A small green owl watched from a tree branch, as two heavily armed cops marched past the fence, keeping an eye on the plant. Not so much to prevent anyone from getting in, but just out. On the other side of the fence, lay a large exit door. Above it, a camera swiveled this way and that, keeping a watchful eye on everything, and the cops that patrolled the grounds.

The owl hooted, as the cops moved on, and the bushes rustled. Cyborg moved from the foliage, and looked up at the owl. "Come on," he said, "My computers tell me that the camera pauses for two seconds, and then takes six seconds to move from right to left,"

"Which means we'll have to move fast," Beast Boy said, as he changed back from the owl. He then knelt down on all fours, and changed into a cheetah. He then leapt the fence and sprinted towards the nearest building. Cyborg crouched down, and leapt into the air. The hydraulics in his legs helping him with that, as he somersaulted over the fence, to land on the other side with all the grace of an acrobat.

He then hurried over to Beast Boy, where the two of them hid in the shadows, just in time to avoid the patrol that followed. When it passed again, Cyborg held up a single finger, and a small lock pick emerge. He stuck it in the door, and unlocked it. They quickly entered, closing it behind them as the camera swung back.

"We're in," Cyborg said into his comm. "Proceeding to the jump point." They then both started jogging down the halls, keeping a watchful eye out for security cameras.

Elsewhere, inside a small utility closet, the floor began to glow, as a glowing black sphere rose out from the ground. It hovered in mid-air for a second, before coming back down to rest on the floor. The sphere melted away, revealing Terra and Raven underneath.

"Wow, you are handy to have around," Terra said with a half grin. "Remind me to give you a call should I ever lose my house keys."

"Getting in is always the easy part," Raven replied. "It's stopping Dr. Light that's the trick." She then activated her comm. Raven here, Terra and I are inside. We're now proceeding to the jump point." Terra tried the door, and carefully opened it a fraction. She looked down the corridor. No guards, or cameras. Then, she held out the small compact mirror, and angled to see down the other side of the corridor.

Nothing presented its self, and she nodded to Raven. "All clear." She then pushed open the door, and wandered out. Raven followed, and together, they started down the corridor.

Elsewhere, in the basement of the plant, a small grill on the floor lay inconspicuous, until a small periscope rose up from between its bars, and circled around, surveying the whole area. It then disappeared down between the bars, and the great shifted, and then rose, before being moved aside.

Nightwing then hauled himself out, and was quickly followed by Starfire as she flew out. Nightwing quickly replaced the great, before he and Starfire moved into the shadows.

"Nightwing here, I'm inside along with Starfire. Moving to the jump point."


Dr. Light sat in a reclining chair, keeping a watchful eye on all the monitors of the plant. The cameras showed him everything that was going on inside the plant. If the police tried anything funny, he'd see it before they would have a chance to pull it off.

He watched a few shots of the police patrols around the perimeter of the plant, before switching over to ones from the inside. Still nothing. He glanced over at the phone that lay within arms reach.

If the Mayor was smart, he'd be organizing the ransom. But that wasn't the way things worked. Not in this city. No, most likely, the idiot would be calling in some super-hero team to come take him out.

But he was prepared. He'd set a few traps around the place, here and there. Should anyone be snooping around, they'd have a nice little surprise waiting for them.

One corner of his mouth rose slightly at the thought. He hadn't been In the super-villain business for this long without learning a few tricks or two.

Just then, something beeped, and drew his attention to the many monitors. He leaned forward and smiled. "Well, well, well," he muttered as his smile slowly morphed into a toothy grin. "The Teen Titans, this IS a nice surprise!" He then paused, as he thought about what he'd just said. They lived in this city, naturally they would be the ones to try and stop him. Was he really expecting anyone else?

He shrugged. Oh well. He leant back in his chair, putting his feet up on the control board.

"Needs real butter," Dr. Light muttered as he pulled another handful of popcorn from the bag. "This imitation stuff just doesn't cut it. Well, maybe I'll get some in a minute - can't believe they didn't have a fridge installed down here… having me drag one down into this hole… Well, at least the fun is about to start."

He then picked up a small gray remote and aimed it at the monitor that showed the two hero's walking along, and pressed the big red button on it.

Suddenly, the monitor went blank. "Hey, what the--!" Dr. Light sat upright in confusion. It was then, that he spied the long thin black remote next to his popcorn bag, and he blushed. "Whoops," he then pressed the same button on his gray remote and the picture returned. "Heh, he… wrong remote." He then picked up the thin black remote, and pressed the red button on that one.

"If you ask me, this is too easy," Terra commented to Raven as they made their way to the meeting point. "You'd think a super villain would have some traps around here, or something."

"I think… LOOK OUT!"

Raven hurled herself into Terra, throwing her flat on her face in the floor. The air over their heads crackled with electricity as a blue bolt shot over them.

Raven looked up to see a flying drone of some form approaching. It resembled one of their own test target drones that they used for out door practices. Well, Dr. Light was getting smarter.

"Party time," Terra muttered, raising a glowing fist.

The drone abruptly disappeared.

"What in the…!" she gasped.

Raven was about to reply, when it hit her suddenly. "Duck!"

Again, she flung Terra to the floor. Again, the electric blast narrowly missed them.

"Where is it?" Terra cried out.

"It would appear that Dr. Light has installed a cloaking system," Raven muttered, as she scanned the hallways. "There's no way to…"

Her comment broke off in a yell of surprise as a red beam flashed above her. Somehow either sensing or hearing it, she managed to dodge out of the way at the last second, the beam just singing her left arm. She landed nimbly on her feet and with a waved of her right arm, fired a wave of energy in the direction of the beam. She was rewarded with a small TWANG as the blast missed its target.

In the precious seconds while Raven had been preparing her next attack, Terra had also been preparing to attack. She pointed her glowing, out-stretched hand at where Raven's attack had connected. In a split second decision, she adjusted her aim a little to the right and thrust her hand forward.

The floor suddenly heaved and the black and white tiles scattered. The rocky earth beneath the floor suddenly shot up like water from a hydrant. There was a small explosion and pieces of suddenly visible metal showered down into the hallway.

Back in the control room Dr. Light watched as his drone exploded. He thumped the control panel like a frustrated child. "No, no, no, NO!" He shouted. "That's not fair! How the hell did they see it! I had a freak'n cloaking device on that thing!" He sat back down in his chair with a 'hump,' as he glared at the two heroes.

"Well," he finally said, leaning forward, "You handled that very well, but there's more where that came from!" Then he hunched over the keyboard and began typing furiously.

"That takes care of that," Terra said confidently as she dusted off her hands. She turned to Raven and smiled. "Aren't you glad now that Nightwing pared us together?"

"We'll see," Raven muttered, looking at the smoking pile of debris that was all that remained of the drone. "I don't think that was the last of it. Dr. Light probably has more traps all over the place. We shouldn't get too cocky."

"You know, a simple 'thank-you' would be nice," Terra snapped, placing her hands on her hips. "With such a deadpan attitude, I really don't understand what Beast Boy sees in you at all?"

"Now is not the time for this, Terra," Raven replied in a stern voice. "We have to stop Dr. Light before he…"

"Hurts somebody?" Terra finished. "I'm only bringing this up because Nightwing wanted us to work together, Raven," Terra said. "And if we ARE to work together, then we're going to have to set aside our differences."

"Let's just keep moving," Raven muttered, as they started off down the hall. "We can discus this as we go along."

The two girls trudged down the hallway, warily looking through the many windows into control centers. Normally, one could see workers busy about their tasks in the rooms. Now, all the two some found were empty chairs and cold cups of coffee.

"Why do you hate me so?" Terra finally asked.

"Because you betrayed us, that's why," Raven snapped. "We placed our trust in you, and you threw it right back in our faces."

"So what do you want?" Terra snapped back. "An apology! I'm sorry, okay! I was an idiot! I was the freak'n moron! Is that what you want to here?" She sighed. "Besides, you don't know what I had been through, that pushed me over to Slade."

"And do you expect it to be over, just like that?" Raven asked through gritted teeth. "Betrayal doesn't just vanish with a simple apology, Terra. It leaves scars, bad memories, and distrust! Here I am, working alongside; and putting my life, into the hands someone who a few years ago was more than ready to kill me without a single moments hesitation."

"Oh, bring that up why don't you," Terra muttered turning away from Raven.

"And why not?" Raven shot back, her eyes flashed bright red. "It's the true. It isn't pretty but that's what really happened!" Raven calmed down, and her eyes returned to normal. "That's the reason."

"Or is it because of something else?" Terra remarked. "Or should I say, someone else?"

"Beast Boy has nothing to do with this, Terra," Raven said. "He loves me now, not you! So I'm not worried."

"Are you sure?" Terra gave Raven a suspicious look. "You seemed mighty upset at the sight of us sleeping together. What did you do again…?" She mocked a thinking pose. "Oh yeah, you blew up Beast Boy's room."

Raven emitted a low growl that didn't sound human. "At least I'm not some floozy," she spat back. "I don't know what tricks you pulled on Beast Boy, but it'll all be in vain. In the end, I'll be the one who he'll chose, and not you!"

"Says only you, witch!" Terra snapped as she pointed an accusing finger at Raven. "If he loves you, and only you, then riddle me this! Why hasn't he just told me that?"

Raven opened her mouth to reply, and nothing came out. She couldn't answer her. She saw Terra smile, and she gritted her teeth. "Probably, you never gave him the opportunity," Raven finally said. "Seeing how you snuck into his bed during the night, I wouldn't put anything past you!"

"How dare you!" Terra shouted, and spinning around gave Raven a rough shove to her left side. "You have no idea what I've been through! Beast Boy fell in love with me first!"

The edges of Raven's mouth rose slightly, in not so much as a smile, but a triumphant smirk. "Actually, I never knew that was true. I only suspected it." Terra's mouth fell open in shock. "Thanks for confirming that for me." Raven started walking leaving her behind.

"You were always teasing him!" Terra shouted out after her. "In the years you spent with him, you never made him feel special! I gave him the love and friendship he needed! You were never the friend that I was to him!"

"That was all in the past, Terra," Raven replied without breaking step, "What's going on in the future is all that matters now."

"But will Beast Boy understand?" Terra called out.

Raven stopped. Then slowly, turned around. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's what I said, Goth Girl," Terra snapped, stalking over to her. "That's what you said! It's all in the past! But what about Beast Boy? Is it all in the past for him? You've done and said, some pretty nasty things to him over the years. Stuff that's very hard to forget. So you're sure it's all in the past? Is that what HE thinks?"

"Yes," Raven replied.

"Are you sure?" Terra asked, as Raven walked away. "Are you absolutely sure?"

"In case you've forgotten, Terra," Raven hissed, "We've got a timetable to keep!"

The edges of Terra's mouth rose slightly, in not so much as a smile, but a triumphant smerk. "Like you said, we can discus this later."

Nightwing lightly press a finger to the right side of his mask, activating the infrared mode inside the mesh that covered the eyeholes. Slowly he crouched down, and scanned the hallway before both him and Starfire.

Just ahead of them, lasers sensors crisscrossed the halls ready to set off God only knew what. "Humph," Nightwing scoffed, "Dr. Light sure is getting smarter these days," he then rose from his crouched position, then, taking a step back, started running towards the lasers. "But not smart enough!"

He leapt into the air; twisted, and landed on his hands, before vaulting into the air once more. He somersaulted and came down on both feet, before rolling forward, then pushing off the floor with both hands landed against the left wall, and kicked off with his left foot, landed on all fours, well clear of the lasers.

"Almost broke a sweat that time," he muttered with a half grin. "Okay, Star, your turn." Starfire nodded, and following Nightwings guidance, glided through the lasers.

"I found that easier than normal," Starfire commented as she came back down to earth. "Maybe the Doctor has not improved his IQ?"

"That's a distinct possibility, Star," Nightwing responded, as they started jogging down the hallway, "But we can't afford to let our guard d--!"

He never finished his sentence, for as he rounded the corner, something hard and metallic swung out and slapped him in the face. Nightwing cried out as he was sent flying back into Starfire's arms. They both looked up, as a huge four armed robot with no almost no head stomped around the corner. There was a small raised hood on top of it's massive body with a single flashing dot. It raised it's claw-like fingers; three on each hand, and started lugging towards the two hero's.

"Robots," Nightwing muttered as he drew the small baton from his belt. "He just had to have robots!" He squeezed it and the end extended into a long staff. Just then, the robot came to a stop, and settled down, as if waiting for further instructions.

"Not so stupid now, am I?" Both Titans looked up to their right, to see a security camera aimed right at them. "Such a big robot eh?" Dr. Light's voice was instantly recognizable. "And such a little corridor to maneuver in? Did I also mention that the robot's skin is made out of a high-density refined version of Titanium? That means you're going to have a hard time blowing it up."

"What do you want, Dr. Light?" Nightwing asked. "Congratulations?"

"NO, I want you to die, that's what," Dr. Light answered. "Oh and by the way, did I mention the fact that the whole hallway is rigged with claymores? Activated by those lasers you so conveniently passed a few seconds ago?" The two Titans scanned the hallway for any signs of the mines. "And just to make sure you can't double back on me…!" The sound of fingers typing on a keyboard floated across the comm. Nightwing looked back at the lasers, and gasped as they suddenly tippled, making it impossible to go back the way he'd come. "Well, enough chit-chat, let's see how well you do!"

Then, the robot came back to life, coming towards them with outstretched arms.

"This… may take a while," Nightwing muttered.

Cyborg scanned the area below the catwalk as Beast Boy followed behind. "So far, no traps," Cyborg muttered, "But keep an eye out for anything that look suspicious!"

"Besides you?" Beast Boy said with a chuckle. Cyborg turned around and gave him a light slap on the side of the head.

"Not now, BB," he said.

"Jesse," Beast Boy muttered rubbing the side of his head. "I was only trying to lighten the mode."

"Like I said BB," Cyborg answered, looking up at some pipes running across the ceiling. "Not now. There's a time and a place, and this ain't it!"

"What's the matter, Cy?" Beast Boy asked. "You always used to laugh at my jokes."

"Use to," Cyborg replied, as he turned around to face Beast Boy. "That's the problem right there BB. Used to. But not anymore."

"Why?" Beast Boy asked, as they continued walking. "What makes this time different?"

"In case you haven't noticed, BB, we're in a nuclear power plant!" Cyborg's arms swept over the whole scene. "Some idiot with a fancy suit has taken control of a potential nuclear bomb, and you're trying to crack jokes!"

"I thought we could all use a laugh in a situation like this." Beast Boy replied.

"Laugh! Laugh at what, man?" Cyborg snapped. "This ain't a video game, dude! We can't exactly make a save game and go back to it! One wrong step and the whole city goes up in a mushroom cloud, or even worse, another chynobal! Millions of lives are hanging in the balance and we need to keep our focus BB! And you crack'n jokes ain't exactly the best way to keep your mind on track!"

"I just…!" Beast Boy said meekly, but Cyborg cut him off.

"Just don't, man!" He snapped, as he started walking away. "When we get back home, you can crack jokes all you like, but until we stop Dr. Light, keep it to your self!" He stopped and sighed. "Why won't you ever grow up Beast Boy," he muttered. "You can't keep acting like a kid forever man. Things just don't work like that!"

Beast Boy fumed silently to himself, as he followed Cyborg.

With a flicker of light, the droid vanished, but it wasn't fast enough. Seconds later, a sharp wave of black energy sliced through the air, and there was an explosion.

"That makes fifteen," Terra muttered as she turned to face Raven. "Man where on Earth dose one get all these robots from?"

Raven lowered her glowing hand. "It doesn't matter," she replied, looking down the hallway they were heading down. "Let's just…" Suddenly Raven's communicator beeped to life.

"Raven, Terra… Come in!" Nightwing sounded frantic.

Terra unhooked her own communicator from her belt. "Terra here, what's the 'sitch?"

"Star and I are in serious trouble, Terra," there was a momentary interruption of something metal scrapping against ceramic tiles. "We need backup, ASAP!"

"Rodger that, Nightwing," Terra nodded to Raven, "Where are you?"

"The main corridor on Sub-Level 2!" Nightwing shot back. There was an explosion, followed by a yelp that could only have been Starfire. "Hurry!"

"Let's move!" Raven muttered, as she spread her arms out, her hands and eyes glowing as she did so. "Azaroth, Mentrion, Zinthos," she murmured, and a glowing black sphere surrounded both her and Terra.

"Going down," Terra chuckled, as they dropped through the floor.

They descended through the floors, pipes, and electrical wires, until they reached the 2nd Sub-level. They touched down, and the black sphere vanished.

"Where are they?" Terra asked, looking around. An explosion echoed somewhere down the corridor and they turned their heads in the direction.

"Bingo," Raven muttered, and they rushed down the hall.

Nightwing leapt into the air, avoiding a clawed metal hand, and brought his staff forward with as much force as he could muster. The metal staff hit the top of the robots head with a loud clang. The red dot in the center of it's head flickered for a second, and it swung back with it's other arm.

Nightwing was caught off guard and was knocked into the wall with a loud thwack. The robot took another step forward, causing the two heroes's to move closer towards the lasers.

Just then, Raven and Terra came around the corner, and skidded to a halt. The robot that menaced Starfire and Nightwing was massive. It's huge bulk filled the entire hallway, preventing anyone from slipping past it.

It paused as its head rotated around to look at the newcomers. IT lingered for a second, as it considered weather to continue attacking its current foe, or to confront this new threat.

"Careful guys!" Nightwing shouted out from somewhere on the other side of the robot. "The whole hall is rigged with claymores! NO telling where they are located!"

"Raven," Terra said, "Can't you just warp them out from there?"

Raven shook her head. "Moving through objects takes a lot out of me, Terra," she answered. "I won't be able to do that again for a while."

"Then maybe I can do something!" She aimed a glowing fist at the robot. "I'll just call up some earth, send it through the roof and---!"

"No!" Raven snapped, grabbing her shoulder. "Nightwing said the hallway is rigged with mines! Disturbing the floor may set them off!"

"Or it might not!" Terra replied.

"We can't risk it, Terra!" Raven snapped. "Come on Terra, think! Doesn't this scene remind you of another? Remember that time Slade tried to destroy Titans Tower?" Terra winced at mention of Slade. "Remember I asked you that time to trust me?"

"I remember," Terra muttered, as she lowered her hand. "What do you suggest?"

"Just keep that robot occupied for a few minutes." I'll get Starfire and Nightwing to safety!"

Terra nodded, and turned to face the robot. "Hey, you big stupid hunk of scrap metal! Over here!" The robot completely ignored her. She sighed, shook her head, and ran down the hallway, delivering a fly kick to it's back. "OW!" Terra cried out, as she fell back down, clutching her leg.

The robot stopped and turned around, looking down at her with its single glowing eye. One of its four arms suddenly reached back, and grabbed for her. She just barely managed to roll out of the way, before the claws smashed into the ground.

"Terra, I'm ready!" Raven cried out, and she opened up a swirling black hole in the floor, and dropped down. A few seconds later, the same hole appeared under Nightwing and Starfire, and they both dropped down out of sight.

The robot turned around, confused by the disappearance of its original prey. Terra jumped up off the ground and started running back down the hallway.

Suddenly, the floor beneath her feet gave way, and she found herself falling. "Hold on," Nightiwng said, grabbing her arms. "I've got you," Terra looked around. They were in some sort of misty room, floating in mid-air. Starfire and Raven were also with them.

"What happened?" Terra asked.

"I asked Raven to give you a lift," Nightwing said with a grin, "I left a little present for our robot friend back there."

Back in the hallway, the robot's head turned around, as it spotted a small spherical device stuck on the wall, near the lasers. It beeped a few times, and then flashed red.

The explosion that followed wasn't very big, but it was large enough to set of the lasers, which in turn, set of the claymores. The explosions that followed, destroyed the hallway, and the floor the robot was standing on. It fell down to the next floor, and the floor below that, until it reached the very bottom of the plant, where it was buried under the tons of derbies that came down with it.

"Cool," Terra laughed as Nightwing explained what he'd done. "So, are we going to get Dr. Light now?"

"Let's meet up with Cyborg and Beast Boy first," Nightwing said, "I already told them to go ahead and take down Dr. Light, so now that we're no longer pre-occupied, let's pay the good Doctor a house call!"

Dr. Light sighed in frustration as he observed the destruction of his robot. "I really should've seen that one coming," he moaned, as he flopped back down into his swivel chair. "Why did I ever bother to invest in robots? I should've just stuck with hiring goons!"

Dr. Light was totally caught off guard as the door to the control room suddenly exploded, and fell over with a loud clang. He jumped from his chair and looked around, just in time to see Cyborg and Beast Boy rush through the smoke.

"Yeah, like street thugs would've been any better?" He aimed his gun arm right at the doctor. "It's lights out for you, Doc!"

"That was good," Dr. Light said with a grin, as he pushed a button on the keyboard, "But not as good as this!" There was a bright flicker of light, and Cyborg fired. The blast exploded, just a few feet away from Dr. Light, who laughed in response.

"What the---?" Cyborg cried out, as he lowered his gun. "A force field?"

"Didn't think I'd ever get any wiser from our previous battles?" He sneered. Beast Boy walked up and tapped a finger in mid-air. The force field flickered with energy. There was no way past it.

"Nowhere to run now man," Cyborg said, pointing past Dr. Light to the monitors behind him. "You're trapped, and we've got reinforcements on the way!"

Dr. Light turned back to the monitor behind him, seeing the other Titans making tracks for his present location. He sighed as he turned back to face Cyborg and Beast Boy. "This whole 'take the city hostage thing' has gone south, and so am I!" He then pressed another button on the keyboard. "Good thing I've installed a few quick escape routes just in case of Un-natural disasters! Such as your selves!" An exit door clicked open, and Dr. Light saluted the two heroes'. "I think I'll just stick to robbing banks in the future, less planning and headaches that way. So, good-bye losers! I'm off to Brazil for the winter!"

And with that, he made a dash for the exit.

"That's what he thinks," Beast Boy muttered under his breath. He leapt for the nearest air vent, and morphed into a gorilla. Using his strength, he ripped it off, and quickly morphed into a mouse, as he hurriedly scampered down the ventilation shaft after Dr. Light.

Dr. Light threw open the door, and came out onto a catwalk, overlooking some turbines below him. He knew that this room would take him to the sewers and from there, it was only a matter of following the pipes to the coast where he'd stashed his speed boat for his hasty exit.

Only he been planning on doing this with two suitcases full of money. He wrinkled his face up in disgust, as he thought of the VERY expensive robots he'd purchased in order to pull this off, which in the end had proven as successful as his hostage plan.

Oh well, there'd be plenty of banks around Brazil just begging for his attention. "Hey, I just realized something," he muttered, as he started jogging for the ladder that led down to the floor below. "I don't speak a word of Portuguese."

"Well that's just fine, Doc!" Dr. Light spun around as Beast Boy bowled through the door. "Because the prisons in the States only require you to speak English!"

Dr. Light frowned at the appearance of the Titan before him. Obviously he'd overlooked something when installing that force field. "Okay, maybe you're not as dumb as you look," Dr. Light muttered, turning around to face Beast Boy, "But let's see how you handle me all by your self!"

He raised both his fists and fired a blast of super heated light at Beast Boy. Beast Boy ducked, and jumped, as another blast fired at the catwalk beneath his feet. Leaping into the air, he morphed into monkey, clinging onto the piping above his head.

"All the animals of the known world and you chose a monkey?" Dr. Light sneered, as he fired. At the last moment, Beast Boy leapt from the pipes he'd been cling to. The blast slammed into the pipes that ran along the ceiling, rupturing them. Water gushed forth and slammed into Dr. Light, sending him flying backwards.

"Didn't think that they were WATER pipes, did you?" Beast Boy said, morphing back into his human form. "You know, for a Doctor, you're not very bright!" He smiled, "Get it? Doctor? Light? Bright?" He started chuckling.

"Kudos to you, on the pun!" Dr. Light muttered standing up, "But you forgot one thing!" He suddenly shot out his right hand, and fired a blast at Beast Boy, scoring a direct hit in his stomach, sending the Titan flying back, hitting the edge of the railing. "My suits water proof!"

Beast Boy gasped for breath from the impact of the blast. His stomach ached and he felt like he was going to throw up. He rolled over, gripping his stomach with one hand, while the other, weakly grabbed for the railing.

Just then, there was a finger under his chin, and his head was tilted upwards. Dr. Light's smirk filled his blurry vision. "My, my, my," he muttered, "I told you, you shouldn't have taken me on all by your self. So tell me, my young green friend; who's not very bright now?"

All Beast Boy could manage was a half chocked, half coughing sound.

"Well," Dr. Light said, standing up, "I'd like to say it's been fun, but this failed operation has been way too expensive for me to simply laugh off." He raised both fists and took aim at Beast Boy's head. "But as a contingency prize, at least I get to take out one of those annoying problems in my life!"

Beast Boy blinked at Dr. Light as the villains clenched fists began to crackle with energy. He then screwed his eyes shut, and concentrated hard. At the last second, he managed to morph into a mouse, shrinking down in size, to avoid the blast the followed.

But only for a few seconds. Beast Boy was unable to maintain the form, and morphed back into his human form, just managing to grab the railing, before he rolled off the catwalk. He staggered to his feet, and looked at Dr. Light.

"Nice move," he said clapping his hands. "But you're only delaying the inevitable!" He reached out and grabbed Beast Boy by the throat, and spinning him around, thrust him up against the wall on the other side of the catwalk, pinning him there. "No, let's see you dodge this!" Keeping Beast Boy pinned with one hand, he raised the other, preparing another blast and point blank range.

"Y-you know," Beast Boy managed to say, "This will count as murder 1! You'll g-get the chair for thissss…!"

"Like I care," Dr. Light replied with a shrug. "And besides, that law only counts for humans, not…!" Dr. Light paused. "Hey, what the fudge are you anyway?"

"I'm human," Beast Boy muttered, lifting a thumb to weakly point at himself. "Just different, that's all!"

"I don't think so," Dr. Light said. "You've got green skin, you can change into any animal in the animal kingdom. No NORMAL human can do that." He smiled. "No, I'd class you as a mutant!" Beast Boy glared his teeth at the Doctor.

"I'm not…!" He started.

"Not a mutant? A monster?" Dr. Light cut him off. "Look at me! I'm normal, I'm human, I just have this really high-tech suit that makes me more powerful than the normal human being. I can take this thing off, and I'm the average Joe again. What have YOU got?" He looked Beast Boy up and down. "You can't change you're appearance. You're stuck with that green skin of yours!" He leaned in closer to Beast Boy's face. "You want to know what you are, Hero? You're a number one, grade 'A,' FREAK!" He spat the last word in Beast Boy's face.

Beast Boy growled at him. The growl didn't sound human, and it made Dr. Light frown. Beast Boy's eyes glowered at him, black with rage. Dr. Light quickly back off, and took aim.

Beast Boy's hand suddenly grasped his wrist, and just as quickly, pulled it away. Wires snapped, and micro-circuitry splintered, as Beast Boy tore away a good chuck of the upper arm of Dr. Light's suit.

Then, pulling his arm back again, let fly with a devastating punch to the face. Dr. Light cried out in pain as he stumbled back, clutching his face. The railing of the catwalk prevented him from failing over it.

Beast Boy quickly reached his hands to Dr. Light's belt, and tore away the power packs that rested there. The suit flickered brightly for a few seconds, and then faded.

Just then, Beast Boy's hand was around Dr. Light's throat. "Freak am I?" He snarled. "Well, this freak's just kicked your ass!" The grip tightened. "SO, if you're smarter than me, Doc, answer me this? Why shouldn't this freak just throw you over the railing?"

"Cause that would be murder 1!" Dr. Light said, trying to pry Beast Boy's hands away from his throat. "And people like you don't do things like that!"

"What do you mean, people like me?" Beast Boy snapped, tightening his grip. "You mean freak's like me!"

"W-what are you doing! GAK!" Dr. Light chocked. "You're supposed to be the good guy! Good guys don't do things like this!"

Beast Boy brought Dr. Light up to his face. He glared into his frighten eyes. "And why not?" He snarled. "You'll just come back, and try to kill me later on in life, and who knows? You might succeed!"

"W-what are you going to do?" Dr. Light whimpered.

"Making sure you never come back ever again!" Beast Boy snarled. And with that, he grabbed Dr. Light back the back of his belt, and hurled him over the railing.


Beast Boy sat on the couch staring blankly at the TV. The remote hung limply in his hands as he watched the news broadcast. The woman on the TV was reporting about the whole incident at the nuclear plant. And it's conclusion.

"…The hostage situation at the Jump City Nuclear Plant ended roughly three hours ago when the super-hero group known as the Teen Titans launched a surprise attack on Dr. Light that meet with limited successes. However, one of the Titans, Beast Boy, managed to catch up with Dr. Light and engaged the villain in a one-on-one battle that ended with Beast Boy, breaking both of Dr. Light's legs."

The scene switched to show Dr. Light being carried out on a stretcher screaming in agony while camera's flashed all around. The scene then switched over to Police Commissioner Davidson.

"Although I do not approve of the methods imploded that stopped Dr. Light, I'm just glad that this whole incident is finally over…"

The TV suddenly went blank, and looking at the screen, Beast Boy could make out Nightwing's reflection. And his angry scowl.

"I screwed up," Beast Boy muttered, glancing down at his feet. "Is that what you want to here?"

"That's one way of putting it!" Nightwing snapped. "Just what the hell were you thinking, Gar?"

"I don't know, Dick," he said looking up at Nightwing's seething face. "He just managed to push the right buttons."

"God damn it all," Nightwing yelled. "Is that the only excuse you can come up with? He got to me!" He threw the remote down on the ground. "Christ, Gar, we're supposed to be hero's, not vigilantes!"

"So what's the difference?" Beast Boy asked. "We risk our lives out there, and accomplish nothing! We fight the bad guy, we beat him, we send him off to jail. Big deal! Three weeks later, he's back! It's a never ending cycle, and I for one am getting sick of it!"

"And so you thought it'd be better to play Judge Jury and Executioner all by yourself?" Nightwing crossed his arms. "We uphold the law, Gar, we don't go above it! We take on the criminals the police can't handle. That's all Gar! We don't try to kill them!"

Beast Boy was silent. "So, what can I say?" He asked.

"Nothing!" Nightwing snapped. "There's no excuse for what you did tonight, Gar. No excuse at all! If you want to point fingers, point them at your self, for you have no one to blame but your own emotions for this mess. You can look for scapegoats if you want, but like a simple murder, it all comes down to WHO pulled the trigger."

"It's not fair!" Beast Boy shouted, turning around. "Why is it always like this?" He tore at his hair. "Why can't I do anything right?"

Nightwing sighed, as he lost some of his anger. "Look, Gar," he said, calmly, "I know you've been under a lot of stress lately, but that's no excuse ether."

"Leave me alone," Beast Boy groaned, as he buried his head in his hands. "I just want to be alone."

Nightwing stared at him. "Garfield," he said in a stern voice. "You're on suspension until further notice. That is all!"

Beast Boy wanted to yell and scream at him. But he didn't. He kept his cool. In a way, he was kinda glad. "Understood," he answered.

Nightwing turned to leave, but stopped at the door, looking back at his friend. "Gar," he said. Beast Boy turned to look at him. "Why don't you go out and have some fun. No training, just go and have some time to your self. It might clear your head."

Then the door hushed shut, and he was all-alone. He turned back and sighed. Then, he started to cry.

The other Titans were all gathered around the kitchen counter as Nightwing walked into the room. They all looked up as the door hushed close behind him.

"So how'd he take it?" Cyborg asked.

"With silent anger," Nightwing replied, as he walked over to the fridge. "He's hurting inside, and he doesn't know what to do with it?"

"Are you sure it was wise to suspend him from the team?" Cyborg asked.

"True, Beast Boy is going through some problems at the moment, but what he did is totally unforgivable! He needs to calm down, and maybe having some time off while help him!" He narrowed his eyes. "Besides, if we were to give him just a slap on the wrist, the League wouldn't take it very well."

"Well, if we need someone to blame…" Raven said as she cast a side glance at Terra.

"Oh yeah that's right," Terra snapped, slamming both hands down on the table, "Blame the new girl!"

"ENOUGH!" Nigthwing shouted, slamming his open palm down on the counter. "We don't need anyone to blame right now!" He calmed down. "How about instead of trying to blame someone, how about we just look for solutions instead?"

"Great Idea," Terra said, standing up. "I'll just go and talk to Beast B…!"

"Over my dead body!" Raven muttered, clenching a glowing fist.

"That's more than fine by me!" Terra muttered as her eyes began to glow.

Suddenly, Both Raven and Terra were knocked over by a swift force. Nigthwing stood on the counter in a fighting stance, holding his extended metal staff. "Would you two stop it!" He shouted. Terra got up of the ground, rubbing the spot on her head were Nightwing had hit her. Raven did the same. "All this arguing is getting us nowhere! Fighting amongst ourselves is not going to help Beast Boy anymore than it already has!"

"Well, you're the leader," Terra muttered. "What do you suggest we do?"

"Beast Boy needs to figure some things out by himself! And he can only figure that out if he is allowed some time to think!" Nightwing looked around at the other members. Starfire and Cyborg both looked stunned. He sighed, and retracted his staff, before depositing it on

his utility belt.

"You okay y'self, man?" Cyborg asked, as Nightwing jumped down from the counter.

"I think we could all do with some time off," he muttered, sitting down at on barstool. "The League really gave it to me over the Dr. Light incident, primarily because I'm the leader of this," he held up his fingers as he did quotation marks, "Youth group." He sighed loudly again, and took a drink of his soda pop. "Anyone wanna go catch a movie tomorrow?"

"Oh, if it would mean with you, then I would have to agree!" Starfire said carefully.

Cyborg shook his head. "No thanks," he said. "I've been trying to get around to installing this new 3D radar I've invented into the T Car. I've never found the time so far, so if we're having the day off tomorrow, I might as well use it to do that."

"I could use the meditation," Raven replied.

"I guess I could join you two," Terra said to Nightwing and Starfire.

"Splendid," Starfire clapped her hands together. "Let us prepare our movie day for tomorrow, by deciding what cheerfully bright clothing we shall ware!" She then grabbed Terra by the wrist and quickly flew from the room.

"Raven," Nightwing said as she got up from the counter. "I know you'd like to talk to Beast Boy, but he really needs some time alone for the moment."

Raven said nothing, as she stared long and hard at him, before heading for the door.

"Well, Raven and Terra got along fine on the mission," Cyborg said, "But what the hell got up Beast Boy's a…"

"He's done this before," Nightwing murmured.


"When we were out on patrol one night, the very night before he and Raven started hitting it of together," Nightwing said. "This thug called him a freak, a mutant, and every other cruel name I can't think of. He nearly broke the guys nose with the punch he gave him."

"Well, since we're being honest, I did give BB a disciplining talk back at the power plant." Cyborg said. "He was acting stupid as usual, so I told him to grow up." He paused. "This is somehow connected, ain't it?"

"Violent mode swings are common when one is faced with emotional stress," Nightwing said. "I just think Beast Boy's a little reluctant to finally grow up."

Cyborg nodded. "Hey Dick," he said, "When you lost your parents, you must'a had a lot of emotional stress, so how did you deal with it?"

Nightwing jerked a thumb at his mask, which he'd taken to wearing around the tower again now that Terra was back. "Easy Vic," he replied. "I developed a split personality. And thus Robin was born. That's how I dealt with it. Through Robin I could express everything that I felt. All the hate, the rage, and the guilt I suffered. It was the only way I knew how."

"Well, BB can't develop a split personality, so that's, that option dead in the water." Cyborg drummed his fingers on the table. "One of those girls has gotta go!" He finally said.

"Whoa," Nigthwing sat up. "Are you talking about throwing one of them out?"

"Not like that man," Cyborg replied. "I mean, one of them has to let go of BB; for HIS sake as well as theirs."

"Yeah," Nightwing narrowed his eyes. "But which one?"


Beast Boy lay on his right side, wrapped up in the bed sheets of his new bed in the guests room that had been allocated to him after Raven blew up his old room. He lay there, his face displaying no emotion as he stared blankly out the window at the Jump City harbor beyond.

His wristwatch told him it was 8:45 am, but he didn't feel like moving. Hell, what was there to move for? He was on suspension from the team. He stifled a chuckle as he thought back to last night. Dr. Light's scream sure did sound a lot like a chicken being strangled as he was thrown over the railing of the catwalk.

But present problems quickly killed his good humor. He couldn't stop thinking about what Cyborg had told him that night. That he should grow up.

Grow up. That's what everyone had to do these days. Stop acting like such a child. Be mature. Get a life. Beast Boy growled like a tiger in anger at the frustration he was experiencing.

He threw off the bed sheets and looked around. Nothing much to look at. All his stuff had been reduced to ash, and there wasn't much in decorations in this room.

"It's about time you got up." Beast Boy screamed at the voice behind him.

"Wha---? Raven?" She was leaning against the wall, arms crossed. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long," she said. "Don't forget, I can move through walls. And you're in such a mode, that you didn't even notice when I came through the floor."

"Oh," Beast Boy nodded meekly. "I'm sorry."

"About what?" Raven asked, uncrossing her arms. "About last night? Or Terra."

"Both, actually," Beast Boy muttered. "Raven, can I ask you how you dealt with your emotions?"

"I learned to suppress them, through vigorous meditation," she replied. "You can try some relaxation techniques if you want." She paused. "I've read that I masturbation is a form of stress relief."

"Raven?" Beast Boy snapped at her. He looked at her for a split second, before blurting out his laughter. She smiled her simple smile at him.

"See," she said, as she walked over to him, and sat down on the bed next to him. "You're not sad anymore. You're actually laughing."

Beast Boy paused with a large smile on his face. Then, reached his arms out, and hugged Raven gently. "Thanks Raven," he said in a small voice. "Thanks for being here for me."

The pulled back so that they could look at each other's eyes. Then, they kissed. Beast Boy's hands gripped the base of her head, thumbing his thumbs through the fine hair there, while Raven's right hand circled his waist, allowing the left, to grip the back of his neck.

"Y'know something," Beast Boy muttered, breaking the kiss, as he looked into Raven's eyes. "Nothing's exploded, yet!"

"Well then," Raven replied, seeking his lips with hers. "Don't look down."

"Huh?" Beast Boy turned from her lips, and gasped to see that the bed they were sitting on, had a throbbing black glow to it, and was floating in mid air, almost touching the ceiling. "Whoa!" He cried out, jerking back a bit.

"Don't!" Raven said, grabbing the back of his head, and turning his face around to hers. "Just relax. Leave the rest to me." She moved her hands to cup his face while she kissed him.

"Raven…" Beast Boy whispered, as his arms encircled her shoulders. He began to return her kisses, hungrily seeking her lips with his own. Beast Boy was so wrapped up in what he was doing, he failed to notice as one by one, objects around the room that weren't nailed down began to emit a flickering black glow, before rising up into the air.

Raven sighed loudly, as she tilted her head back, allowing Beast Boy to lavish her neck with kisses. Her fingers slid up his neck to swirled through his emerald green hair. Beast Boy then set his sights lower, kissing the hollow of Raven's throat, before pausing.

"D-do you mind?" He asked. Raven shock her head slightly, and Beast Boy resumed. Moving lower, and lower, until…

The door hushed open. "Hey BB," Terra said, as she entered the room. "I was wondering if you felt like…" The scream that followed made Beast Boy cringe, covering both ears with his hands.

The objects that were floating around the room, suddenly lost their glow and crashed back down to earth, some of the more fragile stuff shattering on impact. The bed that both he and Raven were on twisted sharply, throwing the two lovers to the ground before tearing it's self in two.

Beast Boy landed on his back as he cried out in pain. He opened his eyes, and just barely managed to roll out of the way, before the front half of the bed came crashing down, missing his head by mere inches.

"Not again," Beast Boy moaned, looking at all the smashed furniture littered around the room.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" Terra's voice made it's self herd. "Nightiwng specifically said that we were to leave Beast Boy alone!"

"And what were you doing here then?" Raven asked. "Your reaction clearly indicates that you weren't expecting me to be here."

Terra produced a tall glass from behind her back. It was full of frothy milk with a flexi straw. "I made myself a banana shake, and I was wondering if Beast Boy wanted some as well!"

Beast Boy licked his lips. He did feel like something sweet. "Y'know, I don't think that's such a bad idea…" He trailed off as Raven shot him one of her looks.

"He's fine," Raven replied, turning back to Terra. "Now go!"

"I think he said he'd love one, thank you very much," Terra pushed Raven aside as she walked over to Beast Boy. "Here you go, BB." Beast Boy took it, trying to ignore the daggers Raven was shooting in his direction. He had to admit, it was a VERY nice drink, but he had the most uncomfortable time drinking it. He drank it way too fast.

"Thanks," Beast Boy gasped, as he handed the empty glass back to Terra. "That was delicious."

"You're welcome, BB," Terra said sweetly as she planted a small peck on his cheek. "I've always known what YOU like." Terra stood up and walked out of the room, swaying her hips in a way that was very sexually tantalizing. Beast Boy's eyes followed the way her rear moved, which unfortunately caused a responsive stirring in his pants.

Terra gave Raven a predatory wink as she walked out the door, causing Raven to narrow one eye. The door had barely hissed shut when she spun around to face him, with angry eyes. She was about to speak, when she saw that Beast Boy's hands were covering his crotch, and her eyes widened.

Beast Boy followed her shocked gaze and quickly spun his back to her. "Oh, shi…" He mumbled, before the section of the roof he was sitting under turned a dark glowing black color, and exploded. Plaster rained down on him as he sat there, preparing for the worst.

It never came. He turned over to look at Raven. She wasn't looking at him. She was looking down at her own feet. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing softy.

"Raven?" Beast Boy asked, standing up. "Are you okay?" She didn't even look at him. Instead, she turned about, and left the room. Beast Boy stood there, unsure of what had just transpired. She hadn't screamed at him. She hadn't yelled at him. She hadn't even tried to hurt him.

He nervously twiddled his thumbs. Screaming would've been nice. Not silence. Silence was much worse. He sighed, and flopped back onto his bed.

It wasn't until the split second before his spine smashed into carpeted the floor, did he realize the bed wasn't there. "Crud." He moaned in pain.

Raven walked into her room, and sighed. That whole attempt to talk with Beast Boy had been a disaster. She'd never gotten a chance to ask him the question she'd been dying to know since they got back from the power plant.

How did he feel about what she'd done to him in the past?

She'd been going to ask him that after she managed to cheer him up, but… Well, one thing lead to another, and the next thing she knew, Terra was there, and she was too mad at Beast Boy for accepting that smoothie that she'd been to afraid to ask about it.

She'd reflected on that question before she left Beast Boy's room. Wondering weather or not that was true. Beast Boy had accepted Terra's drink, but was he just being nice? Raven couldn't tell. She'd been so out of touch with emotions she had no idea what to make of the whole affair.

She'd never experienced love before. But that kiss… Her fingers gently touched her lips as her mind rolled back to that moment, when she'd kissed Beast Boy for a prolonged period without causing anything to explode.

She smiled. She'd thoroughly enjoyed the sensations it brought. New feelings, she'd never experienced before for real. Using the mind was one thing. Doing it for real was another.

For a split second, she giggled like a little schoolgirl, before covering her mouth with both hands. Her happy personality had just slipped through her control and actually managed to express herself.

At first, she was fascinated. But then, she was horrified. What if, something else managed to slip through? It had before. Her fear had nearly wiped out the whole team once. What if her hatred slipped through? Would it affect Beast Boy or Terra?

Raven shrugged. Well, Terra was no big loss, but Beast Boy on the other hand…

She slapped herself. What was she thinking? Of cause it would be a big loss if something happened to Terra. Why was she thinking things like this? This wasn't like her.

"Maybe I could use an extra hour or two of meditation tonight," she muttered, walking over to the cupboard where her mattress lay. "And a good nights sleep."


Starfire was scanning the newspaper for the movie guides as Beast Boy entered the kitchen. Beside her, Nightwing munched away on some brand flakes, while Cyborg was busy making pancakes.

"This movie staring the Jolie and the Pitt looks interesting," Starfire replied. "Might we not see it?"

"Just another trashy re-make if you ask me," Cyborg answered, as he flipped another pancake.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that," Nightwing replied, looking over Starfire's shoulder at the advertising poster there. Starfire eyed Nightwing's face, and then the poster. Angelina Jolie's figure filled up most of the page.

"Richard Dear," Starfire said in a cool voice, "Your eyes are wondering." Nightwing jumped and went back to eating his cereal.

"Busted," Cyborg said with a chuckle, as he flipped the pancake again. "Man, the number of times Star's had to pull you back into line…" He chuckled again.

"Shut up, Vic," Nightwing said with a scowl. "It was just… An accident." He shrugged. "Dressed up like that, she looks a hell of a lot like Kitten." He suddenly gasped as he realized his mistake.

"Richard darling," Starfire said, this time turning to face him. "I thought we both agreed never to talk about Kitten, and her obviously fake grebnaks, ever again!"

Cyborg barked out his laughter. "I know you can figure out how to get out of traps set by super villains, but this one's going to be a lot tougher man!"

"Star…" Nightwing hopelessly pleaded. "It was an accident! Honest! You've always been much prettier than her!" Starfire huffed, and turned away.

"Maybe that movie would not be wise to go and see," She said, flipping the page.

"What'd you do this time, Dic?" Beast Boy asked, as he pulled up a chair to the kitchen counter.

"Star caught him ogling a very revealing picture of Angelina Jolie," Cyborg answered with a toothy grin. Beast Boy starting laughing.

"Shut up, Vic," Nightwing snapped. "Gar, that means you too!"

Beast Boy wiped a tear away from his eye, as he picked up a bowl. "Seriously man," he asked. "How come you allow your self to be trapped into situations like this?"

"Hah," Nightwing scoffed. "Like you can talk! How's things with Raven and Terra?"

"Fine," Beast Boy said, pouring some cereal. "Just last night, Raven and I were…" He paused. "Talking." He instead said.

"I found your bed torn in two this morning," Nightwing said, placing his chin in his cupped hands as he rested his elbows on the kitchen counter. "That must've been some talk."

"What's it to you, anyway?" Beast Boy snapped, slamming down the box. "So I've got problems, like you can talk your self!" He pointed an accusing finger at Nightwing. "You're supposed to be the leader here, yet you can't even control your own hormones! Let alone team members!"

Nightwing's fists tightened as he bared his teeth, while Beast Boy glared a challenge.

"Knock it off!" He shout came from Cyborg, as he brought his fist down between the two near combatants. "We're team mates, not enemies!" Cyborg placed both hands on the kitchen counter as he leaned closer to the two of them. "Fighting among ourselves isn't going to solve anything! Dic! We're just mess'n with ya, man! So calm down. And BB! You should know better than to try an' tick off Nightwing!"

"Ohh," Starfire cooed, trying to change the subject. "How about this one?" Beast Boy got up and moved to another seat.

The door hushed open, and Raven entered the room. "Raven!" Beast Boy called out, waving to her. "Would you care to join me?" Raven nodded, as she walked over, and sat down next to him.

"Oh Raven," Cyborg said, reaching under the counter, and pulling out a brown box. "This came in the mail for you this morning." He placed it down on the counter for all to see. Raven's eyes suddenly widened, as she saw the box, and with a quick wave of her glowing hand, opened a small black hole underneath it, causing it to vanish before anyone could read the label as to were it was from.

"Whoa!" Nightwing muttered.

"What was that about?" Beast Boy asked in shocked surprise.

"Never mind," Raven replied, looking a little embarrassed.

"Okay," Beast Boy shrugged, and then changed the subject. "Did you have a good nights sleep?" He asked.

She nodded. "I had a good rest up. I'm going to do some meditation after breakfast, would you like to…"

"Morning Beast Boy!" They both turned around as Terra made a beeline for the two, jumping into the unoccupied seat next to him. "Did you have a good nights sleep?"

"He did," Raven answered, eyeing her off. "Thank you for asking."

"I wasn't asking you, Goth Girl," Terra replied, as she hooked her arm around Beast Boy's. "I was asking him."

"He doesn't have to answer anything YOU ask him, you blond floozy!" Raven spat back, as she hooked her arm around his. The two girls growled at each other.

"Help?" Beast Boy squeaked as he turned to the others.

"Sorry Gar," Nightwing said with a smirk, "But you're on your own." Starfire gave him a dirty look, and roughly elbowed him in the ribs. "Ahh, girls?" Nightwing said, getting up while rubbing his side. "How about we just leave Beast Boy alone for the day? Hmmm?" They all looked at him. "Let's just have a relaxing day to ourselves?"

Raven nodded, and then glared at Terra. Terra glared back and nodded.

"Okay then," Nightwing muttered, as he back into his seat, keeping an eye on the two girls. Breakfast was eaten in complete silence that morning.

"Beast Boy, wait up!" Beast Boy stopped, as he was about to enter his room. Terra came running up to him.

"Terra, look," he started as she reached him. "I need to talk to you…"

"Me first," she quickly interrupted.

"No," Beast Boy said, sternly. "I need to tell you…"

"Please, hear me out first," she pleaded, and then waited. Beast Boy sighed, and nodded. "Okay," she said. "First, I want to apologies to you BB. For everything I put you through. The embarrassment with Raven and the others. I'm sorry."

"Really?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah," she said with a shrug. "And second, I…" She paused. "I'm willing to accept that you're Raven's now."

"Really?" Beast Boy was stunned.

"Yeah," she said, turning her gaze away from him. "If you want to be with her, that's fine by me," she then turned back to him with a smile on her face. "Just so long as we can still be friends!"

"Of cause we can!" Beast Boy cried out, throwing his arms around her in joy. "Oh, this is great Terra, that's taken so much of my shoulders now!" She beamed at him. "Of cause we can be friends."

"Is it okay if we some place to talk BB?" She asked. "There's still a lot of things I need to get of my chest, and, well… I could use a friend to talk to right about now?"

"Okay then," Beast Boy said with a nod. "Hey, I've got an idea, why don't I bring Raven as well! We can all go out together!"

"Beast Boy!" Terra placed a caring hand on his. "Is it okay if we leave Raven out of this? She and I aren't exactly seeing eye to eye right now, and well… I don't think it's a good idea to have us in the same room around you."

"But if I go out with you, all alone, she might get suspicious!" Beast Boy said. "The last thing I want to do is upset her all over again."

"Well," Terra said with a smile, "She knows that Nightwing told the both of us to leave you alone for the day. And what she doesn't know, won't hurt her, right?" Beast Boy scratched behind his head. "Besides, it's only for an hour and a bit," Terra, said. "Just a friendly chat."

"Okay," Beast Boy said. "So, what destination did you have in mind?" Terra grinned.

Raven sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. She plucked at some strains of hair, and brushed some others back with her fingers. Then, she nervously looked around. Nobody was in the bathroom with her.

Carefully she muttered a few words, and a small black flash brought a brown colored box with a mailing address into the room. She sighed, as she picked it up, opened the lid, and looked inside. They were still there. Looking around again, she reached into the box, and pulled out what she was trying to hide.

Lingerie. The set contained bikini panties, with a garter belt, panty hose, and a quarter cup bra. She held the set up in front of the mirror, and blushed crimson. She immediately thrust it back into the box, embarrassed at her precious. She hadn't gone into a store and bought it, no, she mail ordered it over the Internet through a Catalogue she discreetly borrowed from Starfire.

She'd found the catalogue by accident, and decided that maybe that she could get Beast Boy to forget about past transgressions by… She blushed violently once more.

The door hushed open, and in came Starfire. Raven immediately covered the box with her body.

"Oh, friend Raven, you are using the facilities?" Starfire stopped, as she saw Raven over by the large mirror. "Is it okay if I use the facilities to get ready for my movie appointment?"

Raven nodded, as she secretly sent the box back to her room. "It's okay," she said, standing up, "I've finished here."

"Umm, are you okay?" Starfire asked, as Raven headed for the door. "You seemed to be hiding something before?"

"Don't bother asking," Raven muttered, "Because I'm not going to tell you anything."

"Dose it involve Beast Boy?" She asked. Raven's slight pause answered that question. Starfire placed a hand on her shoulder. "Friend Raven," she said, "If you need assistance in a relationship with Garfield, then I will be more than happy to offer you my knowledge in such matters."

"Thank you Starfire," Raven said, "But Logan isn't Grayson. And you don't have to worry about…" She paused, unsure of how to put her worries into words. Instead, she just said, "Terra."

"Terra is a good friend, friend Raven," Starfire said. "I enjoy her company just as much as I enjoy yours. I wouldn't want any harm to come to ether of you. But Terra and Garfield were once more than just friends, Raven. Such feelings are indeed, very difficult to just simply, let go of. Normally, I would tell you to talk things over with Terra with Garfield present, but that tactic doesn't work. I'm afraid the only one who can solve this problem, is Garfield himself. He just needs to realize that you are the one for him."

"Star," Raven looked around her again, the closing the bathroom door, she lead Starfire away from it, and brought her in close. "What tactics did you use to get Garyson's attention?"

"Attention?" Starfire looked confused. "By what attention do you mean?"

Raven grunted in frustration at Starfire not understanding her point. "I mean… How did you get him to notice-- You!"

Starfire looked confused, but her eyes widened with realization, and she blushed, and then giggled. "Well," she said with a chuckle. "On our first official date, I wore wonderfully cute strapless dress with slits up the sides that showed off just a tinge of my legs that weren't covered by my stockings." She giggled again. "Richard could not take his eyes off me the whole night."

Raven nodded, and then looked at her own figure in the mirror. "I see," she muttered.

"Friend Raven," Starfire said with a smile, "You should not worry so much about your looks when it comes to Garfield. Although I am still not familiar with all Earthly emotions, I have spent enough time around him to understand that he likes you, for you. He chooses to be with you because of what is up here," she lightly tapped Raven's forehead, "And not what's down there," she said as she pointed at her breasts. She placed her hands behind her back and grinned as she leaned forward and winked. "That's for later."

Raven smiled. "Thanks Starfire," she said. "I really needed that." Happy with the situation, she decided to change the subject. "I was planning on going up to the roof to do some serious meditation, but I might as well go out and have some normal fun. What movie were you planning on seeing with Terra and Nightwing?"

"Oh, it's just Richard and I going to the movies," Satfire said. "Terra decided to pull out at the last minute. She said she wanted to go to the beach instead."

Raven blinked in surprise, and then narrowed her eyes in curiosity. "The beach? Did she say why?"

"She said that she felt like doing something different." Starfire replied. "I really didn't listen to her reason. That just means I get to spend some quality time alone with Richard." She sighed happily.

Raven pursed her lips in deep thought. Was she…? She clicked her teeth, and let out the breath she'd been holding. She wouldn't put it past her.

"Umm, Starfire?" She asked.

"Yes friend Raven?"

"I was wondering." She licked her lips nervously. "Could I borrow… your skimpiest bathing suit?"


Putting on the indicator, Beast Boy slowed down and turned right, pulling his moped into the parking lot just adjacent to the Beach. Behind him, Terra unhooked her arms from around his waist, and pulled of her helmet.

"Isn't this great?" She asked, looking out over the clear blue water. "When I was on my own, I used to go to the beaches a lot. I always found the beach as a great place to just sit and think about life."

"Yeah, it is," Beast Boy, replied, looking around at all the commuters.

"Mommy, lookit!" A little boy holding an ice cream said, pointing at him. "He's got green skin!"

"Don't point, it's rude!" The woman said, dragging her child along. Beast Boy sighed.

Terra place a finger under his chin, lifting up his eyes to meet hers. "Cheer up," she said. "I don't think you look strange." She then smiled at him, and got off the back seat. Beast Boy smiled back, as he attached the bike lock. "Hey BB," Terra said once he was finished. "You wanna go for a walk along the front?"

"Okay," Beast Boy said, picking up his bag, and tossing Terra's hers.

They headed down the pathway, in front of the shops. All around them, people were having fun. Couples were out and enjoying the sun and each other's company. Beast Boy observed a couple who passed them, walking in the opposite direction. The guy put his arm around his girlfriend, who was eating an ice cream.

Suddenly, Terra's arm was around his shoulder. "You feel like an ice cream?" She asked.


"Relax, will ya," Terra said, removing her arm. "I just wanted to know if you wanted an ice cream, not if you loved me."

"Sure," Beast Boy said, getting out his wallet.

"Away with that," she said, getting out her own. "This one's on me." She returned with two ice creams, and they continued their walk. "So what's eating you BB?" Terra asked. "You seem so, jumpy."

"This whole situation, that's what," Beast Boy said, turning to face her. "You and me, walking along like this, we look like… A couple!"

"What people think, and what's reality really doesn't bother me BB," Terra said with a shrug. "You've got to stop thinking about what other people think of you! Other wise you're going to end up an anti-social hermit. Or worse."

"I guess you're right," Beast Boy muttered, looking down at his feet. "But it's so hard not to worry when your differences are so… Obvious."

"Then that's all the more reason to get out there, BB," Terra said, "If you stand out in a crowd, at least you get noticed by people. If you always get noticed, you're bond to find someone who likes you."

He paused, looking into Terra's eyes. "Thanks Terra," Beast Boy said, as he threw his arms around her in a giant hug. "I really needed to hear that."

She smiled back at him, and returned his hug. "Hey, I just remembered something," she said, as Beast Boy disengaged. "This morning, Nightwing called you 'Gar.' Is that your real name?"

He nodded. "Yes. Well, it's my nickname. My real name is Garfield Logan, but everybody calls me, Gar for short." He paused. "You know, I just realized during all the time you spent with us, you never once told me your real name." He paused again. "You do have a real name, don't you?"

She laughed. "My real name huh? Well, it's Tara. Tara Markov."

"Tara?" He said, as if testing the words.

"Yeah," Terra said with a shrug, "But I the name Terra, sounded so cool, I insisted that everyone call me that." She tilted her head slightly. "But you can call me Tara."

Beast Boy smiled back at her, but he suddenly shivered. Raven. He was in love with her. "Tara," he said, gripping both her hands, "I…" He never got to finish the sentence.

"Hey Gar," she said, pulling his arms, and turning him away from the shops, "Let's go have a swim!"

"Whoaaa!" He cried out as she practically dragged him over to the change rooms. "Tara, take it easy!"

"Come on!" She said, as she pulled him over to the woman's room, "You wait here, I'll be out in a jiffy!" And then, she was gone. Beast Boy sighed, as he pulled at his shirt. He'd worn his board shorts instead of his shorts, so he was practically ready. He kicked off his flip-flops, and put them into his backpack along with his shirt. Then, he leaned back against the wall, and waited.

"Garfield," Beast Boy turned his head at the mention of his name.

"Wow!" He gasped. She wore a bright yellow strapless body suit that showed of her figure rather nicely. She spun around, twirling her hair.

"So," she asked, "Wadda'ya think?" She placed her hands behind her back, swaying slightly, as if parading before a show.

"You fill it out rather nicely," he muttered, eyeing her up and down. She smiled a slyly at him.

"Well, come on, let's go," she said, grabbing his arm, and pulling him towards the beach. Beast Boy allowed himself to be dragged down to the beach by Terra. Once there, she pulled out her towel, and shook it out, laying it down on the sand. Beast Boy followed suit, sitting down cross-legged on his towel, while Terra lay down on her back.

"Isn't this beautiful, Garfield?" She asked, sitting up and looking out over the clear blue water.

"It sure is," Beast Boy muttered, looking at her cleavage. He blinked and shook his head. "The view, I meant, the view is sure beautiful."

"Why are you so nervous, BB?" Terra asked, looking over at him. "Is something bothering you?"

Yes. That's what Beast Boy wanted to say. This whole trip to the beach was bothering him. Her somewhat revealing bathing suit was bothering him.

"You said you wanted to get some things of your breasts…" he then realized his gaze had drifted south once more. "I mean chest! CHEST!" He slapped himself a few times. "You wanted to get some things off your chest!"

Terra giggled. "Yeah, I did," she said, leaning closer. Her new position showed off an alarming amount of her cleavage. Sirens started blearing inside Beast Boys head. He felt flushed, and he could feel a responsive steering in his pants. "Gar?" He looked back up at her. "Are… you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine!" He chirped in a cheery voice, an octave higher than his normal tone. "Why'd you ask?"

"Well, it's just that, your…" She indicated with her eyes down to his board shorts. Beast Boy looked down, to see that his clenched fists were rather forcefully covering his crotch.

"I'm fine!" He squeaked, spinning his back around to her. "It's just…" he paused as he tried to think of a lie. "I'm just fine!" He said.

She placed a caring hand on his shoulder. "Is there anything I can help with?"

"I believe he said he was fine!"

Both of them turned their heads at the new voice. Terra's eyes widened at the sight of the newcomer, and Beats Boys eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Just a few feet away from them, stood Raven. Wearing a strapless bikini top, with a thong. She cut quite a mean figure, that even Terra was speechless.

"Holy shit!" Was all Beast Boy could say.

"R-raven?" Terra stammered. "What…? How…?"

"I just felt like a nice little trip to the beach, that's all," Raven said, as she walked over to the other side of Beast Boy, and rolled out her towel. "By the way, what are YOU two doing here?"

"Well, uhhh, we were… Uhh, you know…" Beast Boy mumbled incomprehensibly as he watched Raven's body move. Terra growled as she gritted her teeth.

"Garfield?" She said, grabbing his arm. Beast Boy turned to look at her, to see that she was holding a bottle of suntan lotion. "I was wondering…" She thrust the bottle into the hand she held. "Would you mind rubbing some of this lotion on my back?" The body suit she wore had no shoulder straps, but instead had a zipper down the back. She reached around, and pulled it down all the way, leaving a large 'V' shape on her back that went right down to the waist. She then spread out on her stomach, crossed her arms, and lay her head down on them. "Hmmm?" She gave him a cute little smile.

"Ahh, s-sure thing!" He squirted some into his hand, rubbed both his hands together, and started massaging her exposed back, rubbing the lotion into her skin. Behind him, Raven's right eyebrow twitched in anger.

"Mmmmmm," Terra hummed as she closed her eyes. "You're very good at this, Gar. Did you ever think of doing a masseur course?"

"Well I…" his words ended of in a chuckle. "I've just got strong fingers."

"A-hem!" His head jerked at the sound of Raven's voice. "Excuse me, Mr. Logan, but I was wondering…" She picked up the bottle of lotion that Beast Boy had put down, and held it out to him. "Could you rub some of this into my back as well? I just suddenly got the urge to do some tanning of my own." She coughed. "That is, if you're not already busy."

"Whoa! Of cause!" He almost shouted it.

"Just let me prepare," Raven said, as she winked at Terra. She then reached around her back, and unclipped her bikini top. Then, she lay down, and let the sides fall down, exposing her whole back to him. "Okay, I'm ready." She said.

"O-kay," Beast Boy muttered, as he shifted over, to Raven. He squirted some more lotion into his hands.

"Beast Boy!" Terra cried out, lifting her head up, "You're still not finished over here, yet!"

Raven lifted her head to look at Terra's back. There were still swirls of white liquid there. "Looks pretty done to me," she said.

"Would you just shut up!"

"Girls, girls!" Beast Boy quickly interrupted. "Just calm down, okay?" Both girls glared at each other. "Raven, I'll finish Terra's back, then I'll be back to finish yours, okay?"

Raven narrowed her eyes, but said nothing. Beast Boy then quickly started rubbing his fingers into Terra's back, rubbing in the rest of the lotion. Terra winked at Raven.

"Mmmm, Beast Boy, you're doing a great job there." Raven gritted her teeth. "Oooh, this is wonderful!"

"All done!" Beast Boy suddenly said, as he quickly shifted around to Raven. Terra's eyes popped open in stunned shock. He was finished? She twisted her head around to look at her back. He was finished. "Terra?" She looked over at Beast Boy, who was looking a little flushed. "Your… A-hem!"

She looked down, and realized that her breasts were exposed. "Yikes," she cried out, quickly laying flat again. Wolf whistles came from a few guys who had seen the whole show. "Get a life you perverts!" She shouted at them, as she did up the back of her suit.

Raven smiled, and then sighed as Beast Boy worked his fingers into her mussels. She hummed her approval as he moved his massaging up her spin to her shoulders. At least Terra was right about one thing, Beast Boy did know how to do a great job.

"I-is this okay, Raven?" Beast Boy asked, as he began to kneed her mussels with his thumbs.

"That's just perfect, Beast Boy," Raven moaned. Terra sat up and glowered at Raven, who was smiling a calm smile.

"Ugh, I think I'm gonna hurl," she muttered. "My new plan was working up until Raven showed her ugly mug." She put a finger to her lips. "This calls for drastic action."

"All done," Beast Boy said, as he rubbed the last of the lotion into Raven's back.

"Hey BB," Terra hooked her arm around Beast Boy's, and started to pull him to his feet. "I'm feeling a little energetic at the moment," she then started dragging him towards the ocean, "Let's go for a swim!"

"Now? But I just…"

"Yeah, right now," Terra said, as they reached the cool lapping waters. "Come on, I won't bite!"

"Hey!" Raven cried out, getting up, "Just what do…!"

"Yeah baby!" Someone shouted out, followed by a few whistles. Raven looked down, and turned bright red. She'd done exactly the same thing Terra had done. She quickly moved her arms, covering her exposed upper torso, and glared at her would-be admires.

Her narrowed eyes turned jet black, and the ground beneath their feet began to glow. The guys looked down, and quickly cried out, as the ground beneath their feet suddenly fountained into the air, catapulting all five of them into the water, far out to sea.

Humping, Raven turned back to get her bikini top.

"What was that?" Beast Boy asked, looking around as he heard something explode.

"I didn't hear anything," Terra said; as she pulled Beast Boy further out into the water, up to his waist, "You must've been hearing things." She then pulled him in front of her, and pushed him into the water. "Come on!"

"Whoa!" Beast Boy cried out as the cool blue waters enveloped him. He was amerced in total silence as he sank beneath the waves, and then kicking, broke the surface, spraying water everywhere.

The sounds returned as he shook the water from his eyes, and drawing his fingers through his wet hair as he pulled it back. He gasped, as slender arms circled his chest, and then, he felt a warm breath from just behind his left ear.

"Isn't this fun?" Terra asked. Glancing sideways, Beast Boy saw Terra, staring far out to sea. He turned back, following her gaze. The sun reflected off the clear surface of the water, sending sparkles of gold dancing and leaping across the cloudless horizon. Beast Boy smiled, as he gazed out to sea.

"Yeah," he muttered, lost in the moment. "It sure is."

Just then, Terra cried out, and she was thrown aside, splashing water everywhere. Before Beast Boy could react, a new set of arms appeared around his chest, and Raven's scent filled his nostrils.

"Such a wonderful moment should be shared with the woman you love, Logan," Raven said into his left ear, "Don't you agree?"

"Hey!" Terra grabbed Raven's arm, trying to dislodge it from Beast Boy, "Don't you know it's rude to just shove people aside!"

"Get lost, Blondie!" The two girls growled at each other.

"Whoa, peace, calm down!" Beast Boy quickly stepped in between them. "Raven," Beast Boy said, "There's nothing to get upset over, Terra brought me here just to talk, that's all!"

"Talk about what?" Raven demanded, eyeing Terra suspiciously.

"Oh you know, this and that," Terra said with a sly smile. "And of cause, discussing past transgressions."

Raven went white as a sheet. She backed off a bit, and looked nervously at Beast Boy.

"Raven," Beast Boy asked, "Are you okay? You look a little pale."

"I, I, I…" She stammered. "I've gotta go!" There was a dark black glow beneath the waves, and she sank into the waters, vanishing completely into thin air.

Beast Boy blinked in confusion, as he searched the waters. Raven was gone. "What… Was all that about?" He asked, looking at Terra.

"How should I know," Terra replied with a shrug. She then stepped closer to Beast Boy, put her arm around his. "Now, let's get on with that talk, shall we?" She asked with a smile.

Raven sat on the floor of the shower; her head tilted back, feeling the warm water running across her skin, covering her completely. With her eyes closed, her ears were concentrating on all the noises of the bathroom. The water from the shower head, the sound of the drain as it flowed, the drops of water, hitting the shower door, and floor.

She reached up with both hands, and drew her fingers through her hair. She still couldn't completely control her emotions yet, especially her fear. The words Terra had said to her the other night in the power plant. They still haunted her.

Would Beast Boy truly forgive her for all those past aggressions? Possibly, maybe, never? Fear. It still bubbled up inside her like a bad meal, forcing its way up into her throat.

She groaned as she let her fingers slide down her face. She should've stayed with Beast Boy at the beach. She should've. But it was her fear that drove her away. Having to suppress one's emotion for their whole life, and then finally letting them run wild did have some nasty side effects.

Her feelings were OVER expressing themselves. Her fear at what Beast Boy might say caused her to run. Her hatred of Terra, making her do things she'd normally never do, or say. Damn it all, the whole thing was a new experience to her. And it left her as helpless as a newborn baby.

And she hated it.

She vented a soft growling sound. None of this would've happened if Terra hadn't shown up. Maybe it would be best if she just…

She slapped her face a few times. Might be best if she just what? Kill her? God in Heaven, what was she thinking! Raven clenched her fists in anger and grunted in frustration. All of this was going absolutely nowhere! And if she didn't do something soon, Terra might take Beast Boy away from her, like she nearly did the last time.

Life was really not fair to her at all. She would've given anything to be a normal teenager. Anything. But now, in her early 20's, she was finally experiencing God given love. And she was in danger of losing it.

She let her head drop to the tiles below. She'd better come up with some answers, and fast.

Starfire glanced suspiciously at Dick as they left the movie theater. He still had that same blank expression he wore when they entered the cinema. She didn't like it.

"Richard?" She asked, "Are… you feeling the okay?"

"Hmm," he turned to look at her. "I'm sorry, Kori, what was that?"

"I was asking if you were feeling well, that's all." Starfire replied.

"I'm feeling fine," Dick replied, flexing his free arm. "Why'd you ask?"

"It's just that," she paused, looking for words to explain her feelings. "You seem more distant than what is usual. You have been as quite as a Hobnock ever since this morning." She looked at him with worried eyes. "You even did not ogle the Jolie even in her most revealing moments on the screen." She paused. "Well, not that, that's bad, but your behavior has me worried."

"Sorry Kori," Dick said with a sigh. "I've just had a lot on my mind, that's all."

"Then please explain everything to me, Richard, so that I might understand better what is making you sick."

"It's just something Logan said to me last Friday night, that's really got me thinking," Dick said, as they headed down the escalator. "I never truly thought much about it, until this morning, when I took a step back at what nearly occurred between us."

"You mean your argument with Garfield?"

Dick nodded. "I think the pressures of leadership are getting to me, Kori, and that's what's got me worried."

"Why should you be worried over the stress of leading the team, Richard," Starfire asked. "That's never bothered you before."

"But it's something else that's got me worried, Kori," Dick replied as they reached the top of the escalator. "It was a combination of stress and arguments with my… mentor, that caused me to finally break off with him."

"Richard!" Starfire gasped. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I think the Teen Titans…" he paused, unable to get the words out. Instead, he just gave Starfire a worried look. She in turn nodded. They didn't say another word until they got back home.

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