Chapter 4: Trunks' Ultimate Power

The Earth was truly at it's darkest. Dispite this the Z fighters tried there best to get as many people away from the flesh hungry zombies. Meanwhile, Trunks was tring his best to fight Zomberus. Despite having the Skull Medallion his power did not rise. " Why isn't working" thought Trunks? " Whats the matter Trunks, disapointed that you can't beat me" said Zomberus? " You woun't win, I'll stop you" said Trunks. " You must be joking, I have more power than any one, and the planet is practicaly mine" said Zomberus.

Elsewhere, the Z fighters were tring to hold back the zombies without hurting them. " We can't hold out forever" said Krillen. " But we can't hurt them, after all there still innocent people" said Gohan. " Make sure they don't bite you, or you'll be a zombie" said Goten.

While this was happening, Trunks was getting the crap beat out of him by Zomberus. " Give up and I'll make the pain go away" said Zomberus. " How, by taking my soul" asked Trunks? " Of course" said Zomberus. " Forget it" said Trunks. " Then I wiil just take it by killing you" said Zomberus.

Dende who was watching the battle, was puzzled at what was happening. " Why hasn't the medallion worked, maybe it was mistake to send Trunks out there" said Dende. " Don't worry Dende, Trunks will beat Zomberus, he is Vegeta's son after all" said Bulma. " I hope your right" said Dende.

Back at the city, Trunks was almost out of energy. " I sence some guilt in you Trunks" said Zomberus. " Shut up, your little mind games woun't work" said Trunks. " Oh really, the guilt I sence is how you were not able to stop me, but most of it is about something else" said Zomberus. " I said shut up" shouted Trunks. " The guilt I feel is about how you weren't able to save your little girlfriend and avenge her by killing me" said Zomberus.

Dende who saw what was happening. " Trunks, don't listen to him, he's tring to distract you" shouted Dende. " Whats going on" asked Bulma? " Zomberus is tring to make Trunks feel gulity so he can attack" explained Dende. " Oh no, come on Trunks, don't let that freak get to you" shouted Bulma.

" Stop it" said Trunks. " No, why don't I show you what your women thinks of you" said Zomberus. Zomberus eyes started to glow as he used his guilt trip attack on Trunks, which made a illusion of Pan. " Pan" said Trunks. " You let me down Trunks, you let that monster hurt me and your to much of a weakling to avenge me" said the illusion. " No its nor real, the real Pan would want me to keep fighting to the end, she knew it was not my fault, and she would want me to kill you" shouted Trunks. Just then the Skull Medallion glowed. The power of the medallion incressed Trunks power so quickly that it almost ripped him apart. When the dust and blinding light cleared, Trunks looked different. He had gone to level 4.

Everyone looked at the Trunks with amazment. " The medallion, it worked" said Dende. " Great, now Trunks will kick that zombie's butt" said Bulma. " Yes, now we might have a chance" said Dende.

Zomberus looked at the new Trunks, but was not worried. " So what, your power increased, it still woun't help you" said Zomberus. " We'll see about that" said Trunks. Zomberus and Trunks exchange blow after plow, but it had no effect on Trunks. Zomberus blasted Trunks with every thing he had, but Trunks either blocked or douged it. At this point Zomberus was getting angry. " Well, if tha can't take your soul or kill you, I will simply turn you into a zombie" said Zomberus. Zomberus tried to bite Trunks, but Trunks simply punch his teeth out. " No this is impossible" said the scared Zomberus. " Its time to finish this" said Trunks. Trunks then fired the biggest blast he could and blew Zomberus to ash. After that, all the souls that Zomberus took when back to there bodies and all the zombie people when back to normal. And Pan's went back to normal.

Back at Capsule Corps, everyone was glad that Pan was revived. " So Trunks, what did you do with the medallion" asked Krillen? " I gave it back to Dende, I don't think dad would like me taking short cuts" said Trunks. " Trunks" said Pan. " What is it Pan" asked Trunks? "Thank you, for helpping me it was very sweet of you" said Pan as she kissed him on the check. Trunks then left to train because he new that he needed the power and he planed to get there on his own.