How I Came to Love Him
By Crystallic Rain

Notes: Hey! I wrote this story not long after Order of the Phoenix came out (my first ever fic), but after I while I gave up because I was unhappy with the plot. Not too long ago, I decided to have another go at it because a lot of people loved it. It's going to be much shorter than it was originally intended (I used to have seven chapters – this will be a prologue and four chapters), but I hope you like it anyway.


"That James Potter!" I said through clenched teeth. I sat down on the grass next to my best friend, Natalie, fuming.

"What did he do now, Lily?" she asked, exasperated, folding her arms. "Did he ask you out? Write you a poem? Give you a present? Or did he, once again, confess his undying love to you?" Natalie added, sarcastically, acting as though each one were some horrific action.

"He asked me out," I snapped, glaring at Nat, "just after I tried to stand up for that slime ball, Snape, like it was some kind of trade – a date for Snape's release. I don't even know why I bother defending that greasy... moronic... git."

Natalie looked quizzically at me.

"Snape called me a 'mudblood'..." I muttered, turning back to the spot where James Potter and his best friend, Sirius Black, were still torturing Snape.

"Oh... that prat..." Natalie said smoothly. "So, erm... how did James react?" she inquired, trying to act casual, but at the same time suppressing giggles. She was such a sucker for love. After all, James was practically in love with me, no matter how much I denied it. I turned my head back to her, staring into her brown eyes that so perfectly matched her layered, brown hair.

"He freaked out and started yelling at Snape," I replied angrily. "I told him that I didn't want his defense, though. I told him he was just as bad as the other prat."

"You know, Lily, I'm sure he isn't all that bad. Maybe if you just gave him a chance, you'd find out you really like him. He's fifteen, maybe in the next two years he'll grow on you," Nat suggested, tentatively.

"Look, just because you'd go out with just about any boy that breathes, doesn't mean I would! There is no way I would ever go out with that boy!" I said, my temper rising.

Natalie looked mortified. "I'm really sorry, Lily, it was only a suggestion. You didn't have to take it! I didn't mean it to be offensive," she rambled, quickly.

I shook my head and looked at my feet. "I'm sorry, Nat, it's just... I was really angry with him. Just forget about it..."

That James Potter... I would never go out with that boy... or so I thought. I never would have imagined that Natalie would turn out to be right.