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Chapter 4. Meetings.

"No, sorry. I have a trial that's gonna start soon. I have to go over everything again before it starts., just be careful. Maybe nothing will happen. Yeah. Alright, I gotta go. Bye." Matt Murdock said as he hung up his phone. He turned around and carefully slid his cell phone into his pocket. A cool breeze nipped at his skin as he stood on the outside steps of the court house. The temperature had dropped again. The sun was shining, but that didn't do much to relieve the chill. He wasn't very thrilled with his case today, but it was better than running around in his suit right now. Leather wasn't the warmest thing to wear in the winter. He lifted his head and started for the entrance.

A car horn echoed through his head. Birds. Children laughing. Footsteps. People talking. The smell of food, and...perfume. A unique scent. A familiar scent. He turned his head in the direction the scent was coming from. A group of people were walking back and forth. One was standing against one of the large column. Just standing there. Was it...what was she doing here? She just stood there. Maybe she was waiting for someone. "Matt?" Foggy called from inside the courthouse. Matt sighed. He couldn't do anything right now anyway; he had a trial to concentrate on. He turned back towards the large doors and walked inside.

"Heather. Heather?" a woman's voice called.

The young woman that was watching Matt Murdock turned her attention towards the steps. A woman wearing a dark purple outfit was walking towards her. The leather briefcase she was carrying swung back and forth like a pendulum at her side. She brushed her short blonde hair to the side as she reached the top of the stairs and smiled.

"Anne?" Heather asked. "I thought your case started at..."

"I'm early. I wanted to look over my client's case again before everything started." she replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh...I was just, uh, waiting for you. I don't have my cell with me and I wanted to know if you were still coming to the café with us tonight."

"I don't know. I have plans for tonight. (If someone remembers that is...)" she replied with a sigh.

"Hasn't the whole newspaper thing been going kind of slow for your Eddie?"

"Yes, but he's bound and determined to get good story or a picture of Spider-Man. If it wasn't for that mutant or whatever he is, I wouldn't have to be here right now." she replied in an annoyed tone.

"Ah, you have another one of those cases." Heather replied with a bit of a smile. She knew what kind. The ones Anne absolutely hated. Ones where someone got hurt or treated unfairly by the police or some super hero. "Well, I'd better let you go get ready. You know where to find us if you want to come later."

Anne sighed. "Sure. It's going to be a long day."

Heather smiled and turned towards the stairs. A slight frown fell over her face as she glanced back at the large doors Matt had walked through.

4:45. . . where are they? Dan sighed and rubbed his eyes. This was no time for his partners to be late. Well, at least this isn't to meet with the boss.

Dan leaned against the wall of the building he was standing in front of and looked around. The streets were crowded with people. He'd be able to recognize his partners, but would they be able to see him? Frankly, he wasn't a very tall man. Did they even remember where they were supposed to meet? Beginning to question himself, he took a step forward and looked up at the sign above the door to make sure he was at the right place. Yep. So where were they?

Dan sighed and put his small hat on. Maybe they'd spot the hat. We did agree to meet here at 4:30 . . . right? He looked over at a car parked beside him. The windows were reflective and he could see his reflection perfectly. His thin black hair was neatly slicked back under the small hat he had just put on. A thin dark moustache rested above his lips. His dark suit lay neatly against him. Oh, where are they. . .

He turned his attention away from the window and let his black eyes scan the crowd again.Nothing. He was starting to get frustrated now. He shoved his hands into his pockets and kept looking, tapping his foot impatiently. I need to calm down . . . we still have at least ten minutes. . . .What am I thinking? We can't be late for this. What if something happens? Tired of looking for his partners, he started scanning the crowd for people that looked like they'd be a challenge to fight. Just to give him something else to do.

Old lady...kid...kid...punk...oh, nice...old man...kid...ew...unknown species... Dan sighed and turned away.They wouldn't be any good for him anyway. He'd rather find a super hero. Someone more challenging. Someone to combat his judo and speed. He didn't call himself "Fancy Dan" for nothing.

Then someone he recognized came walking towards him through the crowd. Of course, he'd be hard to miss with that hat he always insisted on wearing. The man was tall and wore a brown suit and tie. Thick brown locks were lying neatly under a large cowboy hat that matched his suit. Come to think of it, Dan couldn't even remember seeing Montana without that hat on.

"Dan." he said as he tipped his hat a bit.

"Montana. Where the heck have you been?" Dan said once the other man stopped in front of him.

"I got a little side-tracked." he answered as he patted the side of his jacket and made a small grin.

Dan sighed. "You know you're gonna have to hide that little string of yours before we get there, right?"

"String? Whadda' ya' talking about?" Montana replied. Montana didn't carry a gun; instead he used a long rope that he could turn into just about anything. Lasso, whip, you name it, he could probably do it.

"Now we just have to wait for Ox." Dan said as he looked back towards the crowd.

As if on cue, a rather large man came walking towards them from the opposite direction. He was a mountain of a man, and clearly all muscle. His strong arms bulged from a short sleeved yellow shirt. Even the brown vest he wore over it curved against his solid build. The man was a good 6' 11". He had small dark eyes and bowl-cut light brown hair.

"Sorry I'm late." He said once he reached them.

"Never mind. Let's just go before we really are late." Dan growled as he started to walk away. "The boss wanted us there on time."

"Why do we have to go anyway?" Ox asked as he followed him.

"To make sure that there's enough of a distraction for the not so good doctor to get what he needs." Montana replied.

"But I thought that was supposed to be taken care of already." Ox said.

"It supposedly has been. We're just plan B. Just in case the presentation goes the way it's supposed to." Dan said as they disappeared into the crowd.

"Well, what do you think Frank?" asked a large man in a blue uniform.

The other man rubbed his moustache and looked out the Dinner window at the street. "I don't know Rob. Seems like we're getting more and more costumed vigilantes every day."

Rob sighed and looked out the window too. After a few moments, he looked down at his cup of coffee. "You know...before that whole incident on the train...I really used to believe all that crap they put in the papers."

Frank looked over at his partner. "You mean the time when you were on your way home and that Doc Ock guy and Spider-Man arrived?"

"Yep. I always thought that Spider-Man was just some kind of glory-hound before that. Thought he really was a menace. But after that...well."

Frank smiled. "Me too. I wasn't on the train that day, but my wife and baby girl were. I kind of feel like I owe him one. One day I'm gonna repay Spider-man for saving my family."

"That why you let him go yesterday?" came another voice.

Both men turned to find another young police officer standing by their table. This man had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was new to the city, but he had a big name for himself in the last city he lived in.

"Hey Chicago!" Rob said with a grin.

"Tony, when'd you get here?" Frank asked.

"Right about the part about Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus." Tony replied. "I've been hearing a lot of things about that guy since I moved here."

"Nothing like Chicago, I'll tell you that right now." Rob said with a grin. "Man. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a new super-villain by the end of this month!" Rob said as he took a sip of his coffee.


"Oh, yeah. And I don't mean it'd just be for Spider-Man to take care of. Remember, we have the Fantastic Four, that Daredevil guy, those mutant people sometimes..."

"The Avengers..." Frank chimed in.


"That group that works with the government or something. I've heard of them a couple of times."

"Oh, jeeze. Tell you what, new topic." Tony said as he sat down.

"We could probably name off more if we think about it."

"Lets leave the super-villains to all of the super-heroes that I haven't heard of yet, and just let me enjoy my coffee." Tony said.

Frank laughed. "So, how are the wife and kid?"

"They're alright. I did feel better about bringing them here."

"Don't worry. We all keep the city safe. You live outside the city anyway, right?"

Tony looked down at his cup. "Yeah...but I still worry."

"We all do."

"I moved here to protect my family. When I helped take down that big gang leader, I started getting threats. Turns out he wasn't the real leader. The real one knew who all was involved with bringing down his gang. I..."


Frank picked up his cell and answered it. "Hello? Jean, what...ok. Sure, we'll be right there."

"What'd Miss DeWolff want?" Rob asked as Frank hung up.

"Captain Stacey wants us to go down to that science presentation and help Clark and Amber."

Rob sighed. "Alright, come on. Let's go."

"Hey, you wanna tag along?" Frank asked as he got up from his seat.

Tony looked out the window. "Yeah, sure. What could happen?"

"Don't say that. You'll jinx it." Rob said with a grin.

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