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All Ginny saw was a flash of green light, and heard high pitched laughter, and a disembodied woman screaming. She woke with a start to Hermione shaking her and calling her name.

"Ginny, Ginny wake up!"

The piercing scream stopped as Ginny realized that it was her screaming. Draco came running in-

"What is the matter?"

"I just had the nightmare, again."

"I would have gotten here sooner but, Granger has so many locking spells it's not even funny."

Hermione blushed and excused herself to make tea. Draco sat behind Ginny and let her lay against him. She fell into deep thought again, something she did a lot since it happened. Her life had been thrown for a loop since the summer.

The trio was going into their final year and Hermione had made head girl, no surprises there. They were staying at #12 much to Harry's distaste. Ginny stayed by herself most of the time, unless the boys were playing Quidditch. Until one day at the end of the summer; she went with her mother and Hermione to visit Diagon Alley, like a girl's day out. Even Tonks came. Ginny had a feeling it was to drag her out of her room. But who was she to complain.

They had been shopping for a while, when it happened. A cold chill settled over the streets as the world seemed to stop. Wizards in black robes popped up everywhere. That's where the nightmare started. Out of the corner of her eye Ginny saw a flash of green light and heard her mother scream, while Tonks was yelling at the two girls to run. Hermione grabbed Ginny's hand and sprinted to the Leaky Cauldron; they ran threw the brick wall. After them a few people slipped in and lastly a white kitten before the brick wall sealed it self shut. Quite suddenly it disappeared all together, to the shock of many.

"The entrance has been destroyed." Said a solemn voice from the crowed.

Ginny was focused on the little white ball of fur. It had curled up on the floor and begun to shiver like it was crying. Ginny walked up to the little thing and petted its little head. The kitten looked up at Ginny and jumped into her arms. Ginny was still shell-shocked, she let the kitten stay there as she walked with Hermione to floo Hogwarts.


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