The Undead Warrior
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Chapter 1: The monster rises

As night comes to the usually quiet forest a large disturbance has appeared. Out of nowhere serveral beings appeared. They were dressed in long black robes and wearing strange masks. All of the beings looked alike except the 3 in the front. The middle one, who appeared to be the leader, was tall and muscular, the one on the right of him was tall and skiny and the one on the left was short and fat. The beings walk for hours until they came to a clearing. In the clearing was a enormous pyramid shaped temple.
The beings went around the temple and started chanting.
As the beings chanted, the leader and his 2 henchmen went to the top of the temple. "Here me my people, I Dragonite, leader of the Demonarack, have brought you here for a momentous event" he said. "As you all know we have searched for centuries for a female warrior of remarkable power in order to free our lord and master, Zomberus, and we have failed. But no longer, for I have found such a female that will suit our needs, and as soon as we have her, Zomberus will live again" said Dragonite. As Dragonite spoke, the Demonarack cheared. Then Dragonite looked at his 2 warriors. "Dargon , Clawhammer, I want you to take our soilders and retrieve the female warrior" ordered Dragonite. "Yes master" said the 2 warriors. Then the 2 flew off with a small army behind them.
Unaware of the Demonarack's plans, the Z fighters were enjoying there lives. Pan had finally convinced her mother to help train her, since Gohan was elsewere. As they were training Videl senced something in the distance. Out of nowhere Bra appeared and scared Videl half to death. "What the hell are you doing Bra, tring to give me a heart attack" shouted Videl. "Sorry, Pan said we where going to study," said Bra. "Oh sorry Bra, I conpleatly forgot" said Pan. As the 2 were heading into the house, large shadow appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly 15 Demonarack appeared and headed toward Pan. "Give us the black haired girl or you will die" said one Demonarack. Pan turned and gave a small grin. "Please, give me a breck" said Pan sarcastically. "Kame ha me ha" shouted Pan. The blast killed all 15 Demonarack. Videl took off one of the masks and was freaked at what see saw. The Demonarack's face had no features nothing but a white ghoulish face, kind of like Android 19's.
"What is it mom" asked Pan. "I don't know" anwsered Videl. Suddenly Dragonite's 2 warriors arrived. They took off there robes and masks. Clawhammer looked like a large crab. Dargon looked like a cross between a mantis and a cobra. "You are as strong as Dragonite said, you will be perfect for our needs" said Dargon. "Who are you" demanded Videl. "I am Dargon, this is my partner Clawhammer and we have come for the little one"said Dargon. "Why do you want my daughter" demanded Videl. " Our leader, Dragonite, needs her for a special perpose, which will be beneficial to our people, the Demonarack" explanied Dargon. "You will not have her, for any reason, you'll have to fight me to get to her" shouted Videl. "That should not be a problem" said Dargon.
Dargon then charged and hit Videl in the head knocking her out. "Mom" shouted Pan. Pan charged a enormous energy blast a shot it at Dargon. The blast had no effect. Dargon shot a toxic dart out of his tail and hit Pan in the neck, knocking her out as well. Dargon picked up Pan and left with Clawhammer. Bra, who was hiding, ran out. See was about to go home to tell her father when she bumped into Goten. "Bra whats wrong" asked Goten. Bra explanied everything. Goten told Bra to look after Videl then went to look for Trunks and Ubuu. After searching for hours he found them and tracked the Demonarack by there power level. Trunks seemed more in a hurry to get there than the others. " Slow down Trunks, we can't keep up" said Ubuu. " Shouldn't we go get my brother" asked Goten? " Theres no time, we have to get there now" shouted Trunks. Goten and Ubuu were very puzzled at Trunks behavior but did not bother to ask why he was acting so strange.
They finally reached the temple and after plowing through a thousand Demonarack made it to the base of the temple where Dargon and Clawhammer were waiting. " You wimps woun't make it past us" sneared Dargon. "You 2 take care of them, I'll get Pan" said Trunks. " Trunks wait" shouted Goten. But Trunks did not listen and flew as fast as he could up the temple leaving Goten and Ubuu to fight alone. Trunks finally made it up the temple were he saw Pan on an alter with her arms cut and bleeding. " Oh my God Pan" screamed Trunks. " He he he how do you like it, soon this girl's powerful blood will enpower my master the great Zomberus, and you will be one of the first to be his slave" said Dragonite. " You bastard, how could you do this" asked Trunks? " Her life is meaningless now, she has served her purpose" said Dragonite. " No, I'll kill you for this" shouted Trunks. The entence rage inside Trunks made his power grow larger and larger. Thats when it happened, Trunks turned into a level 2 Super Saiyen. "How could he have so much power" asked an surprised Dragonite. Goten and Ubuu who were still fighting Dragonite's lackys were also surprised at there friend's new power.
Trunks charged at Dragonite and knocked him into the wall. " You'll pay for that you little insect" shouted a mad Dragonite. " Bring it on" said Trunks. Just as Trunks and Dragonite were about to fight the temple door opened. What came out was hideous. It look like it was half decayed with more than a few bones hanging out and a few organs exposed. Zomberus, the Undead Warrior, has finally arisen.