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Previous chapter:

Raven sighed sitting back on her bed. "How am I going to tell you?" She asked herself.

Chapter 7 Beauty and the Beast Boy

About a half an hour latter Raven found herself outside the door labeled Beast Boy in bold print. Raven sighed and knocked lightly on the door waiting. "Beast Boy?" She asked.

There was a crash from inside the room.

"Ummm…are you there?" Asked Raven. "Look I'm just here to say that-."

The door flung open to reveal Beast Boy sitting on his bed head in his hands. He looked up at her and blinked stupidly confused as to why she was there.

Raven walked into the room looking around but froze when she saw Beast Boy he looked terrible, his happy go lucky smile was gone replaced with a look of pure sadness and his eyes were rimmed with tears. "Beast Boy…were you crying?" She asked.

"No." Said Beast Boy quickly.

"Don't lie." Said Raven.

"Fine, I was, there's something else you can use against me." Said Beast Boy glaring at her.

Raven backed up a little afraid to come any closer. "Beast Boy I didn't mean too…I'm sorry." She said things becoming covered in a black aura. "I didn't mean to say that, I should have never said any of that. You were right about everything I should have listened to you." Said Raven a tear rolling down her face.

Beast Boy's face softened. He stood up and walked over to her and reached out to put a comforting hand on her shoulder but was taken back when she wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his shoulder.

Beast Boy paused but slowly put his arms around her hugging her back.

"So…" Said Beast Boy. "You don't hate me?" He asked looking hopeful the gleam in his eye coming back.

Raven pulled away looking at him letting a small smile cross her face. "No, actually I think I might-."

Suddenly the phone rang cutting Raven off. They both paused staring down at it waiting for someone to pick it up. At the fourth ring it became clear that no one was going to get it. Beast Boy groaned picking it up.

"Hello titans tower." He said.

Raven rolled her eyes she hated how Robin made them answer as if they were some type of business instead of a bunch of crime fighting super heroes.

Beast Boy's face saddened. "Oh, yeah…she's here." He said grumpily. He looked up to Raven. "It's Jake." He said holding out the phone for her to take.

Raven stood there surprised. Hadn't she made herself perfectly clear that she didn't want to see him anymore when she threw him against that wall?

She looked at the phone and then back to Beast Boy. "I don't want to talk to him." She said surprised at how childish she sounded to herself.

"Why not I thought that you two were-."

"I love you." Raven blurted out quickly.

Beast Boy stood there dumbfounded. What did she just say? He asked himself. He looked at the phone and back to Raven. Beast Boy clicked the phone off and put it back on its stand.

Silence filled the room.

"I'm sorry." Said Raven. "I'll understand if you don't feel the same anymore I just had to tell you, I'll leave now." She said turning around and walking towards the door.

Don't let her go again you idiot! Yelled his mind. "Wait!" Yelled Beast Boy quickly running up to her grabbing her hand stopping her and turning her around and pressing his lips to hers.

Raven's eyes snapped wide open but found herself leaning into the kiss. It was a sweet soft kiss very much unlike Jake's and Raven freely excepted it.

After a few moments they pulled away. Raven looked around the room confused.

"What's wrong?" Asked Beast Boy.

"Nothing blew up." Stated Raven. "How can that happen, my emotions should have-."

"Maybe…if you're with the right person you can feel." Suggested Beast Boy.

Raven smirked. "Maybe you're right." She said leaning towards him again.

"Cyborg what are you doing?" Came a voice from out side of the room.

"Robin, shut up." Snapped Cyborg's voice.

Beast Boy and Raven froze both quirking an eyebrow and walking over to the door. It opened and there was Cyborg and Robin both standing there.

Cyborg smiled at the two and turned to Robin. "What did you need to tell us Robin?" He asked.

Robin looked at him confused. "Ummm…I was supposed to tell you that it was Starfire's turn to pick the movie and we're ready to watch it…you guys coming?" He asked.

"Well, as much fun as it would be to leave you two love birds alone tonight I think I'll come…on one condition." Said Cyborg. "Let me play a little something before the movie starts."

Robin gave him a suspicious look but shrugged anyway. "Yeah sure, what about you two?" He asked looking over at Beast Boy and Raven, who for some reason were blushing.

"Sure." Said Beast Boy.

"Whatever." Said Raven, which they all took as a yes.

"Great." Said Cyborg smirking.

"Any idea what he's up too?" Whispered Raven.

Beast Boy shrugged.

They all walked into the main room where Starfire was trying to set up the movie on the TV…emphasize on trying.

"Hold on there Starfire…I think I have something that you will enjoy a little better." Said Cyborg smirking at Raven and Beast Boy.

Starfire looked up at them. "What is it friend?" She asked.

"Something I like to call Beauty and the Beast Boy." He said laughing.

"He didn't." Said Raven watching him pop the movie in.

"He wouldn't." said Beast Boy.

Cyborg pressed the play button and sat back on the couch beside Robin who was sitting next to Starfire.

Suddenly words popped up on the screen.

Beauty and the Beast Boy

Made by Cyborg A.K.A. Victor Stone.

Cyborg's face came up on screen and looked into the camera. The camera turned to the people on the other side of the room.

"I did." Said Cyborg smiling.

Raven and Beast Boy's mouth gapped watching the screen. "Dude, I can't believe I'm that short." Said Beast Boy.

"You're short…I'm the same size as you almost." Said Raven.

"So…you don't hate me?"

"No actually I think I might-."

The sound of a phone came.

"Cyborg…" Said Raven. "I'll kill you." She said her voice dripping with venom.

Cyborg looked at Beast Boy and Raven…if looks could kill Cyborg would be dead by now.

"Run." Said Beast Boy.

Cyborg darted out of the room Beast Boy and Raven running after him.

Starfire looked at Robin and back to the screen.

"Why not I thought that you two were-."

"I love you."

"Robin…now that friend Raven and Beast Boy are doing the 'dating' do you think we should tell them about us?" Asked Starfire.

Robin looked back to the door where they heard Cyborg's screams echoing through the tower.



"MY ARM!" Yelled Cyborg.

Robin turned back to Starfire. "Maybe latter Star…When they're not so…busy." He said.

Starfire shrugged and turned back to the 'movie' smiling and resting her head on Robin's shoulder.


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