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Just this once

Whisper in the night full of tears. Tears on the snow of a blood colour. Broken happyness of a boy with beautiful eyes.

- Please, breathe!- falling into silence, joining the path of wind.

- Toboe... It's time to go, Toboe...-the voice as if ashamed of carrying these words, as if frightened to break the moment the time stopped still echoes in the boy's ears.

- Go. I'll catch up with you later.- said without any emotion. Although the words sound somehow strained. The speaker doesn't believe in what was said. Niether others do believe. But they turn away and vanish in the night.

- Please, breathe...- thin fingers cling to the man's leather jacket, trembling. They look so ugly now- frozen and scratched, covered with blood.

- I know... you've never listened to me, 'cause I'm... such a runt. But, please, just this once... please, breathe!

The boy's head now inches apart from the man's face. Tears falling down melting the snowflakes on his cheeks. Suddenly the boy moves forward hiding his pain in the man's neck, hands embracing wide shoulders.

- Breath... You have to! You are to! I must tell you something! I... wanted to tell you long ago. But... Gods! You were right. I'm such a coward!- the boy tosses his head but never stops watching the man.

- You see... Even now I can't... Can't tell you... how much I love you. And... Tsume, please, breathe. Because I can't... breathe without you!

Several minutes passes but everything is calm and quite. The boy grits his teeth and falls into snow gripping one of the man's arms. He closes his eyes allowing the sleep capture him welcoming the death cold that burns within him...

...The morning came to Toboe with the realization of something warm wrapped around him. He opened his eyes, turned his head and found the golden oceans staring at him, arms around him. And a little smile in the corners of Tsume's lips.

- Well, I always knew you're just a silly little pup. Don't you know that today was a full moon?

Toboe felt tears running down his cheeks. He curled in the snow trying to hide his pain and happiness, both mixed together. Tsume curled behind him, embracing, petting him, calming him, whispering the words he wanted to say long ago.

Right over them the sun shined in all its glory greeting the new day.

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