The Importance Of Persuasion

Draco drew his wand carefully from within his robes and crept silently through the corridors of Hogwarts castle. Total silence wrapped around his eyes and the darkness pressed upon his ears. His breathing seemed to distort the perfect aroma of shifting magic which Hogwarts held in such terrible quantities. He felt the power as he crept on and smiled ever so slightly, a cruel twist of his lips, a mocking gesture to the castle, he was disobeying.

His strides were long and precisely measured, breathing quiet and perfectly clear. He narrowed his grey eyes and paused, squinting down the winding corridor of the seventh floor. Someone was there. The darkness was less pressing, the silence reduced to a dull roar. Draco swiped a strand of hair from his face and turned around slowly, his cloak covered him completely, mingling him to utter darkness but he wasn't as invisible as he would have liked.

"I haven't got all evening," he muttered into the almost darkness. Silence.

"Well then I'll make this quick," Pansy Parkinson emerged out of the far end of the corridor. Draco spun on the spot and stared at her. She, like him was wearing a long black cloak, her short black hair falling neatly past her cheeks, leading down to her mocking lips. She had a look of cruel self determination upon her face as she carefully walked towards Draco, high heels clicking harshly upon the cold stone floor.

She drew up to him, inches away and let out a long, patronising breath.

"I won't ask what you're up too; if I needed to know I would have been told." Draco raised his eyebrow; she knew what her place was under the Dark Lord's reign. She was one of the smart ones. "But I need you Draco."

The words were like soft undying music to his ears, if there was one thing he needed at this point in his life it was that.

"All I have for company," her hands wound there way into the front of his cloak, "is Zabini." She looked up slyly through her lashes, "and he's too busy shooting furtive looks at Potter's ginger girl."

She sighed and abruptly dropped her hands. Her sigh cracked the darkness in two, letting Draco's brain un-fuzz.

"And although he's cold and calculating and," she liked her scarlet lips gently, "oh so very evil…he's not you, Draco."

"And," Draco began hoarsely, "you like the, evil boys?"

She ran a gloved hand slowly down his chest and rested it on his belt buckle.

"Oh yes, Draco."

A crash of thunder sounded.

A/N: Obviously this is written having read HBP, by the reference to Blaise eyeing Ginny. I was trying to achieve Pansy persuading, (unconsciously) Draco to keep going with Voldemort's mission, as she obviously holds sway over him.

Did it work?