"A Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

By Lein

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."

-Henry Drummond

The red marker pen hovered, just inches away from the calendar, as Garfield Logan stared blankly at the page before him. He rested one arm against the wall, while the other hung limp by his side, as he continued his zombified look at the calendar.

He sighed loudly, and then with two quick strokes of the marker, crossed off the day. He replaced the cap and tossed the pen over his shoulder, where it landed with a loud 'thwack.'

It was officially the end of Friday now. Normally, it wouldn't be such a worry, after all, there had been countless Fridays he'd passed without worry. But not this one.

That meant he had a week to go. Just one week. Next Friday was his birthday. His 20th birthday.

He sighed again as he turned around and shuffled over to his bed, where he dived, head first, into the tangled mess of sheets and blankets, and started to wrap himself up in there warmth.

20. He would be 20 years old. Can't be a Teen Titan forever. Those words had been the exact words Nightwing had said to him as they'd planed for his birthday just a few days ago. The youngest member of Teen Titans, he was still a teen, compared to the others who'd passed the age of 19.

Jesse, where had all the time gone?

He rolled over on his left side, and stared at the red digits glowing back at him. He made a face, grunted and rolled over on his right. The view gave him a glimpse out his bedroom window, at Jump City bay, and the harbor beyond. Hundreds of blinking, flashing lights dotted the horizon, along with the constant noises from the wharf.

Just then, a tugboat bleared its horn, and the noise seemed to echo all around his room, causing Gar to screw up his face in disgust.

Muttering a few unpleasant words under his breath, he kicked off the blankets and got up. He really didn't feel like sleeping now. He felt like something to eat and headed straight for the kitchen.

The door to the kitchen opened with a low 'hush,' and Gar trudged inside, clapping twice to turn the kitchen lights on. Big mistake. He'd forgotten how bright the lights were, and he cried out, as thousands of needle like flashes stabbed into his eyes and ricocheted around inside his brain.

He barely managed to grab the kitchen counter before falling over. Then, muttering even louder this time, clapped twice, plunging the whole room back into darkness. Muttering, he opened the fridge, squinting at the light from inside, and looked around. There wasn't much there, or more correctly, there wasn't much there that was eatable. Grumbling, he instead grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the drinks fridge, and sat down on one of the many bar stools by the kitchen counter.

"God, I hate life," he muttered, and took a long swing of the bottle.

He never bothered to look up as he heard the kitchen door 'hush' open once more, but with a single sniff, he recognized Nightwing's scent. "Hey Dick," he said as the door closed behind him.

"Hmmm," Dick muttered, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Oh, hey BB," he said, as he crossed the floor to the drinks fridge. "I didn't think you'd be up."

"Yeah, well, I am!" Beast Boy said swirling the dark brown liquid around in the bottle. "Why're you up?"

Dick gave a snort. "Starfire kept hogging the whole bed," he said as he pulled out an Iced Coffee milk drink. "I spent half the night on the floor, before my back started to hurt. I figured I should just wake up and do some training."

Beast Boy couldn't hide the grin that spread across his face as he gave a quick chuckle. "Heh… That sucks!" He said. He then licked his lips, as Dick sat down on a bar stool next to him. "Hey Dick," he said, "You… You feel like talking?"

"Sure thing BB," Dick replied taking a drink, "What's on your mind?"

Beast Boy paused, before asking, "Do you ever feel like… Like you're getting old?"

"Of cause I do, BB," Dick replied. "I was once Robin y'know! Now, I'm Nightwing!" He paused, as he stared long and hard at Beast Boy. "You know, it's just a birthday, Gar. Everybody has them. You don't have to treat them like a funeral!"

Beast Boy sighed. "It's just, just what you said to me last Tuesday, about how I'm the last Teen Titan!"

"You worried about growing up, Gar?" Dick asked, putting a friendly arm around his buddy's shoulder. "Don't. We all have to grow up sooner or later. It's an inevitable part of life." He took another swing from his drink. "Can't always be a Teen Titan forever!"

"That's just it!" Beast Boy said, turning to face Dick. "What happens now? Do we change the name of the group? Do we split up and go out on our own?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Dick said, "Slow down there! Nobody's talking about splitting up, Gar. But you're right about changing the name! We can't be Teen Titans if were all 20 and over!" He paused again. "Things change, BB," he said. "That's the natural path of life. As time goes on, things change. Society changes, people's views change. Even people's lives change. Life is all about change buddy. You can't keep doing one thing forever!"

"That's what scares me," Beast Boy replied. "The Teen Titans have been such a happy experience of my life, that… It's practically all I know now!" He leaned back as he looked up at the ceiling. "I'm just frightened of the change, that's all. I scares me to think that our friendship, our whole team, is finally coming to an end." He held up his soda pop in salute. "No more Teen Titans."

"Just in name, Gar," Dick reassured his friend. "Just in name, and in name only!"

Beast Boy sighed. "I hope so," he muttered. "I sure hope so." He then held his bottle back up again in another salute. "To the Teen Titans," he said, as both he and Dick clinked their glasses. "It was fun while it lasted!"


Beast Boy awoke with a jerk as a loud metal screaming sound filled the room. "Hey--! Wha—That--! YYAAAHHHHH!" He cried out as he suddenly fell backwards off the barstool and landed, rather painfully on his back. "Ouch!" He muttered.

"Hah ha!" He recognized Cyborgs laughter as he cracked open his eyes. "Man that was priceless," Cyborg chuckled as he grabbed Beast Boys arm and helped him to his feet. "I'm sorry man, I just couldn't resist. You just opened your self wide up!"

"Huh?" Beast Boy looked around the kitchen and say that it was now morning. He'd fallen asleep at the kitchen bench; three empty bottles of Dr. Pepper lay on the bench, along with an empty carton of Ice Coffee. It was then that he finally heard the Rap Music blearing from the giant black Boom Box that was on the bench, where his sleeping head had once been.

"You're personal wake-up call my-man!" Cyborg said with a grin as he headed over to the fridge for some breakfast.

"You suck, you know that, Vic!" Beast Boy muttered, as Cyborg pulled out some frozen bacon from the freezer.

Cyborg just grinned at him. "You're welcome," he replied; as he placed the bacon in the microwave and set it on defrost. Beast Boy then wrinkled his nose in disgust at the smell of cooking bacon, and he quickly left the room. "Savage, flesh eater!" He snapped as the door closed behind him, cutting out Cyborg's laughter.

Beast Boy huffed loudly, as he stormed down the hall. "Thing's change my butt!" He snapped. "How come Cyborg hasn't changed? He's still the same pain in the a--!"

Something metal, hit the floor with a loud clang. Beast Boy stopped in mid rant, and looked back behind him. He'd just passed the door to the gym, and something had hit the ground inside. His eyes narrowed in curiosity as he doubled back to the door, and tried to open it.

It beeped red at him, meaning that someone had locked the door from the inside. He gasped, as he suddenly remember that Nightwing said he was going to do some training last night.

A hand came up to his mouth. What if he'd fallen asleep and put himself in danger? It wasn't the first time that had happened. He'd fallen asleep on the bench press once and nearly broke his ribs, if Cyborg hadn't been passing by. But then, he could've just been dumping something on the floor before moving onto something else. But he had to be sure.

But how to see if he was okay? The door was locked? He half smiled. No problem for Beast Boy. He looked up at the air vent above the door, and leapt up, grabbing the grill with both hands. The second he did this, there was a quick sucking sound, like air being sucked backwards into a pipe, and Beast Boy was gone.

The small dark and light green mouse scampered through the air ducts towards the bright light not far away, the one that lead into the gym. Quickly he skidded to a halt, and looked through the grill.

He soon wished he hadn't. Nightwing was up against the wall, minus his shirt, and wearing only a pair of faded dark blue shorts. Pinning him there, with her mouth, was Starfire. She was dressed in a light pink shirt that just covered her thighs. Weather she had a bra and panties on underneath was impossible to tell. She held Nightwing's head in place with her hands, while her left leg was up against him, her knee resting against the left side of his hip. Nightwing returned the kisses and wrapped his arms around Starfire's waist, sliding his right hand behind her long crimson hair, and up the back of her tee-shirt, his left arm down to rest on her rear.

She then broke off the kiss and began laying kisses along Nightwing's neck, causing him to close his eyes and tilt his head back to allow her easier access. Nightwing resumed his fondling and also started to rub Starfire's skin, near the base of her neck. She moaned softly at his touches, crushing her lips back against his and resuming the kiss, lowering her left leg, beginning to slowly rub herself up against his crotch.

Nightwing immediately kissed Starfire on the side of the neck, nuzzling her crimson hair aside to do so, placing his hands on her waist and slowly sliding them up to her breasts. Squeezing them gently, causing Starfire to let out a sharp gasp. She then craned her head around and kissed him, all of the while continuing to rub up against him.

Inside the vent, Beast Boy watched with morbid fascination as the two lovers made out in the gym. No wonder the door was locked. Looking behind the two, Beast boy saw the reason for the loud noise. Two dumb bells lie on the ground, not far from Nightwings sweat stained tee shirt.

A low moan drew his attention back to the two lovers, and he gasped. Nightwing had moved his right hand, and had moved Starfire's shirt up all the way, exposing the bottom half of her breasts. She wore panties, but no bra.

For a split second, Beast Boy couldn't breath. It was the first time in his life he'd ever seen a naked woman in person before, even if it was just the breasts.

He squeezed his eyes shut and slapped his face a few times. Then, he quietly headed off down the vent, towards his own room, trying to shut out Starfire's moans.

He quickened his pace, just trying to escape the sounds, until the only sounds he could here were the constant turns of the ventilation's fan, spinning around. He paused to catch his breath, and to cover his eyes with his front paws. He was still in his mouse form, and he was rather flushed from what he'd seen.

Slowly, he slunk back to his room.

Beast boy picked up the last of the tissues and dumped them all into the bin, before covering the lid. He sighed loudly as he fell backwards onto his bed.

He wasn't upset about Starfire and Nightwing together, oh no. Both he and Cyborg spent the better half of a year trying to get to two of them together. Actually, it was Robin who needed coxing the most, but what upset Beast Boy was the fact that he realised they were a couple now. They'd been a couple for a few years now, but he'd never actually seen them making out, till now.

Seeing them making out like that, he felt jealous. Jealous at being alone. He got up and looked at himself in the mirror. Wearing on his pants, he took a good long look at the mussels on his body. He was very fit. He had the looks; his hairstyle was the latest.

But no girl on earth would go out with a guy who had green skin. He hung his head lightly. Well, there was one girl. Terra. He bit his bottom lip at the thought of her.

Beast Boy quickly shook his head, trying to dislodge her memory. And besides, there was another girl in his life now…

"Beast Boy!" The loud yell brought him back to reality as his door hushed open, and into his room, stalked a very angry Raven, with her arms behind her back. Beast Boy quickly backed up onto his bed, stoping only when his back touched the wall.

"Uhhh, R-raven," he stammered, "W-what are you doing here?" He stopped short as he realised Raven was wearing only a dark blue bathrobe. Judging by the view of her cleavage, she was completely nude under there.

But he wasn't given time to fantasise. Raven brought her arms out from behind her back. She was carrying a bundle of very stinky shirts, and underpants. Beast Boy sucked in his breath as he realised what she was upset about. He'd left his dirty laundry all over the bathroom floor again.

She threw the clothes down on his floor and glared back up at him. "I had to carry those stinky smelly things for three minutes!" She snapped at him. "Other people have to use the bathroom facilities here you know…!"

Her voice trailed off, as she realised he was wearing only shorts. Her gazed lingered on his chest, for longer than was necessary. But still, it was only for a moment. Her momentarily calm features quickly twisted, as she continued her rant.

"I'm sick and tired of having to use the bathroom every morning and find your dirty washing covering the floor!" She leaned forward, staring into his eyes. "If I find your foul smelling garbage on the bathroom floor again…" She brought up her right hand in front of his face, and clenched it into a tight glowing fist. "I'll blast you into another dimension!"

Beast Boy nervously swallowed, and gave a quick nod in reply. Suddenly, his gaze dropped from her face to her chest, or rather, the ample view of her bosom she showed off by leaning forward.

Suddenly, Raven's hands were up around her bathrobe, pulling it across, ending the show. Beast Boy gasped, as he looked back up at Raven, expecting her to explode. Her reaction surprised him. Her face contained its usual deadpan expression. She then turned about, and left.

It wasn't until the door shut behind her, did Beast Boy finally let out the breath he'd been holding. "Holy shit!" He said, whipping a hand across his forehead and breathing a sigh of relief. He seriously thought Raven would've killed him there and then.

But she hadn't.

Could it be that she…? Beast Boy shook his head, dismissing the idea. Sure, he'd had a crush on Raven, but he'd never pushed his feelings on her. Well, that wasn't entirely true. He had once. He closed his eyes and sighed.

It'd been a few years back, after when he'd lost Terra. He'd been a bit lost, unsure of what to do. One day, when both he and Raven had been alone in the tower, he'd come into the main room to find her meditating. She'd agreed to hear him out, letting him pour out his feelings for Terra, and the emotions he was experiencing.

She'd let him use her shoulder to cry on. He'd hugged her, and she'd hugged him. Then, there was a brief moment, when they'd looked into each other's eyes. Her deep purple eyes looked so beautiful, and sparkled like diamonds. Time seemed lost to him as he stared into her eyes, and before he even knew it, her lips were at his.

But only for a second. The lamp behind them suddenly exploded, scaring the both of them. It was then, that Raven returned to her usual grumpy self, warning him not to play her emotions like that ever again. It was then he discovered why Raven had been so Dr. Spokish all the time. Her emotions were her powers. The more she felt, the more power she unleashed.

The exploding lamp had been the result of the kiss. Ever since then, he'd had a crush on Raven, but she'd blocked every advance he'd tried to make. Then, after a while, he just gave up on her.

He groaned as he slapped his face with both hands, and let them slide down his face. He desperately needed to talk to someone. He looked over at his Teen Titans uniform, the communicator attached to the belt, and he got an idea.


"I usually don't do things like this," J'onn Joan replied as he laced his fingers together. "The Watch Tower exists to guard the Earth from danger, my young green friend; not to act as a psychological evaluation centre."

"I know man," Beast Boy said as he sat down in the chair opposite the Martian. "But really don't know who else I can turn to with my problems. I mean, I don't exactly feel comfortable talking about my problems to a shrink."

"Why not?" J'onn asked as he turned around in the chair to continue to monitor the news broadcasts of Earth for any sign of trouble. "That's what they do. Help people with their problems."

"Dude," Beast boy said, placing his hands on his chest, "I'm a super-hero! Super-hero's don't see shrinks!"

"I'm afraid I don't understand your logic," J'onn replied, checking up on news from the Middle East. "Why are you exempt from seeing psychological help from your own planet's professionals?"

"Hey, maybe you don't have a problem with your own public image, but I do! You have no idea what tabloid magazines will do to get a juicy story. And a Super-hero seeing a shrink? They'll milk that for all it's worth!" He sighed. "I just, I just want to be left alone right now, and I don't need that stress." J'onn just changed to a different frequency. "I need to talk to someone I know will both, be able to help, and keep it a secret." He then looked at his own hand and then, back to J'onn. "Anyway, as one green dude to another green dude, can't you at least listen to what I have to say?"

"I'm not familiar with your species romantic idea's," J'onn said without turning around. "But I understand what you are going through," he then turned the swivel chair around to face Beast Boy once more. "For your sake. I will listen."

Beast Boy smiled. "Thanks man," he said. He then leaned back in his chair and started to tell J'onn about his problems. From his talk last night with Nightwing, to his sexual encounter with Raven.

He finished up and leaned forwards towards J'onn, waiting for his reply. J'onn's deadpan expression could've put Raven's to shame. He didn't blink; he didn't even twitch a mussel.

So when he started speaking, it caught Beast Boy by surprise. "First off," he said slowly, "I can tell you why you're so apprehensive about your upcoming annual celebration of your birth." He unhooked his fingers from each other, and leaned back into the chair. "You're worried about your own future. Nightwing and Starfire have each other, and therefore have a promising future together. You on the other hand are the youngest member of the group. You've enjoyed your roll as the comic relief throughout your teen years, but now, as you leave your teen hood behind, you're beginning to understand other needs that you have been neglecting."

"Like romance?" Beast Boy asked. J'onn didn't even nod or anything.

"You're super-powers also make you different. You're not like everyone else, and you're beginning to understand this. Your romance with Terra all those years ago still haunts you. The end result has your emotions fighting a stalemate war with themselves. One side wants you to go out and find love, the other, doesn't want your heart to be broken again, like Terra did to you. You fear because of your appearance, other normal girls will reject you."

Beast Boy let his gaze fall to the ground; where he stared blankly at his own two feet. "Yeah," he muttered. "That's roughly about it."

"You apprehensive about your up coming 20th year because you feel that you're running out of time to find love. Your accidental witnessing of Nightwing and Starfire's fornication has made you realise that you're alone in the world in a romantic companionship and you're finally feeling the stress of growing up." J'onn paused. "In other words, you're experiencing what your kind calls, a mid-life crises!"

"Dude," Beast Boy said, sitting upright. "How can that be, I'm not even 20 yet!"

"Your mind is a jumble of thoughts and emotions at the moment Mr. Logan," J'onn replied. "You're experiencing frustration, jealously, rage, fear, guilt, and stress."

"So… What do I do?" Beast Boy asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, I can't go inside your mind and set things straight," J'onn replied. "I don't know how. But I suggest you do what people of your age do, when they are looking for love. Go out!"

"Like this!" Beast Boy snapped, pointing at his emerald green face. "Every time I go out in public people stare at me! They whisper things to their friends and some even point!"

"So what's the alternative?" J'onn asked. "Wear a disguise? Lie about what you really are? Even if you do that, I cannot predict what would happen if you finally revealed your true self. Your species have a strange way of reacting to lies. It's the one emotion of your kind, that still puzzles me even to this day."

Then, he turned the swivel chair about, and went back to his monitoring. Beast Boy could only hang his head in deep thought. Finally, he stood up. "Thanks for your time, man," he said. J'onn didn't reply. Then, he shuffled away, heading back to the docking bay.

He'd only been gone 10 seconds, before there was a great gust of wind. "Hello Flash," J'onn replied without looking up.

"Hey J'onn," Flash replied, slurping on a slush puppy. "What was that all about?"

"He was experiencing growing up," J'onn replied. "And as all boys at his age do, he's thinking about love."

"Well, ya should've sent him in my direction," Flash said, looking off over at the lift the kid had taken. "A man of my calibre has more than enough experience in that kind of field." He blew on his knuckles.

"I wanted to educate him, not make his situation worse!" J'onn replied.

"Yeah, well I still say you should've --- HEY!"

As the sun sets behind the hills overlooking Jump city, the great metropolises flickers to life. Streetlights, light up, cars switch over to their headlights, and buildings begin to glow like chequered boxes. People rush back and forth, enjoying the nightlife. Car horns mixed in with laugher, nightclub music, dogs barking, people shouting, and of cause, the occasional scream.

In some sections of the city, the nightlife is minimal, and in some places, almost non-existent. In one of these sections, a lone motorcycle with a sidecar races down the street, kicking up a whirlwind of scattered newspapers, discarded drink containers, and food wrappers.

Nightwing gave the speedometer a casual glance as he took the corner at high speeds. Next to him in the sidecar, Beast Boy didn't even bat an eyelid. He just watched as the scenery whizzed by behind the safety glass of his helmet.

Nightwing gave his friend a quick glance, before switching on the coms' in their helmets. "Hey BB," he asked. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Beast Boy muttered with little indifference. "Why'd you ask?"

"Usually during out ghetto patrol's, you're a little more… Enthusiastic than what you are now." He quickly brought his eyes back to the road, in time to swerve the bike so he wouldn't hit the cat crossing the street. "Care to talk about it?"

"Nightwing," Beast Boy said. "We're friends right?"

"Of cause, BB," Nightwing answered. "You can tell me anything."

"Do you think girls will like me?"

"Why wouldn't they?" Nightwing asked. "You're funny, you're smart…" he paused. "Well, in some sections of trivia you know a lot more than I do."

"Thanks dude," Beast Boy said sarcastically.

"But seriously BB," Nightwing quickly interrupted. "You're smart in your own special way. You have amazing qualities, and I'm sure there's a ton of girls who'd love to go out with you!"

"But… Look at me!" Beast Boy interrupted. "I've got green skin! Who'd go out with a green skinned guy?"

"Beast Boy, I can't believe you're using your skin colour as an excuse!" Nightwing sounded annoyed.

"I don't get it?" Beast Boy said.

"Garfield," Nightwing said, "Tell me, what's the colour of Starfire's skin?" Beast Boy opened his mouth to speak, but said nothing. Slowly, he smiled, and nodded.

"Thanks dude," he said, "I needed that."

"No problem, buddy," Nightwing replied, "Anytime you're feeling a lack of self confidence, just come and talk to me. I'll be there for you."

Suddenly, their attention is diverted as an explosion rips through the air. They both look over to the North East. High above the city, smoke snakes upwards. Nightwing narrows his eyes from behind the helmet's glass shield.

"That's no accident!" Beast Boy muttered. Nightwing nodded, and jerking the handlebars to the left, set corse for the rising mushroom cloud.

"Titans, GO!" He shouted.

Not far away from the two hero's, four crooks have blown a huge hole in the side of a National Guard's weapons depo, and are robbing the place blind. Their semi-trailer is parked near the door, with its back door up. The four goons are grabbing all sorts of bombs, guns, and ammo, and throwing it into the back of the truck, despite the "Handle with care" labels on some of them. A fifth man leans out of the driver's side window, and turns to face his four partners.

"Hurry it up will ya!" He hisses. "That explosion is bound to bring allot of unwanted attention."

"We're moving as fast as we can Melvin!" One wearing a blue bandanna says, as he tosses five M-16 machine guns into the trailer. "But if you want to get out of here much more quickly, why don't you get of your God damn fat ass and help us!"

"Never mind." Melvin said, pulling his head back inside the truck.

"Nice night." Melvin jerked his head towards the sound of the voice, only to receive a huge fist to the face.

Outside, the four crooks heard a muffled thump. They all stopped what they were doing and all stared to the drivers side window.

"Melvin?" A different man called out. There was no answer. "Melvin?" He called out again, drawing out a Smith 'n' Western, and pulling back the hammer. "Are you all right buddy?"

Suddenly, a large black discus shot out of the darkness, striking the gun-totting cowboy in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"What th--!" Another cried out, but only to be silenced as a large dark green blur leapt out of the darkness, delivering a mighty punch to the man's face. The thug was sent flying into a pile of creates.

"Christ! We're under attack!" Only two thugs remained now. The one with a black bikers jacket reached into his jacket's left side, and pulled out an Uzi, while the other one with the blue bandanna, lifted up the Breen Gun he was carrying to the trailer, and both men began to fire their rounds into the darkness all around them.

"LOOK OU----!" The one with the blue bandanna cried out, but was cut short by two bola's flew out from the darkness and wrapped around him, knocking him over. The mighty chatter of the Breen Gun fell silent and clattered to the ground.

The last remaining thug quivered at the sight of all his friends, laying on the ground unconscious. He took a few steps backwards, looking all around him, sweating running down his face, before he turned around and started running like mad towards the streetlights.

Suddenly, he was aware of the sound of someone walking over empty shells coming from behind. He stopped spinning around, bringing up his Uzi as he did so.

There was no one there. Breathing heavily, he spun around, and ran right into a huge green gorilla. He fell to the ground, his weapon firing wildly as he do so. The gorilla kicked out with it's bottom feet, knocking the gun from the mans grip and sent it spinning away into the darkness.

Clutching his hand, he gasped up at the huge beast, as it loamed over him.

"Are you going to kill me?" The thug asked in a terrified voice. The gorilla lowered its face to his, and snorted all over him. Then, it leant back up, and changed. A young man with green skin now stood before him.

"No." He said. "I'm a good guy. And I don't kill."

The man looked terrified. "My God, you're a freak!" He spat at him. "Monster! Alien! Mutant!" At that word, the young man screwed up his face. He then slammed his fist right between the thug's eyes, knocking him out cold.

"Whoa, Beast Boy!" Nightwing said as he walked out of the darkness. "Take it easy!" He walked up to the thug and felt his pulse. "What was all that about?" He asked.

"Forget it, okay!" Beast Boy snapped, turning his back on Nightwing. "Just forget it!"

"Beast Boy," Nightwing said, walking towards him, "I'm your friend, I'm here for you!"

"Just drop it, Dick!" He snapped. "There are some things about my life, I'll never talk about." He then started back to the R-Cycle. "So just drop it!"

Nightwing looked from his friend back to the out cold thug, who's nose had started bleeding. He shivered, as he started jogging back to the R-Cycle, just as the sound of police sirens started to drift up over the noise of the busy shipping yard near by.


Beast Boy lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling. He was wide-awake, as the sunlight was starting to filter through his blinds. In fact, he'd been awake for most of the early hours of the morning.


That's what that punk had called him. Mutant. He sighed loudly, as he rolled over to check the time. Freak. Mutant. Two different words that basically meant the same thing. He was the way he was because of an experiment that made him into… This! Sure it'd saved his life, but at what cost.

He sighed more loudly this time as he finally rose. Funny. All the years he'd been with the Titans, he'd been called worse names than that, and yet, they'd never gotten to him like those ones did.

So why was he in such a rut?

Was it because of the emotional chaos he'd been experiencing? Probably. He opened his door and headed of down the hall to the bathroom to wash up, and take a quick shower.

He pushed the button to open the door to the bathroom and walked on in. There was steam everywhere as he entered, and he looked about in confusion. Suddenly, the shower door opened, and out stepped Raven. Beast Boy sucked in his breath, and for the first time in his life, understood what it was like to have your heart skip a beat.

Raven was completely nude! Suddenly, she froze as well, her eyes widen with a mixture of shock and fear. Her mouth hung open, as she was half in, half out of the showering cubical, reaching for her towel, on the rack.

Beast Boy took a step backwards, holding up his hands in a lame sort of defence. "I… I… I…!" He stammered, unable to take his eyes of her.

Her stunned face twisted into one of rage. "Beast boy…!" She hissed through clenched teeth.

"It was an accident!" Beast Boy quickly shouted. "I swear!"

"Get out!" Her scream seemed to echo, as she gave a wave of her arm. As she did so, the tiles on the bathroom wall shattered. Like a wave, they all shattered, until an invisible force slammed into Beast Boy, sending him flying out of the bathroom.

The door was blown out, and imbedded in the wall, just inches away from his head. Beast Boy side glanced at it, sweat trickling down his cheeks, as he breathed in and out rapidly.

"Holy shit!" He whispered under his breath. He then turned his gaze back to the massive hole in the wall. The whole bathroom was totalled. The white, creamy tiles had all been ripped off the wall. Exposed pipe gushed forth clear blue water, and the steam began to waft into the rubble littered hallway.

With a towel wrapped around her waist, Raven stormed out of the bathroom and over to Beast Boy. He swore again as he scrambled about, trying to run away.

Suddenly, there was a vice like grip around his throat, and he was lifted into the air, his head slamming against the ceiling. Below him, Raven glared up at him with glowing eyes and a glowing hand.

"I'm sorry!" Beast Boy shouted. "For the love of God, I said I'm sorry!" He choked as the invisible grip around his neck tightened. "W-what more do you want?" He gasped out.

"Raven!" He barely recognised Nightwing's voice. "Put him down!" The grip around his neck vanished, and he plummeted to the floor below. Beast Boy lay on all fours gasping for breath. Hands were around him, and he recognised Nightwing's scent. "BB," he said, "Are you okay?" Beast Boy could only manage a weak nod. The hands were gone as Nightwing rose to his feet. "Cripes, Raven, what the hell's wrong with you?"

"That perverted stalker came into my shower, while I was still using it!" Raven said through her teeth.

"Raven," Nightwing cried out, "You were ready to kill him!" Beast Boy was aware of Cyborg's and Starfire's scent as he tried to bring his breathing and heartbeat under control. "Why are you acting like this!"

"Whoa!" Cyborg said, as he surveyed the damaged bathroom. He then turned and shook his head at Beast Boy. "I don't even want to know what you did to her this time!"

"Is… Everything okay?" Starfire asked with concern.

"I don't know," Nightwing responded. "Raven? Is everything okay?"

She glared back at him, then her features returned to normal, or whatever counted as normal for Raven. "Yes," she said in a calm voice. "Everything's fine." She then stalked down the hall, back to her room.

There was a minute's silence, before Nightwing turned back to Beast Boy. "Anything you'd care to explain?" He asked.

"No!" Beast Boy snapped, getting up of the ground. "Just leave me alone. All of you!" He snapped, as he head back to his room, leaving the other three standing in a confused stupor.

"Ummm, something happened here, didn't it?" Cyborg asked, scratching his head.

"Richard?" Starfire asked with concern. "I fear a rift in our team."

"A rift?" Cyborg barked out a laugh. "More like a fault line! If super-villains don't end up killing Beast Boy, Raven will." He shook his head at the destroyed bathroom. "What the hell is wrong with them?"

"I think…" Nightwing trailed off. Starfire and Cyborg both looked at him.

"Think what, man?" Cyborg asked.

"I think, Raven and Beast Boy, are…" He turned to face his two friends. "Are in love with each other!" Both Cyborg and Starfire looked at each other, before turning back to Nightwing.

"I was going to laugh in your face till you cried but," he stared off down the hall after Beast Boy. "This time, I think you're right! But, Raven and… Beast boy? It just seems so… weird!"

"But I thought it is Earth custom to express your love, not hide it with your rage!" Starfire stated.

"Star," Cyborg said. "You've never studied Kindergarten love."


"You only pull the pigtails of the one you love," Nightwing finished. "That's what he means."

Beast Boy kicked a boot out of his way as he stormed back into his room. It thumped against the wall, as he dived head first into his bed. Christ, what a mess!

"Why me, why me!" He groaned, and punched the wall in frustration. He covered his face with his hands, and then looked at them. He sniffed back a tear as he covered his face with his hands again. "That guy was right! I am a freak!"

God, what he wouldn't give to be anyone else right about now.

There was a soft knock at the door. "BB?" To his surprise, it wasn't Nightwing. It was Cyborg.

"Vic?" Beast Boy said in surprise.

"Yeah, can I come in?"

"Are you going to talk to me about Raven, or ask me about my problems?" Beast Boy warned.

"No man," Cyborg replied. "I just wanted to know if you'd like to come get some breakfast?"

Breakfast? His stomach growled in response. "No!" He snapped.

"I heard your stomach BB," Cyborg said through the door. "I am half machine y'know! My audio sensors can pick up sounds at…"

"Fine," Beast Boy grumbled get up of the bed, and marching over to the door. "Just… Don't talk to me!"

"Fine by me," Cyborg said as Beast Boy stalked down the hall ahead of him.

The kitchen smelt heavily of Tofu as the door hushed open. "Hey, what the--?" A meal was already laid out for him on the kitchen bench. Tofu scrambled eggs, Tofu bacon, with mashed vegetables covered in melted cheese.

"I thought you could use some cheering up," Cyborg said with a smile. "So I made you something you'd actually like."

Beast Boy smiled. "Thanks Vic." He said softly. "Thanks a lot." He then turned to face his friend. "And you know, I actually thought you were going to try something dumb and try to talk to me about Rav…" He paused. There was another smell in the air. Something he'd over looked. He sniffed loudly, before looking over at the other plate at the fat end of the kitchen bench and the steaming cup next to it. "Is that herbal tea?"

Suddenly, the door to the kitchen hushed open again, and Raven entered with Starfire.

"Oh, would you look at the time," Cyborg said looking at his wrist which didn't have his clock on, "I've really gotta rush! Gotta give the 'T' Car it's usual check-up before my morning patrol!" He quickly shoved Raven aside as, making sure to push her inside as he left the room. "Bye!"

Starfire waved cheerfully at the two of them. "And I too, must also… Ummm…" She paused, and then smiling happily waved once more. "Good-bye!" Then the door hushed shut, leaving Raven and Beast Boy alone.

"Are you sure that is wise, leaving them alone in there?" Nightwing asked from behind Cyborg.

"If this team is to function as a team, they're going to have to put aside their differences, one way or the other," Cyborg replied. "Might as well be here and now! After all, the sooner, the better."

"And what if they destroy the kitchen like they did the bathroom?" Nightwing asked with crossed arms. Cyborg smiled.

"Glad you brought that up," he then suddenly produced a magazine from behind his back. "I've been really interested in this awesome new kitchen design that has this mega-cool walk-in-fridge! And this ultra-hot flame grilled BBQ! And this…!" Nightwing sighed as he walked away, Cyborg continued to follow, ranting about the new kitchen, with Starfire in tow.

Back inside the kitchen, Beast Boy cowered behind the kitchen bench. "Look," he hastily said, "Before you kill me, this wasn't my idea! I've been duped just as much as you have!"

Raven just shook her head. "Idiot!" She muttered, and made a beeline for her breakfast.

"Seriously?" Beast Boy asked, poking his eyes above the kitchen bench. "You're not going to kill me?"

"I had fun chocking you like a chicken back in the hallway," Raven replied as she pulled up a barstool. "Besides, what more can you do to me here?"

Beast Boy was stunned. "You know Raven, I've been working alongside you for a few years now and I still don't get you! You were trying to kill me half an hour ago, and now you don't even care I'm in the same room as you?"

"What do you want me to do?" Raven asked with a shrug. "Yell, scream and kick the living tar out of you?" She looked up at him with her dark purple eyes.

"Ahh, no!" Beast Boy hastily replied backing off. "No, your silence is all I need." As he calmed down, he realised that Raven was still staring at him. He frowned, and looked down, only to realise he wasn't wearing a shirt. "Oh, sorry," he murmured, covering up his chest. "I-I'll go get a shirt from my room."

"Don't bother," Raven replied, lowering her gaze back to her meal. "If I know Cyborg, he's probably locked the door." Beast Boy uncrossed his arms as he looked over at the kitchen door. Yeah, the rat probably did that. "So, are you going to just stand there, or are you going to eat your breakfast?"

Beast Boy looked down at his plate, and breathed in its smells. His stomach growled again, and he was sitting down before he realised it. The clock ticked loudly on the wall as they ate breakfast. Time ticked on, and soon, Beast Boy had finished.

"Boy," Beast Boy said, as he put his plate in the sink, "That sure was good!"

"I've never eaten fake meat," Raven replied, "So I wouldn't know!" She took a sip from her herbal tea. Beast Boy put the dish in the sink and sighed. The door was probably still locked.

"Why do you do that?" He asked suddenly.

"Do what?" Raven asked.

"Make fun of everything I say!" Beast Boy replied. "I make comments about this and that, and you always crack jokes at my expense! Why?"

"Because most of what you say is so stupidly obvious that it would be a crime against nature not to insult you for saying it!" Raven replied, turning to face him. There was another moment's silence. "Anything else?" Raven asked.

Beast Boy didn't hear her. He was too busy lost in her eyes. Her deep, almost liquid, purple eyes. He stared blankly at her as she looked at him, waiting for a response.

"Well?" She asked.

"Uhh, what was the question again?" Raven grunted and turned back.

"Never mind!" She muttered.

"No wait--!" Beast Boy was beside her before he even realised it. He paused, as he realised how close he was to Raven. Raven in turn was watching him from the side; her head was tilted enough towards him so he could see that she was watching him. "I- I'm sorry!" He muttered.

"Wait!" Beast Boy stopped, turning back to face Raven. They stared at each other. "Would you like a seat?" Raven asked.

Beast Boy nodded. "Yes, that would be nice," he replied, and slowly, keeping an eye on her, he sat down in the unoccupied barstool beside her.

Beast Boy nervously scratched behind his head. "Look, I'm really sorry I walked in on you in the shower, honestly I am!" Beast Boy pleaded. "It was a mistake! Really, it was!"

Raven was silent for a few moments, and then asked, "Do you remember that incident with the lamp?" She asked. Beast Boy nodded. "You remember what caused that lamp to explode?" He nodded again. "My emotions are hard enough to control as it is," Raven said. "If we were to strike up a relationship, I have no guarantee that something like the shower incident won't happen again."

"But why did you almost kill me back there?" Beast Boy asked.

"I'm still working on controlling the rage side of my emotions, Logan," she replied. "I've never been able to experience love because of my powers. The only way I've been able to hide my true feelings is with attacking the person who is the cause of the problem."

"You mean, m-me?" Beast Boy asked.

"Did you ever wonder why I was so hostile towards Terra?" Beast Boy blinked in amazement.

"You mean that you…" His voice trailed off, and Raven simply nodded.

"We can't afford a relationship, Logan," Raven replied. "What if I accidentally hurt you? Or worse!"

"Hey," Beast Boy said, putting a finger under her chin, and turning her face towards him. "I'm whiling to try. I helped you with your mental issues before, when I accidentally ended up inside your mind! Remember that? You were able to control all of your emotions. Even hate!"

Raven was silent.

"I have faith in you Raven, after all. You're my teammate! I've trusted you with my life on thousands of occasions, and you've always come through." She smiled at him.

Slowly, their lips drew closer, until they touch. They were moist and warm, as Beast Boy kissed her. His hand cupping her chin slid down, and up her neck, to cradle the back of her head, while his other hand encircled her waist, pulling her in close.


They both spun around to see the door laying on the ground, bent in half and smoking. The doorframe was crackled and electricity sparked from some of the severed wires.

"Like I said," Raven replied. "Are you sure you want to help me?"

"I'm sure, I'm sure," Beast Boy, replied. "But look at the bright side," he jerked his thumb over at the smoking door. "At least the door's open."

Nightwing was watching a documentary about Falun Dafa when Beast Boy entered the room. He made a beeline for Nightwing, jumping over the couch to see beside him.

"So," Nightwing asked, casting Beast Boy a side glance. "How'd it go."

"I smoothed things out with her," Beast Boy replied. He wrinkled his face as he saw a Chinese man doing some arcane stretching exercise on the TV. "Dude, what the hell is this?"

"It's Falun Dafa," Nightwing replied. "It's an ancient form of Qigon, the practice of refining the…"

"What else is on?" Beast Boy said, grabbing the remote, and changing the channel, over to a talk show.

"So, what's going to be happening now between you and Raven?" Nightwing asked.

Beast Boy sighed. "She has to work on her emotions," he answered. "Her powers are fuelled by her emotions. The more she feels, the more energy she unleashes," he shrugged. "Or something like that."

"Man, I never thought Raven would end up with anyone," Nightwing muttered. "For what it's worth, the two of you make a cute couple."

"Thanks dude," Beast Boy mumbled. There was a few moments silence.

"So, ummm," Nightwing asked, "What was she like?"

"Did you know her hair down… there, is purple as well?"

Nightwing looked over at Beast Boy, his eyebrows were raised with curiosity. "Really?" Suddenly, he cringed up on the couch, yelling in pain. Beast Boy was caught of guard and looked over at Nightwing, whose face was screwed up in agony, his limbs twitching. Hovering just next to him, and gripping his right ear in a way that looked excruciatingly painful, was Starfire.

"Richard dear," she said in a calm voice with eyes glowing. "On Tamaran, it's considered un-healthily for the mind to discus such topics!"

"Owowowowow! Okayokayokayokayokay!" Nightiwng cried, "Just let go of my ear!"

"Garfield," Starfire turned her glowing eyes on him. "Richard and I need to discus a few things, in private."

"I'm gone!" He said, and got up and quickly left. The door closed with a soft click behind him, just in time to cut out the noises that followed.

"Beast Boy?" The sudden female voice startled him, and he spun around.

"Oh, Raven, hi!" Beast Boy said. "What's up?"

"I'm going up to the roof, to do some meditation," she smiled at him. "Want to come with me?"

"Sure," Beast Boy said, "I've got nothing better to do, anyway."

A quick stop over in Raven's room so she could get another mattress for Beast Boy, and they were up on the roof of Titan Tower.

"So," Beast Boy said, un-rolling his mat. "What do we do?"

"It's really simple," Raven replied, crossing her legs. "Just relax your mind, close your eyes, and listen to the surroundings; but listen with your mind. If it's relaxed enough, you'll soon understand what I mean."

Beast Boy blinked in surprise. "Ummm, okay." He replied. He sat down, and soon, the two of them were deep in meditation.

"Azaroth, Mentrion, Zinthos…" Raven murmured as she hoovered above her mattress. "Azaroth, Mentrion…"

Beast Boy concentrated on her voice, as she spoke. With his eyes closed, he used his ultra sensitive ears to listen closer to her, concentrating on the sounds she made as she spoke. Breathing in deeply through his nose, he concentrated on her sent. Its unique smell was easy to zero in on it, and his brain just centred around that smell.

"Hey BB," a cheery but familiar voice suddenly shouted. "What up?"

"Huh!… Hey!" Beast Boy's eyes flew open, and he looked around. The place looked like something from a cartoon for children under the age of 5. "Wait a minute… I've seen this place…"

"…Before?" The cheery voice finished off, causing Beast Boy to spin around. "Of cause you have, BB!" Raven stood there behind him, wearing a pink robe. "Surly you haven't forgotten me?"

"Why am I inside your head, again?" Beast Boy asked, looking around.

"Why?" The pink Raven suddenly threw her arms around him. "This is the one place where my emotions won't cause havoc with the surroundings, that's why!"

"Whoa…!" Beast Boy was caught of guard as Raven's arms were around his neck, drawing his lips to hers in a prolonged kiss. They stood there for what seemed like hours, kissing, Beast Boy held Raven in place with his arms, and she with hers.

Finally, Beast Boy broke off, leaning back. Raven looked confused. "Why'd you stop?" She asked.

"I needed to come up for air," Beast Boy replied. Raven reached out and poked his nose.

"Use your nose, silly," she said, "It's not rocket science." She then suddenly leapt into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Whoa!" Beast Boy cried out again, as she surprised him, this time, he fell over, landing on his rump. "Ow," he moaned, "Jess, you really play…!" She kissed him again, forcing him onto his back. Beast Boy tried to speak, but every time he tried to, she used it to slip her tongue inside his mouth, until finally, he grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her off.

"OW, what was that for?" Raven moaned, pulling Beast Boy's fingers from her hair.

"What was THAT for?" Beast Boy shot back. "What's with YOU!" He cried out, pushing her of him. "Isn't this all so… sudden!" He got up, dusting off his legs.

"Well, you sure know how to kill the mode," Raven replied, with a humph, as she crossed her arms.

"What's with the way your acting, Raven?" Beast Boy asked.

"Well, I AM Raven's happy personality after all, BB," she answered, placing her hands on her hips. "I can't help it if my personality is just a little sexually active."

Beast Boy blinked in undisguised shock. He'd never heard Raven speak like that before. He could've shot back with a clever one-liner about what she'd just said, but he found he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't think about anything else. He'd always fantasised about Raven, but now, she was making passes at him, and he was backing off! How the hell did THAT work?

"Ummm," Beast Boy scratched behind his head. "It's just that… Just that…"

"You weren't expecting me to come on so sudden, and quick?" Raven suggested, coming closer to him.

"Well, yeah…" His voice trailed off, as Raven came closer, placing her hands on his shoulders. When he made motions to pull away, her grip suddenly tightened, keeping him in place.

"Don't," she said forcefully. She moved in closer, until their bodies touched. "Being Raven's happy personality, I've had to live her life without having to express myself." She moved her face closer to Beast Boy's, so he could look into his emerald coloured eyes. "Having been forbidden to laugh at your jokes, or enjoy life with you, or even enjoying life its self."

Beast Boy opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"I love you, Garfield Logan," Raven said. "Do you love me?"

"Yes, I do," he replied without hesitation. Then, they both moved in to kiss.


"Yaaaahhh!" Beast Boy screamed as he was jerked back to reality. He fell over backwards, hitting his head. "Again, ow!" He moaned, rubbing his head.

"You okay?" He recognised Raven's voice.

"I'll be fine," Beast Boy muttered, getting up. "But what in God's name was…"

"Trouble." Raven replied, pointing over towards the west end of the bay. Beast Boy followed her finger, just in time to see a light passenger jet crash into the water. It skimmed along the surface for a bit, before it nose dived into the water and came to a halt. A trail of thick black smoke was bellowing from its left engines.

"Oh great," Beast Boy muttered. "Better clock in the old work card."

Beast Boy sighed, as he looked at his wristwatch. 11:58. Man, what had turned into a simple rescue mission of a light aircraft had exploded into full day with a bank robbery, a hostage situation, and a super-villain to match. Finally, after all that, Beast Boy was tired.

The rest of the team had all headed off to bed, which meant that Beast Boy was the only one still up. Chasing Control Freak all over the city meant that the team had to split up. Nightwing and Starfire had captured Control Freak by themselves, but not before Beast Boy had managed to journey across to the other side of the city. He'd had the furtherest to journey to get back home, and now, he was ready for some much needed sleep.

He pushed the button to his room, and the door hushed open. He trudged inside and kicked off his boots.

"My, my, you're quite late, aren't you!"

"What the hell!" Beast Boy screamed, spinning about. As he did so, he tripped on one of his discarded boots, and fell over, hitting his head on the floor. "Damn it, this is becoming a pain in the a…!"

"Careful of your language in front of a lady, BB!"

His eyes flung open. BB? He sniffed the air, and gasped. His eyes flung open, to see…

"T-Terra!" He stammered.

"You still remember me, huh?" She said, extending a hand.

"B-but…! How! How did you…!" He stammered, but he was silenced, as she grabbed his arm, and pulled him of the ground and to his feet.

"It's a long story Beast Boy," she said. "And it's been such a long time since we last saw each other."

"Yeah, it has," Beast Boy muttered, looking her over. He had to admit, she'd grown up; and grown into quite a beautiful young woman. "But… But what are you doing here!"

"I came back to set things right, to apologise for everything I've done, to make amends," she replied, leaning in closer. "More importantly, I came to see you, silly. I still remember how much of a crush you had on me." She came closer, her lips just inches from his. "Do you?"

"Well, yeah I do…" He scratched behind his head. "But…!"

"But?" Terra brought her head back. "Beast Boy, what's wrong?" She looked at him with worried eyes. "You still don't consider me a villain, do you?"

"Of cause not!" He snapped.

"Then that's all I need!" She said, before she grabbed the back of his head, and pulled his lips to hers. Beast Boy's eyes flew open at the suddenness of her kiss, as he stood there, his body in a frozen position. As Terra kissed him, he couldn't help but think weather this was a good idea. What would the others say?

What would Raven say?

Oh, boy, was all he could think off.