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"Anything different about this one, Doc," Sara asked Doc Robbins. He looked at the little girl on the table.

"We if there is I have yet to find it," he said sadly. Sara scowled. That meant there was nothing, absolutely nothing. She had the blanket and everything else processed but her hopes were very very low.


Sara sat in the conference room studying file after file on the rape and murders of the little girls. She was at a lost to find anything varying between the five cases. The bastard even dumped the bodies in the same place. How sick was that.

She looked at a paper that everyone that Jilly Mainy, the first victim, had contact with and places she went on a normal day. She ran her finger down the list then stopped. Her heart started to beat faster and then she pulled out the lists for the other victims and she smiled. All five little girl's went into Ferdy's Ice Cream the week they went missing. All different days, which is probably why it didn't raise any red flags before.

She called P.D. and asked for Detective Radly. He was new and less likely to question Sara. She got him to find the address for the owner of the Ice Cream place. And on her way out the door she ran into Greg. Literally

As soon as he heard the shots, Greg ran, flat out, as fast as he could. He got to the back yard and saw one body lying in the grass and saw someone else running as fast as he could away from this scene. Greg really didn't care about the preservation of the crime scene right now. He pulled out his cell phone and called 911, standing over Sara with tears in his eyes. He told the 911 operator where he was and that there was an officer down. Not entirely a lie and it would get the ambulance there faster. After hanging up he bent down next to Sara.

He knew immediately that there was no helping her now But his brain wouldn't let him accept that. The bastard had shot twice, but he only saw one bullet hole, in her shoulder, and it was bleeding badly. Having nothing else to stop the flow, Greg peeled off his own shirt and pressed it to Sara's shoulder.

"Sara, Sara wake up honey. Please stay with me," Greg said softly to her. He saw her eyelids flutter open and saw her face twist into a small smile.

"Greg," Sara said softly, her voice very shaky.

"Don't talk Sara. Everything'll be alright." Greg had no way of knowing this and some part of his brain was telling him that it wasn't true. But he knew Sara had to hear it. He had to hear it.

Sara reached her hand, which was covered in blood, her own blood, and placed it on Greg's face. She still had the twisted, sad smile on. Greg hated seeing her like this. He hated it.

"Thanks Greg," she said very softly. Then Greg felt her hand drop.

"Sara, Sara please wake up, please stay with me. Come on, hear the sirens, they're coming for you Sara" Greg said knowing he was reaching hysterics. He couldn't hear the sirens, he knew they weren't there yet.

When the paramedics actually got to the scene, they found Greg. He was holding Sara tightly, rocking her back and forth and crying completely silent tears.

It was on the news for the next several weeks. The slaying of a criminlist. It was Holly Gribbs all over again. Greg didn't listen to the news, or read the paper. he didn't want to hear anyone else's take on what had happened.

Sara had no family to speak of, her mother was as good as dead. She only had the lab. Greg didn't even go to Sara's apartment the first time. The other's found her will no problem and told him what was in it. Sara had said that unless they wanted any of it, all her stuff was to be sold and the money was to go to the lab. It was a mark of how much her work had mattered to her that she was still doing it after she died.

That was when Greg went to Sara's apartment. He went alone, the others didn't come. In the end, he only kept a few books and a single picture. After that he shut the door and didn't enter again. He'd let someone else clean out her apartment.

Several people suggested that Greg go see a shrink or therapist or something. As it wasn't specifically required, Greg refused. He did take a one week vacation. He spent most of it sitting in his apartment staring at nothing in particular, thinking of Sara and what he didn't tell her. What he had so many chances to, but ignored them all.

True to her will, Sara was cremated. The night and swing shifts, Sara's only family, payed for everything. Because he asked, Greg was the one to bury her ashes where she knew she would've appreciated. He sat on the side of the mountain where Sara had buried the ashes of the gorilla a few years ago.

After that was done and the sun started to set, Greg laid down and stared at the setting sun. He seemed to have cried all his tears out the last few days.

"God Sara. I miss you so much," Greg said to nothing in particular. But he liked to think that she could still hear him. Or her spirit could.

"Never got to tell you how much you meant to me. How much...How much I loved you." It was no easier to say to the empty air, then it would've been to say to Sara in person.

Greg knew that when she died, Sara had taken a bit of him with her. He knew things would never be the same, that he would never get over this.

The sky started to darken and the stars began to come out. Greg stayed sitting, now staring at the stars.

This became Greg's special place. In the beginning he went there everyday, and it brought him sadness. He would talk to Sara, tell her about what was going on. He brought her the good news when they caught Hunning. He came when the trial was over and they had given Hunning the death penalty. He didn't attend the execution years later, he came here.

Every time he came, talked to Sara, something, some part of his brain, made him strain his ears. But no matter how hard he tried to hear only one thing reached his ears. The whistling of the wind in the grass and occasional cry of a black bird.

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