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Notes: As long as it's about anyone but Krad and dark the entities are young I can't see how they would age in the time as Dai and Sato…and if they (dark and Krad) are old, they have their own bodies in other case they don't.

I hate mimes you know that.

Some days were the retirement home really quiet.

These were the days everyone except him enjoyed playing the quiet game.

The most irritating thing was that these games could continue for days on no end until Krad, or a nurse, started yelling at him for no reason.

Today was one of those days.

Krad stood there, pretending to scream on the top of his voice, arms flapping violently and with a furious blush on his face.

But not a beep was heard.

Dark sighed and asked tiredly: "Can't you just say what you want instead of acting like a mime?"