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Like Toy Soldiers
Isabel Night

It almost seems ironic-
Watching a boy play with a samurai doll
He moves his solider without a care-
Great battles, honor, and all

This toy has no feelings-
It doesn't think, act, or breathe
Yet in the hands of his controller-
It brings imagined victory-
Or something unforeseen

I must sympathize with the invented fighter-
No free will-
No right to choose-
He did not ask to be this way-
A small number who dared to stay true

My master played me like a puppet-
A proud warrior-
One of the few-
False promises of glory and riches-
The price-
Everything to lose

I only have myself to blame-
I made my choice-
So did you
I should have listened-
You know the rest-
I can't believe I was such a fool

From puppet to person-
I carry the scars of a toy
Discarded and rejected-
You headstone brings more tears than joy

My pride will heal itself in time-
Moreover, flowers will die and bloom
My heart will demonstrate the scars I bear-
As this toy waits-
For his reunion with you


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