Harry Potter the Musical

Kiritsu: Shinju and I are writing this together.
Shinju: Yeah… I do the lyrics and poetry… you do all the difficult stuff. :D
Kiritsu: I'm writing the rest…what leads up to the songs, what happens afterward, etc. Just so you know, italics is certain action stuff. So, Shinju, you gonna do the disclaimer?
Shinju: blinks Disclaimer? What's that? (Dumb blond moment)
Kiritsu: You don't…this time. Next chapter you have to say it.
Shinju: blinking again Ok…
Kiritsu: We do not own the characters of which we speak other than Kiritsu and Shinju…if we did, after reading the 6th book I would've killed off Snape in as slow and painful a way as possible. And made Harry and Draco get together…but that's a different story. On to the musical.
Shinju: Well they do make a rather cute couple.
Kiritsu: True… But we do need to get onto the Musical…
Shinju: Awww… Why? This is so much fun!
Kiritsu: But people want to read the musical.
Shinju: Funny… I thought they were here to listen to me.
Kiritsu: No, Shinju, they aren't here for your insane ranting.
Shinju: Awwww... Fine... Onto the musical then.

The stage is lit for a magical scene
It could have taken place
In a whimsical dream
A dream of uniting
Old friends and old foes
A plan for discussing
Old hopes and old woes
A plan that has failed
To come to true light
A plan that has caused
The show here this night
The spell that was cast
On the castle was strong
It lasted for 1 day
And then seven more
The spell called for singing
The spell called for light
It called for the living
And dead to unite
And so now we call
The Hogwarts we know
To come to the stage
And put on a good show
Shinju M. Genesis


Two girls walk over towards Hogwarts. One is slightly taller than the other, with long so-dark-brown-it-is-almost-black hair, brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. The other girl has long light brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, and pale skin. She's wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a blue sweatshirt.Girl one: You know, Shinju, sometimes it can get pretty boring for these kids, having to be in lessons all day…you think we should do something about it? Shinju looks up at Hogwarts.
Shinju: You know, Kiritsu, I think we should.
They look at each other and break into evil grins.
Kiritsu: Well then, I guess we should start planning.
Shinju: Who needs planning? I know what we'll do. We just need to wait until tonight to do it so we won't be seen…get down here, I'll tell you.
Kiritsu leans down so that Shinju can whisper in her ear. After a minute…
Kiritsu: Oh, that would be PERFECT! They'll never know what hit them.
They walk off, giggling, and thinking about what havoc their spell will bring about to the students and staff at Hogwarts.
That night…
It was an unusually windy night when the mysteries figures approached the castle. They seemed very intent on what they were doing and paid little heed to anything else. They walked around the school seven times and repeated a spell. Even if anyone had seen this they could not have know what the spell was going to cause. Nor would they see any marks that could prove that the spell did indeed exist. Then just as mysteriously as they approached they departed, leaving no mark to acknowledge their presence.
The Darkness was their only witness.

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