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Chapter 1 The 'date'

The sun shone through the window into the young changeling's room.

Beast Boy moaned and rolled over trying to avoid the rays of sun from hitting his eyes. "Just five more minutes." He mumbled pulling the covers over his head.

"YO B!" Yelled a loud voice banging on his door. "You missed breakfast…not that we didn't mind not having that nasty tofu stuff." Mumbled Cyborg. "Anyway Robin said that you're suppose to be in the training room with the rest of the team." He said waiting for a reply. None came. "YO B GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND GET DOWN TO THE TRAINING ROOM!" Yelled Cyborg.

Beast Boy's eyes shot open and he tossed and turned in the covers trying to unravel himself from their grasp. Finally he untangled himself only to end up falling off the bed with a thump. "I'm up." He said.

He heard Cyborg walk away his metallic feet clanking down the hall.

Beast Boy sighed and picked up one of his many uniforms scattered on the floor. It looked clean enough. Beast Boy shrugged and slipped it on quickly running out the door and down the hall.

"Hey guys what'd I miss?" He asked arriving at the training room panting.

"You're late." Said Robin not looking at him from his controls.

"Yeah I know you see funny story my alarm must not have gone off and I-."

"Okay Starfire you ready?" Asked Robin cutting Beast Boy off.

"Yes Robin I am ready to kick the butt." Said Starfire giving him a thumbs up and smiling.

Robin nodded and pushed a small red button. As if on cue a robot that looked oddly like Gismo popped up. The Gismo robot sprung legs from his backpack and circled around her, then it pulled out what looked like a small laser and aimed it at her. Thinking quickly Starfire flew up and around him in circles. The robot watched intently until it couldn't stand it anymore. It lunged up into the air on its spider-like legs at her. Starfire quickly grabbed the robot in mid-air and ripped the backpack from it's back.

She laughed gleefully and dropped the robot to the ground it landed with a loud clanking sound.

"Good job Starfire." Said Robin. He turned to Beast Boy. "You're up."

Beast Boy nodded and walked onto the platform. "Give me the best you got." He said.

Robin sighed and pushed a blue button. Suddenly a robot that looked oddly like Adonis appeared. Beast Boy cracked his knuckles and ran towards it changing into a tiger and leaping at it. Beast Boy pinned the robot to the ground and turned into a boa constrictor wrapping around it and trying to crush the robot. He unraveled himself from the robot and morphed into his normal self.

"That was too easy." Said Beast Boy.

"Ummm Beast Boy…" Began Robin pointing behind him.

Beast Boy turned around just in time to see the Adonis robot's hand come in view and hit him making him fly into a nearby wall. Beast Boy got up and glared at the robot. "Okay dude, that was not cool." He said brushing himself off.

Beast Boy transformed into a huge ape and grabbed it pushing it to the ground. He then transformed into a lion and dug his claws into the robot mashing it up, metal flung everywhere.

"Yo! BB that's enough! Do you realize how long it took me to create that one." Said Cyborg.

Beast Boy laughed sheepishly. "Heh, sorry Cy." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"I guess that's enough for today." Said Robin sighing. "Same time tomorrow guys…and Beast Boy…don't be late next time." He said.

"You got it Robin." Said Beast Boy. "Hey…what are you guys doing today?" he asked curiously.

"Why the sudden interest?" Asked Raven.

"Just wondering." Said Beast Boy.

"Robin has said that he will accompany me to the mall of shopping, do you wish to go along friend Raven?" Asked Starfire.

"Ummm…I think I'll pass." Said Raven. "I need to meditate today."

"You do that everyday." Complained Beast Boy.

Raven sent him a glare. "And what do you propose I do?" Asked Raven tuning the corner to go to her room.

"Well…ummm…hmmm…come with me for pizza." Said Beast Boy before he could stop himself.

"What?" Asked Raven quirking an eyebrow at him.

"Awe come on Ravie you never do anything other then meditate, read, and help kick bad guy butt." Said Beast Boy

Raven sighed. "I'll go if you promise to never call me Ravie again." Said Raven.

"Really?" Asked Beast Boy his eyes getting big. "Cool, it's a date."

Raven's eyes widened. "What?" She asked.

"Heh, I mean a date between friends…you know how Robin and Star always go places together and me and Cyborg say that they're on a date…okay that's not really a good example but I-."

"Beast Boy." Snapped Raven. "I get it…I'll meet you in the main room in ten minutes okay?"

Beast Boy nodded stupidly and watched her walk down the hall to her room.

As soon as she was out of his sight he jumped up into the air and spun around only to run into a hard metal object.

"Owww." Said Beast Boy backing up and looking up to find Cyborg standing before him. "Heh, hey Cy." He said.

"Why do you look so happy?" Asked Cyborg.

"No reason." Said Beast Boy.

"Okay wipe that stupid grin off your face and tell me why you're so darn happy." Said Cyborg.

"Okay." Said Beast Boy. "I am taking Raven on a date." He said.

"Wait let me get this straight." Said Cyborg. "You asked Raven out…and she accepted?"

Beast Boy nodded.

"She does know she's going out with you…right?" Asked Cyborg.

"Well there's only one problem…you see she kinda doesn't know it's a date." Said Beast Boy.

Cyborg quirked an eyebrow at the changeling. "Say what?" he asked.

Beast Boy laughed nervously.

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