Firstly, I'm sure you're all wondering what this is about. I sure I am oO; - even though I wrote it. Anyways, these are a series of Fruits Basket One-shots that I wrote while I wasn't paying attention in class - which means that
one:They're pretty bad, but my school friends seem to find them funny
two: They're about 500 words each, tops.
three: They involve Akito having a strange relationship with Plastic Party Cups. (Don't get me wrong - I'm an Akito lover.)

Other than that, enjoy my creations n.n!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket in anyway.

Not So Dramatic Love Scene

"Oh! Aya! You are my life, my love and my soul!"

It had been one of the most dreaded days that Hatori had had to face that month, the day that Ayame and Shigure had insisted on coming over, and spending a friendly day at Hatori's house. He'd tried everything in his power to get out of it. He'd tried making Yuki come for a surprise check-up (however Shigure saw through that and arranged for Yuki, Tohru and Kyo to go to an amusement part on that exact day), and he'd tried to get a check-up with Akito. However, Akito had been extremely pissed off that week, so he basically threw his plastic – they didn't trust him with glass – cup at Hatori. So, with all plans a failure, he had been forced to endure the torment. Now, however, Ayame and Shigure were alone – Hatori had had a sudden interest in tea making.

"Oh! Gure-san! How I love the way the hair falls around your face!"

"Oh, Aya, you're too kind!"

Both thumbs went up from each person, and an enthusiastic "Yes!" followed. So, the pair sat there, in silence for about a total of three seconds, before they started up again.

"Oh! Aya, look at your pretty silver locks!"

"Oh, Gure-san! You are my life, my love!"

"You still remember what happened at our little sleepover last night, don't you, Gure-san?"

"How could I not, Aya?"

What happened at the sleepover:

"It's your turn, Gure-san! Come on, hurry up! Choose your position!"

Shigure paused for a moment, "Hrm… where to put my piece…"

He paused again, for a total of twenty seconds, and then shouted, "Right on! Aya, King me!"

"Ah! How things like that happen without warning." Gure-san reminisced, throwing his arms into the hair, causing them to fall on both sides of Ayame, who was seated beside him.

"Oh yes, Gure-san, but you have to admit, it had to happen. I am just to good to refuse, after all."

"You're so right! You're way too good to refuse."

"Oh, and you can't forget what happened after that."

"Oh, such romance it was, Aya!"

What happened after that:

"Push my button, any button!"

"Oh, with pleasure, Aya."

"Damn it! I loose again! You're really good at Space Commanders, Gure-san."

"Oh, it was magical was it not?"

"You kept me up all night, Gure-san, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you."

"Oh, I'll find a way, Aya, I'll find a way." A seemingly fake look came into Shigure's eyes at this comment, but Hatori, who apart from having rather large sweat drop and dark blue lines occupying his head, looked rather annoyed, interrupted them.

"Here's your tea."

Shigure let go of Ayame, and the pair of them looked at their tea, picked it up in unison and recited, "Oh, Tea! You are my life, my love, and my soul!"

So there you have it. The first of my series of constantly written idiotic things. Wasn't that fun to read?