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Chapter Three
The Werewolf Registry

The next morning an owl arrived from the Ministry for Remus, reminding him that he needed to get his graduation certificates validated at the Registry as soon as possible. He knew that the longer he put it off the more owls they'd send, so after a quick breakfast he kissed his mother goodbye and Disapparated.

He made one quick pit-stop though.

"Is that you, Remus?" Mrs. Potter asked, opening the door wider so the boy could come in.

"Good morning, Mrs. Potter," Remus nodded, glancing around. "Sorry to bother you so early. Is Sirius here?"

"He's upstairs with James, they might still be sleeping," Carol replied, pointing towards the ceiling. "You know those boys, they never go to bed until midnight, at the earliest."

Remus gave her his thanks and stepped lightly up the stairs. He knew exactly where James's room was, and knocked on the door.

"Whozat?" someone mumbled sleepily from behind the door.

"It's the bogey-man, come for your soul," Remus replied lazily.

"Sirius, just tell the boogie-man we don't want to dance..." snorted James sleepily.

Sirius, eyes still half closed, poked his head out the door. "James says we don't need any."

Remus rolled his eyes and chuckled, pushing the door open and walking in. "I said bogey-man as in an evil spirit, James. Not boogie-man. Boogie is a form of blues or jazz or something."

"Remy?" Sirius seemed instantly awake. "What're you do here!" He grinned and gave the werewolf a big hug.

"Geez, we only saw each other yesterday," Remus smiled, patting his friend on the back.

"You missed me that much?" Sirius asked jokingly.

"Mnmnmhm, trying to sleep here," James muttered, putting the pillow over his head. "Go make out in some other room."

"We're not making out," Remus glared at him. Sirius looked slightly crestfallen. "I got a reminder from the Ministry that I need to go to the Registry."

The other two immediately became sober. "Oh," was all James said.

"Anyway, I wanted to know if you'd come with me, Sirius," Remus asked hopefully. "You know I hate going there by myself..."

"Of course I will!" exclaimed Sirius. "Um, if James doesn't mind me leaving."

"Sure, go ahead," James waved towards the door. "I'm going to avoid my mother for the rest of the day. She's got weddings on the brain."

"We'll be back later," Remus told him, as Sirius tapped himself with his wand and his pajamas materialized into his preferred muggle clothing of jeans and a t-shirt.

"Don't get in trouble," James was still mumbling to them as they exited the room. "Don't talk to strangers, look both ways when you cross the street, all that jazz."

"Heheh, jazz," Sirius snickered, and they were gone.


They Apparated into the Ministry lobby. Remus led the way; he knew the way to the Registry by heart, unfortunately. In the elevator, Sirius inquired,

"Are you going to get marriage papers while we're here?"

Remus looked uncomfortable. "Er, it depends..."

"Depends on what?" Sirius looked confused.

"On who's working the desk today. There's this one guy, Mr. Lawson, who's um..."

"A total ass?"

"Yeah, that'd work."

The elevator stopped abruptly on the Registry's floor, and they both got out. At the end of a hallway there was a particularly small office with the sign 'Authorization' on the door. Remus opened it hesitantly.

A stout little wizard was sitting behind the desk, filing papers. He looked up when the door opened and frowned. "Yes? May I help you?"

Remus winced. Sirius glanced at him with a look that asked, 'Mr. Lawson?'

Remus nodded slightly and turned to the mean looking man at the desk. "Um, I'm here to have my Hogwarts graduation certificates permitted officially."

Lawson nodded towards the single chair in front of the desk. Sirius closed the door behind him quietly and stood by it. "You a relative?" He asked Sirius.

"No, I'm his friend," Sirius answered gruffly.

The wizard looked like he was going to snap something back, but changed his mind and instead turned to Remus. "Name?"

"Lupin," Remus responded.

"Ah, yes, Lupin..." Mr. Lawson simpered. "I remember you coming in just recently for your twelve year bite checkup..."

Remus sat there, tugging nervously at the unraveling edge of his sleeve. Mr. Lawson flicked through the files uninterestedly. At last he pulled out a parchment colored file and flipped it open.

"Remus Lupin, bitten at the age of four," he read off a sheet. "You've graduated Hogwarts recently then?"

"Just yesterday," Remus acknowledged.

"Good, good, very punctual," Lawson said absentmindedly. "That's good in riff-raff like you. Don't question your orders."

"Don't call my friend 'riff-raff'," Sirius snarled, taking a step forward and glowering at the pudgy wizard.

"Sirius, please," Remus tried to calm him down. "We don't need trouble."

"Yes my boy, listen to your friend," Lawson said contemptuously, putting a nasty emphasis on the word 'friend'. "Let's not make any trouble before I can authenticate this creature's credentials."

Sirius was absolutely livid, but he stayed back, clenching his fist tightly at his side.

"Anyway..." Lawson continued as if nothing had happened. "Your grades look good enough, for a werewolf, so I'll need your signature in several places..." There was silence except for the scratching of a quill on parchment. "And your Registry number..." Remus frowned, but obediently scribbled that into the appropriate spot. "Now I'm afraid you have to fill out part of this form..." He handed another paper to Remus, who scanned over it anxiously.

"Name, age, date," he read. "Birthdate, hometown, blood background, height, weight, eyes, hair, sexual orientation...what the hell? This is like I'm registering all over again!"

Lawson shrugged apologetically, though he didn't look very sorry. "I didn't make the procedures. Maybe they just want to compare how you've changed since you registered?"

In the back of the office, Sirius muttered, "Yeah, I'm sure," under his breath.

Lawson smirked. "Well, you want to hurry up with that? I think your friend wants to leave as soon as possible."

"Wonder why," Sirius continued to mutter as Remus tentatively began to fill in the questionnaire. He was really dreading getting to that 'sexual orientation' blank... They had to have put that there just to cause more pain to people.

Name: Remus Lupin, he wrote shakily. Age: 18... and so on. He skipped over the orientation question, but when he reached the end of the form he knew he couldn't put it off any longer. He didn't have any problem with himself being gay, but he didn't exactly go around writing it on paper for other people to see...

He double checked over everything and slowly set the form down in front of Mr. Lawson. The man snatched it up, pushing his thick framed glasses carefully up his nose. He scanned over it imperiously. Remus visibly cringed as Lawson's smirk widened.

"All right, everything seems to be in order..." Lawson tucked the file into the larger folder. "You're all set. Don't forget, in order to get a job or own property or marry ā€” " He chuckled to himself. Sirius growled at him. " ā€” you will need to get approval and put it on record here."

Remus nodded pessimistically and got up, eager to get out of that stuffy office. "Come on," he said to Sirius, who glared angrily at Lawson before putting an arm around Remus's shoulders comfortingly.

"Yeah. You don't need to be around 'riff-raff' like him, Remy," Sirius spat, and led him out of the office and back to the elevator. " 'Your grades look good enough', God. You were top in the year! Well, except for Potions, you were a bit shaky there..."

"Oh," Remus moaned, ignoring him, leaning back against a wall. "Are they going to be having a good laugh about that back there. A gay werewolf. They're going to think it's the funniest thing in the world."

"Why didn't you lie?" Sirius questioned him, stroking his hair soothingly.

"That wouldn't work. We need to go back to get marriage certificates, obviously," Remus replied. "It'd be no good to lie now and get in a whole heck of trouble later for it. They could refuse the marriage."

"They can't do that!" Sirius gasped, appalled.

"Yes, they can," Remus murmured dejectedly. "They can decide everything I can and can't do."

"Those damn..." Sirius grunted. "It's horrible. Whoever started the Registry is a complete moron. And other things besides that that would get me in trouble with you if I said them."

"Glad you still remember your manners," Remus sighed, leaning into Sirius's chest.

"For you, Moony, I'd do anything."

"Cut you hair?"

"...Almost anything."

Remus chuckled despite himself. "That's okay. I like your hair."

"Really?" Sirius fingered his waist length hair. "You always made fun of it with James and Peter."

"Yeah..." Remus replied dreamily, wrapping his arms around the dog animagus and hugging him. Sirius wondered what the hell was wrong with him, but hugged him back anyway.

It was at that time that the elevator came to a stop and the door slid open, revealing a particularly infuriated Mr. Lupin, whose face only became stonier when he saw his son.


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