Summary: In a changed future the Halliwell family has to deal with the repercussions of a past that was changed. As the effects and memories rush forward to greet them how will Wyatt, Chris and Sara cope with not only that but a new and powerful evil? A sequel to 'Once Charmed'.

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The steady beat of loud music and the roar of laughter assaulted Wyatt Halliwell as he entered his mother's club, P3. Smiling, he gazed at the crowd before him, which was a gathering of family and friends. All of who were there to celebrate his brother Chris' twenty-third birthday. At one glance he saw his mother and father chatting with their old friend Darryl and his wife Shelia. His Aunts, Phoebe and Paige, were laughing freely with guests.

Wyatt shook his head when Phoebe thanked her husband for bringing her a drink with a kiss. Cole Turner, former source of all evil and now famous DA wrapped his arms around his small wife while keeping an eye on his twin daughters Elaina and Prudence as they danced. His beautiful daughters had captured half the male partygoer's attention within minutes of entering. Even though they were twenty, Cole was still protective. Obviously his watching eye had caught Paige's attention and she started to snicker.

"Cole!" Paige mused with mock seriousness. "You are going to have to let them go sooner or later."

"Not yet!" He replied softly before turning to his wife. "Must they dance like that?"

Wyatt didn't hear his aunt's response to her overprotective husband. His was already walking toward his brother who was leaning casually against the bar chatting with old high school friends. Chris looked up and greeted Wyatt with a grin.

"Happy Birthday punk!" Wyatt laughed pulling his brother into a hug.

"Thanks Wy," Chris laughed not commenting on the old nickname. "I was starting to wonder what was keeping you."

"Just chasing some rouge demons," Wyatt realizing what he had said in front of their guests, quickly covered up. "You know me and my inner demons."

Chris smirked. While his brother was the greatest force of good magic to ever walk the face of the earth, the guy wasn't always the most intelligent. There had been many times in the past Wyatt had jumped into a fight without thinking, relying on magical talent and at times, sheer luck.

"So are you having fun?" Wyatt asked leaning over the bar to grab a beer.

"Yeah!" Chris grinned again, this time eyeing his new girlfriend as she danced with friends. "Sara really pulled up all the stops. I can't believe she put all this together just for me. Where did she find the time?"

"She didn't sleep and she decided to cash in for that favor that I owed her." Wyatt smiled at the thought of his spunky younger sister. It was amazing that she had been able to pull this party off as well as starting her junior year of college, battle the ever present demon trouble, spend time with her family and friends and teach at magic school.

As if she had heard her older brothers talking about her, Sara Halliwell emerged from her mother's office with a case of beer. Wyatt, noticing something different about his youngest sibling looked closer. Her long brown hair fell in spiral curls framing her tan face. Dressed casual in a white button down shirt and tight faded jeans nothing seemed to be physically wrong.

"Hey sis," Wyatt greeted taking the case of beer from her arms and placed it behind the bar.

"Nice of you to grace us with your presence Wyatt." She murmured softly a smile playing across her lips.

"Sorry," Wyatt apologized. He knew he had promised to help bartend but he had lost track of time while roaming the underworld.

"Demons on the brain?" she whispered as they began to stock the beer side by side.


"Be easy on him, Sara." Chris laughed eyeing his two siblings.

"Go enjoy your party Chris," Wyatt said as he looked out at Chris' new beau Bianca. "Before I go and enjoy it for you."

Chris followed Wyatt's line of sight and smiled broadly. Bianca was a treasure. He had only just recently met her yet when he was with her everything seemed to click. Looking back to his brother he smirked.

"You should spend more time in the real world, Wyatt." He laughed. "Then you might find a girlfriend and have a relationship that lasts more that five minutes."

Sara laughed heartily at her brothers before snagging Wyatt's beer and taking a sip. Poor Wyatt, she thought. Out of the three siblings, Wyatt was the one that had yet to be committed in a long-term relationship. Sure he had had his high school sweet hearts and was no stranger to dating but love had eluded the eldest of the Charmed children.

"Go have fun Chris." Sara said hugging him quickly before hopping up on the nearest barstool. "Wyatt has holding up the bar covered."

"Thanks." With a laugh he turned to join Bianca and the rest of the party on the dance floor.

"You feeling alright, Sara?" Wyatt asked when she sighed and began to rub her temples. Normally Sara was the life of the party and tonight she barely seemed interested. It worried him slightly.

"Yeah," she muttered quickly. "Just a cold."

"If you want to go home I have this covered." He replied not buying her quick response.

"And miss out on this great party she put together, never" Wyatt and Sara looked up sharply to see Elaina and Prudence standing before them.

"Having fun?" Sara asked her cousins with a smile.

"Yep!" Elaina quipped as she grabbed beer. Before she had a chance to open her selected drink Wyatt had snatched it back.

"Your father would kill me if I let you drink that Ella!"

"Oh don't be such a party pooper Wy," Prue laughed at his serious expression.

"Plus, no one cares that Sara is drinking." Elaina said trying to grab the bottle back.

"She's old enough by law to drink." Wyatt pointed out. "Plus my father isn't likely to react with intent to kill or maim."

Sara listened as Wyatt and her cousins bickered about the legal system and underage drinking, her mind wandering. Prue and Elaina were both bold and determined young women. She was sure that after a little while Wyatt would slip them drinks just to get them out from under his feet. She could see where her uncle Cole would be worried about his girls. They were both beautiful and flirtatious. They looked the same in every way except their eyes. Prue's were blue like her father's, while Elaina had her mom's brown. Their thick and silky brown hair fell in cascades around their shoulders and they both were built like their mother. Each dressed to the nines.

Suddenly Sara saw two very different cousins before her. Dressed in black leather and emotionless faces, Prue and Elaina were suddenly terrifying. Just as quickly as the vision appeared it was gone replaced by Wyatt's worried features.

"Sara?" He asked softly. "I think you should head home."

"Huh?" Looking around she noticed that Prue and Elaina were back on the dance floor moving to the loud music and attracting much attention.

"You looked about to pass out there for a minute," Wyatt continued.

"I'm just tired." She replied before moving off to the restroom.

What the hell was that? She couldn't get her cousin's emotionless faces and cold eyes out of her head. Splashing cold water on her face, she took several calming breaths. She had never had a premonition before. That was a power passed on to her cousins in question. Much to her confusion Sara thought it had felt like a memory. Though search as she may, she couldn't remember Elaina or Prue looking like that.

"Sara?" She looked up at the sound of her mother's voice.

"In here mom."

"Hey," Piper said walking into the small restroom. "Wyatt said you weren't feeling well."

"I'm fine" Sara replied smiling at her concerned mother. "Wyatt's just being an overprotective brother again." Sara could tell her mother wasn't convinced. I really do look like crap, she thought glancing at her reflection in the mirror. "Really, I'm just getting tired. It's been a long week."

"Why don't you go on home then. Catch some sleep."

"And miss this great party? Never." She replied using her cousin's line from earlier. "Chris would be disappointed if I left"

"He would be upset if he knew you were practically passing out from exhaustion too." Piper commented taking in her daughter's worn and tired appearance.

"Mom!" Sara exclaimed exasperated. "I'm fine and I plan on enjoying myself now that Wyatt is here to take over the bar duties."

"Ok." Piper said softly as she followed Sara back out into the warmth of the party. She watched as her daughter moved out onto the dance floor, any sign of tiredness gone. Sighing she moved back over to her sister's and their families. Sara seemed to know what she was doing. Out of her three, Sara was usually the most levelheaded. Things sure do change, Piper thought.

Sara danced for the better part of an hour before moving back over to the bar. Wyatt was flirting with an acquaintance of Prue's and Chris was locked in a passionate embrace with Bianca. Sighing she grabbed a water and watched as people danced and mingled around her. She would be glad when the party ended and she could fall onto her bed. Hoping that the way she felt was nothing more than a cold. She didn't have time to be sick. School was picking up again and the classes she taught at magic school demanded her full attention. She planned to spend the rest of the weekend in bed.

"Hey kiddo." Sara smiled as she turned to her father. "Having fun?"

"Loads." She forced a smile then continued. "Let me guess, Mom sent you over here to make sure I'm ok?"

"Caught me." He said softly as he took a seat next to her. "She said you seemed a bit shaken earlier."

"I'm fine, Dad."

"Glad to hear that." Leo replied with a knowing look.

Sara sighed. There were only two people that could see straight through her fa├žade, Chris and her father. Always a daddy's girl, Sara shared most of her thoughts and feelings with Leo. She just didn't know what to say about her mysterious vision. Trying to push those dark thoughts to the back of her mind, Sara focused on covering her sickened feeling. Her whole body hurt and her head was begin to pound with the beat of the loud, fast paced music.

"I think I'm going to head home anyway," Sara assured him. "I'm fine but tired."

"Try to get some sleep." Leo said as she kissed his cheek and began to move off toward the office so she could orb home without being seen.

"Tell everyone goodnight for me."

"Night, Sara."

Sara closed the door to the office and with a tired sigh she orbed to her room at the manor. Upon reappearing in her room, Sara felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. The room began to spin and she felt cold all over. She wasn't aware that she was falling until her head connected with a sickening thud on her nightstand. Then everything went dark.


Chris and Wyatt were chatting humorously with Bianca and Prue's friend Ashleigh. The party had been slowly dying down and the brother's were just about to start to say goodbye to the rest of their guests when they both felt Sara was in trouble.

Looking up Chris glanced around for his sister. He hadn't seen her in about an hour. Not since she had been dancing with friends. Cursing silently he looked over at his father who also seemed to sense that something was amiss.

"Just a sec," He said to Bianca as he moved quickly to his father's side.

"Where's Sara?"

"She went home about forty-five minutes ago." Leo replied in a concerned voice. "She was really tired."

"I'll go make sure she's alright." Chris replied. While she hadn't called for him, Chris could sense that something was wrong with his sister. It was obvious that Wyatt and their father could as well.

"What about your date?" Leo asked indicating an impatient Bianca who was gazing over at them. Wyatt was also looking in their direction and Ashleigh had moved back over to the twins to say goodbye.

"I'll see her tomorrow." Chris replied without a second thought. "We planned on spending the day at the beach."

"I'll meet you at the manor in a few minutes with your mom. Call if you need me before."

"Be quick." With that said Chris hurried to explain to Bianca that he would see her tomorrow. Within two minutes he was orbing home to the manor.

Once home, Chris knew something was definitely wrong. Hurrying up the stairs he skidded to a halt outside his sister's closed door.

"Sara?" he called knocking.

When he received no answer Chris pushed though the door and flipped on the light. The sight that awaited him made his breath catch in his throat and feel sick to his stomach.

Sara was sprawled on her side next to her bed, pale and shivering, her dark hair hiding her face from him. Falling to his knees next to her, he carefully turned her onto her back and pushed her hair away from her pale face. Only then did he see the seeping gash on the side of her head. Blood soon covered them both, as he called frantically for his father.

"DAD!" he shouted. "Dad, Sara needs help!"

"Chris?" Leo was immediately by their side.

"Heal her!" Chris choked out clutching Sara' limp form to his chest.

Chris felt as if he had been here before. Something about this whole scene seemed sickeningly familiar. How ever he couldn't place it. Wyatt and his mother bursting through the door pulled Chris' attention from the healing glow emitting from his father's hand.

"What the hell happened?" Wyatt asked as he moved to his fallen sister's side.

Chris shook his head. He had no idea. Even though he could swear that he had been here before.

"What's taking so long?" Chris asked noticing that while the gashed on her head had healed, Sara was still shaking and was beginning to cough harshly, though her eyes remained closed.

"I don't understand!" Leo growled trying once again to heal his daughter's feverish form. "Something's blocking my powers. I can't heal the fever!"

"It's happening again." Chris, Wyatt and Leo looked up sharply at Piper. She was sagging against the wall, a distant look on her face. "My babies are dying all over again."

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