Flying High

A gentle presence swept into his thoughts, which he quickly recognized as the essence of his beloved Padme.

"I was thinking about you and felt your nervousness. Are you all right?" Her voice of concern immediately smoothed his irritated nerves.

"Yes. But you know how I feel about flying."

"There is no danger is there? This is a routine security check is it not?"

"Yes, everything is routine. I sense no danger. It's just that..."

"You don't like to fly."

"Right." He grinned at her simple acceptance of his flaw.

"Give R4 the controls."


"Give R4 the controls."

After confirming their course and handing over control of the ship to R4, the astrodroid secure in the outer hull, Obi-Wan leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

He soon felt the Force guiding what felt like fingers massaging his strained neck muscles. Their kneading soothed the knots there before moving further down his back, where they continued their ministration.

Obi-Wan moaned in pleasure as the tension eased from his body. R4 bleeped in response, mistaking the moan for a voice command. "No, it's nothing R4. Continue on this heading."

The massage started as an innocent gesture, but nothing was innocent about the passion between the Queen of Naboo and her Jedi Knight. Once they had experienced the passion that existed between them with and without use of the Force, they were intoxicated by it, and it soon became their addiction.

The massage continued down Obi-Wan's back, the pressure of Padme's fingers pushing deep into the muscles of his buttocks. Obi-Wan gasped inward upon feeling her soft lips where her hands had been. She placed kisses along the muscular cheeks, on hand reaching between his naked thighs to fondle him intimately. Her touch was soft and cool upon his heated skin. Obi-Wan quickly loosened his restrictive clothing in order to fully appreciate the seduction.

Padme's attention was then turned to the frontal portion of Obi-Wan's body, placing searing kisses along his chest, abdomen, and groin, before taking him fully into her mouth. Her lips moved rapidly across him, bringing him quickly to fulfillment. Upon his release, his dilated pupils were brought into focus by the quick and rapid chirps of R4. Obi-Wan glanced through the portal to see his destination straight ahead and took back control of the ship.

As Obi-Wan guided his ship through the planet's atmosphere, his thoughts began to dwell on the possibility of reconsidering his dislike of flying.