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"GINEVRA!" Molly Weasley shouted. "Go to bed! NOW!" The teenager rolled her eyes at her mother's request.

"Fine, Mum, I will. Good luck, Professor Lupin."

"Thank you, Ginny." Remus nodded, and watched the girl bound back to her bedroom.

"Sorry, Remus I thought they were all asleep-"

"It's ok. I'm sure Ginny won't go telling everyone that Tonks's mother slapped me. It's rather embarrassing, see."

"Remus, I don't really understand what you're being so smug about." Molly said, as Remus sat in nearby chair. He sighed, and pulled out a Chocolate Frog box. Remus lifted the lid and threw the hopping piece into his mouth, chewing it slowly, closing his eyes and savoring the taste. When he was finished he looked at the card, and frowned.

Albus Dumbledore. It was strange- Albus had gotten him into this mess. Albus had sent him on that mission with Bae. Albus had introduced him to Tonks. Albus had brought this all onto Remus, and now he was breaking under the weight. He had to figure out something.

"I need to go to Hogwarts." He decided.

"What?" Asked Molly, but it was of no use. Remus was out the door.


"I would like you to accompany me on a mission, Remus." Albus announced to Remus who'd arrived at Dumbledore's office ready and willing after receiving a semi-urgent owl from the Headmaster.

"Really?" Remus could barely hide his excitement.

"Yes. We're recruiting members for throwing the Order back together. Sirius is still at your house, correct?"

"Of course." Remus nodded. He thought of how Sirius had begged to be let out ('just once,' he said 'I'll be a dog, so no one will know me,').

"Well, this is different. We're having lunch with a couple of Aurors. Remember Kingsley Shacklebolt? Wanted to be in the Order the first time, but he was still in school?"

"Yes. So him?" Remus asked.

"And one of his co-workers." Dumbledore affirmed.


Remus entered the muggle restaurant as Dumbledore held the door open for him. "Thanks," he smiled. Dumbledore nodded.

"We should just sit at a table." Dumbledore suggested, and Remus slid into a booth, followed by Dumbledore.

The two seemed to be sitting for less than a minute before Dumbledore stood. "There." He pointed out the window. Several faces turned to see where Dumbledore was pointing. It was towards a couple of strangers who were entering the diner.

"Albus!" Kingsley exclaimed, and Dumbledore smiled.

"Hello, Kingsley." He nodded. "And you, too, Nymphadora." Albus smiled at a girl who'd followed Kingsley in. Remus felt short of breath. She was exceptionally short, with thick, auburn curls, and a crooked, almost teasing, smile. She had big brown eyes and smiled at Remus.

"Hello, my name's Tonks." She held out her hand.

"This here's Remus! I know you!" Kingsley interrupted the connection between Tonks and Remus; at least Remus thought it was a connection. He wanted her hand to hold his forever.

"Hello, Kingsley." Remus smiled.

"Remus Lupin?" Tonks turned to him, and Remus blushed. She sounded so impressed. "All the Headmaster did was talk about how wonderful you were; he said you were the loyalist member of the Order."

"He is." Albus smiled, and patted Remus on the shoulder. He then gave Remus a very subtle wink.

As he went to Hogwarts, Remus realized that it made sense that Albus would know that he would fall in love with Nymphadora. Albus Dumbledore knew everything.


"Oh," Tonks rubbed her head.

"Here." A cup of something horrid smelling was pushed under her nose.

"What the hell is that?" She groaned, standing up and stretching.

"Hangover Antidote." Kingsley Shacklebolt smiled at Tonks. "After the night we had last night, I nearly drank a whole cauldron-full myself."

"Last night?" She hollered. "What did we do?"

"Don't scream!" Kingsley rubbed his temples. "We didn't do anything. We kissed and then we passed out."

"Shit." Tonks sat down and forced her eyelids on each other. "I wanna die."

"Don't die." Kingsley ordered. "You have Duty in Hogsmeade remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Joy." She sighed. Tonks would've complained more, but at that moment, she noticed something on Kingsley's coffee table. "What's that?"

"Oh. That. It's a note from your mum." Kingsley said. "An owl brought it this morning."

Tonks ripped the note out of the previously opened envelope. Kingsley didn't even use magic to cover up his tracks.

"Sorry." He patted her knee.

Remus was breaking up with her, Tonks read. And her mother knew before she did.


Remus arrived at Hogwarts and sent his Patronus as a message to Hagrid. The groundskeeper let him in, smiling jovially.

"Why here, Remus?" He asked, as the two made their way up to the castle. Remus said nothing. Later, Hagrid tried again.

"Studens'll be here soon, y'know. Better make it quick."

"I will Hagrid." Remus smiled when they reached the front doors. "Thank you." He nodded.

"No problem. Come and chat anytime."

Remus nodded and entered the castle, and relished in his old environment. His home. He would love to live here, grow old here. After the deaths of James, Lily, and Peter, and the imprisonment of Sirius, Remus had asked that Harry be brought here to be protected (and if they homed an old werewolf, that wouldn't be so bad, either), but Dumbledore had been adamant that Harry live with his Aunt and Uncle. And so he did.

Remus turned the hall, and walked down the corridor, heading to the Headmaster's Office. Along the way, he ran into someone despicable.

"What're you doing here, Lupin?" Snape sneered.

"I came to have a word with Albus. Is that a crime?"

"Werewolves aren't allowed to roam school grounds without a warrant." Snape snarled, and Remus sighed. He wasn't sure if that was true or not, but he doubted it was enforced even if it was.

"Well, then it's good I'm only one werewolf, huh?" He sarcastically replied, and continued walking.

"Go along, Lupin!" Snape called after him. "You'll get what yours…" He quietly vowed, but Remus still heard him.

"I'll say the same to you!" Remus shouted towards Snape, and then stopped walking when he reached the Headmaster's Office.

"Hello, Remus." One of the gargoyles greeted him.

"Hello, boys." Remus acknowledged them. "Would you be willing to alert Albus of my presence?"

"See," The other gargoyle said. "He doesn't want to talk to us."

"It's a shame. All anyone cares about when they come by is the Headmaster."

"That's not true." Remus frowned. "I talked to you two often."

"And then Peter would drag you off-"

"And we'd never see you again."

Remus scowled at the thought of Peter. "Here, enter." A gargoyle interrupted his thoughts, and then door before him swung open.

"Thanks." Remus nodded.

Remus entered the dimly lit passage, and stepped onto the staircase before him. He began to move, and Remus stood patiently. When the spiraling motion ended, Remus was face to face with Dumbledore, who'd opened the door. "Hello, Remus." He greeted.

"Your hand…" Remus pointed at Dumbledore's blackened right hand.

"Nothing to worry about." Dumbledore smiled good-naturedly. "Why are you here, Remus?" He asked in a kind tone, directing Remus towards Remus's regular chair in front of his desk. Remus sat down.

"I actually- I wanted to talk to you about Nymphadora." Remus began, as Dumbledore sat across from him.

"Oh?" Dumbledore arched his eyebrows.

"Yes. I did."


Tonks had only a few minutes to ponder Remus's sudden change of thought. She showered, got dressed, and left Kingsley's place quickly.

"Tonks," Kingsley had said as the witch was leaving.

"Yes?" She asked.

"If you…if you continue to let Remus treat you this way, perhaps you should think about something happening between…us." Kingsley said this very quickly, and his face turned a bright pink.

"Oh." Tonks paled. "Oh. I should go." She left quickly, and apparated to Hogsmeade.

"You're late." Dawlish greeted her without a hello.

"Lovely to see you too." She muttered bitterly, knowing that she probably looked as ill and confused as she felt.

"Proudfoot and Savage are already stationed," Dawlish continued.

Tonks rolled her eyes. Today was going to be so much fun.


"You think I introduced you to Tonks in hopes that you two would form a romantic relationship?" Asked Dumbledore incredulously.

"Yes!" Remus screamed. "You planned all this! You wanted this! You wanted me to fall for her, even though I couldn't have her! You wanted to break my heart and destroy me! I always thought you were looking out for me!" Remus wiped his eyes savagely. "But you weren't." He finished. "You weren't." Dumbledore seemed to mull over the accusation, and then spoke in his soft even tone.

"You were like a son to me, Remus. I wanted only the best for you." He faced him, and his icy blue eyes seemed to freeze Remus's soul. "I would never do anything to you that you couldn't handle."

Remus had no clue what that meant.


"Aren't Puffskeins adorable?" Tonks listened to Proudfoot as he gazed over the case in front of the local pet store.

"Ginny Weasley told me that her brother Fred flushed theirs down the toilet." Tonks spoke with disinterest, still thinking about Remus, why her mother was so persnickety, and Kingsley's offer.

"What if I bought you one?" Proudfoot suggested. Tonks giggled. She didn't need another man.

"I'd make sure he ate your phlegm first." Proudfoot laughed, and then stopped.

"Hey, look! The Hogwarts Express has arrived." He pointed in the distance. Tonks looked at him.

"I'm getting closer. Don't tell anyone." She slid through the bushes and walked down the street before stopping the perfect hiding distance. Tonks watched the students exit, and smiled at each one she recognized. She practically squealed when she saw Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, but caught her breath when she saw no Harry. She waited and waited and Harry never turned up.

Deciding something was wrong, Tonks began to head to the Hogwarts Express, and easily opened the front door. Checking each compartment she saw nothing, her wand not glowing at the hidden person. The train began to move, and Tonks wanted to scream. After almost giving up, she yanked open a door, and her wand began to instantly glow.

"Wotcher, Harry." Tonks pulled the Invisibility Cloak off of Harry after guessing that that was where he was hiding. When she saw him, her mind stopped. Sirius… Remus… Everything felt bad again. She hoped her pain wasn't too evident.

She performed an anti-stiff charm, and Harry stood up quickly. Tonks suggested that the two jump to get off the moving Express. Tonks decided to become professional, and tried to put on an icy exterior. She fixed Harry's obviously damaged nose, and then began to head to the castle. She sent her Patronus, deciding that it should explain that she was on her way.

It was a wolf. A very distinguishable wolf. She knew then that she was nowhere near being over Remus.

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