn't know how she did it, but she succeded. She finally persuaded her parents on allowing her to go to a public highschool instead of the stuck-up prepatory she recently attended. Richard and Emily Gilmore sent their daughter to Stars Hollow High School because they read somewhere that small town schools gave the best education. Fortunately for Lorelai, she was the one who slipped the newspaper article into her father's daily edition of the New York Times.

It was the first day of school for her at Start Hollow High. She trandferred in the middle of her sophmore year because she needed to get away from high society teenagers she had to deal with at her old school.

Lorelai was dropped off by her driver Ernest at 7:30 in front of the school for she needed to get her schedule, locker and books. She walked through the walk-way with her head held high so people would notice her and say something. It's not like she needed to be the center of attention, but she liked to be looked at once and a while. Especially today since she wore her new favorite Bangles tee shirt and a skirt that matched it perfectly.

She made her way in and out of the principle's office in one piece. She was given her locker number and combination, a map of the school so she didn't get lost and important papers that her parents needed to look over and sign. She was also told that in each class - the teacher would supply her with her text books and papers that she needed.

After talking to the secretary, she went out to find her locker. Once she did she was having trouble trying to open it. She looked around as some people looked at her and whispered to their friends. I can't wait until I finally meet some people to talk to. - she thought to herself. Embarassed as she was, she decided to not care what everyone was saying and determined herself to get her locker open. After two minutes of pushing and cursing under her breath she was startled by a boy who looked about her age saying "Um, do you need some help with that?". The boy was just a little taller than her, brown wavy hair that was popping out of his backwards baseball hat, blue and white flannel shirt and jeans that looked like he was sleeping in them.

She giggled slightly and said "Yeah, that would be great." She moved over and he just hit the handle with his palm only so hard that it made a loud band and pulled open the locker handle. She was amazed, she looked at him like he was Harry Houdini or the magician that she once saw on television when she was younger. "Ahh! Thank you so much! I've been here for the past five minutes trying how to manuever this stupid thing so I could get these freakin' books outta my hands. Your my life-saver! You have the magical touch!", she said while pushing her books onto the shelf.

The mystery boy couldn't stop starring at her. God, she's beautiful. Not just normal beauty, she was .. I don't know how to describe it. He noticed the girl was looking at him with a puzzled look. He shook his head - out of the trance. "Uhh .. I'm Luke. Luke Danes."

She grinned and looked excited that she finally met somebody, who looked really friendly. "Lorelai. Lorelai Gilmore."

Lorelai - Lorelai Gilmore. Don't forget that name, Danes. Don't. Luke kept saying her name in his head.

And right on cue - there was an interruption.

"Luke! Where the hell have you been? Rachel's been looking for you!" said another guy about Luke's age.

Damn, he has a girlfriend. I mean, how could he not have a girlfriend, he's really hot! And he seems to be really nice from the 2-minutes we've been next to each starring at each other ... - Lorelai thought

"Hey .. uhh .. Jackson .. this is .. umm .. Lorelai", stammered Luke.

"Hi, nice to meet you." said Lorelai who looked behind the boy standing in front of her, snoticing the group of people headed their way.

"Hey! I haven't seen you around town, did you just move in or something?" Jackson said a little over-excited.

"No, I'm actually from Hartford. I convinced my parents to let me come to a public school."

"Hey Luke, I've been looking for ya!" a curly red-head girl said she noticed Lorelai after kissing Luke on the cheek, "and who's your friend" she said to Luke.

"Uhh .. this is .. Lorelai." Luke tried to say without drooling as he kept looking into Lorelai's deep blue eyes. Way to ruin a perfectly good moment Rachel. Man, why did I start dating her. We really don't go together. She wants to get out of this town and I know I could never do that.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you .. ?" Lorelai said quickly after Luke's response.

"Rachel. I see you met Luke and Jackson." she looked to her left and said "and here comes the whole gang."