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"Hunning," Sara shouted. "Drop the gun!"

She had her own weapon out and drawn on the tall man. They were in Hunning's back yard, which was located in a very remote place in the desert. He stood perhaps ten feet away from her with a crazy gleam in his dark blue eyes. He glared at her fiercely. Then he shook his head, not to hard. He had a big nasty looking gun in his hand. "Idiot big" Greg would call it.

"Drop the gun," She shouted again. Her hands started to shake, she was so nervous. She prayed Hunning couldn't see it.

"How does it feel...Miss Sidle," Hunning hissed. He spit out her name like it was a foul taste on his tongue. "To know you life is on the brink of destruction. That in one moment . . . you'll never see anyone you love ever again. That you life is in the hands of someone else. Someone . . . who would destroy it without a second thought."

His voice was a low hiss, little more then a whisper, but Sara caught every word. She willed herself to be strong, to think straight, to not panic. She wasn't doing a very good job. But to make an attempt at such a thing she would have to keep Hunning talking.

"It sucks," she said truthfully. Her voice shook and Hunning had a wicked sort of grin on his face.

"I'll bet. You know I didn't kill those little girls," he said. His voice was completely calm. "I didn't go anywhere near them."

Sara wasn't convinced, but presence circumstances dictated that she must agree. So she nodded.

"Let's stop playing games, shall we...Miss Sidle," he said, spitting her name out again. "We both know you don't believe me."

"No I don't," Sara said before she could stop herself. But this seemed to make Hunning happy.

"Oh course not. Why would you? But that hardly matters now as I am the one with the power in this situation."

Sara could've argued, would've argued but she didn't Because she knew he was right.

'Why, dammit? What the hell didn't I tell anyone where I was going?'

Hunning was talking now but Sara wasn't listening. She was thinking as hard as she possibly could.

'Alright Sidle, think now! Does anyone know you're here?'

Sara had left in a hurry when she found out where Hunning would be. She didn't tell anyone, just rushed out of the lab, rushed off. And she was in the middle of no where. There would be no one who would find her. No one would here her scream, or find her body when he killed her.

"Miss Sidle," Hunning spat. "You should pay more attention to those in a place of power over you."

Despite her fear, Sara felt anger bubble inside her.

"You keep thinking that Hunning! Time'll set you straight."

She said this before she could get her tongue around the words. Before she could think about what was coming out of her mouth. She was practically hanging herself and she knew it.

'Ah well, It's doesn't matter. He's not gonna let you walk out of here'

She knew her death was inevitable, that she was just putting it off. There was no way in hell Hunning was gonna let her just walk out of here and go on her merry way.

'Dammit Sidle, you must have told someone.'

Sara had just gotten the call. Flushed with victory and thinking only of busting the bastard, Sara rushed out of the lab as fast as she could. She walked down the halls, and ran, literally, into Greg.

"Sorry," she said, helping him to his feet. He grinned and shrugged it off.

"Where you off to," he asked.

They were working different cases at the moment. Sara was going solo, and Greg had a case with Sofia.. So she had no reason to tell her.

"Just going to...interview a suspect," she told him.

'Dammit Dammit Dammit. Why the hell didn't I tell him'

She was furious with herself. Greg would notice if she went missing.

Then her cell phone started to ring.