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- - - -

"Hey, how's Pashmina doing, Panda?" Hamtaro asked the gray and white hamster eagerly. He grinned.

"She's fine, fortunetely. She says that I gave her strength, but I know that it was her own strength that pulled her through. She's still a bit weak, though."

"OH! Here's Pashmina, now!" Cappy called, cupping his paws on the sides of his mouth.

"OOKYOO!" Penelope rushed over to the green door as Pashmina emerged, followed by Sandy. To their surprise, her pink scarf wasn't tied onto her neck. Small bags appeared under her eyes from the rough nights, and her movements were slower. But she was as beautiful as ever.

"Penelope..." she hugged her "little sister" tightly. "I missed you...and everyone...I was afraid that I would never see you again..." she looked up with a smile, and blushed as Panda grinned at her. "Oh, what are all the streamers for?"

"You'll see..." Sandy grinned, and she twirled the ribbon in the air. "Let's like, get this party started!" Confetti sprayed the air, everyone cheered. "Welcome back, Pashmina!"

"Oh, you guys!" Pashmina squealed. "You're the best!" She turned to Panda as he went up to her.

"Pashmina, I have something to show yo-"

"Hey, Pash-baby!" Stan interrupted, blocking Panda from view immediately. "Glad you're feeling better. How 'bout you and me under the stars tonight, my fair lady?"

"Stan, you're really sweet...but it's not going to work," Pashmina mumbled. "All this attention makes me nervous."

Stan gaped at Pashmina. "Re-really?" he asked weakly.

"I'm sorry, Stan..." Pashmina smiled gently. "Maybe you can go sweep Mei off of the floors."

"Thanks, Pash," Stan grinned, taking her hand. "Oops, here comes Sandy...gotta jet!" he rushed off.

Pashmina and Panda stared at each other nervously. When Panda was about to open his mouth again, Sandy jumped in front of him. "Hey, Pashmina! Can we talk in the corner?" she pointed to Mei, Bijou, and Penelope standing in a corner.

"Sure," Pashmina smiled, eager to talk to them again. "Can you wait for a sec, Panda?" Sandy led her off, leaving Panda to sigh heavily.

"Pashmina!" Bijou squealed, almost tackling her into a bear hug until Mei stopped her. "I am so glad that you are all right!"

"Thanks, Bijou," she said, and she held her in a gentle hug. Then I did it to Mei.

"So, girlfriend, I saw you getting a bit friendly with Panda back there," Sandy smiled smugly. "What's going on between you two?"

"Um...we each other..." she blushed heavily. Sandy let out a cat call. Mei smiled knowingly at her.

"So it makes you and Panda, me and Max."

"I also like someone," Mei added.

"Oh, who?" Bijou asked eagerly.

"Ookyoo!" Penelope piped up, feeling left out.

"Um...Hamtaro," Mei whispered. Bijou looked like she was shot with a flamethrower. Pashmina, Sandy, and Penelope looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"He walked me home the other day...he's so nice, and cute, I really never met a hamster like him..." Mei blushed. Bijou opened her mouth, but Pashmina covered it. Maybe she could untie this knot in place of Mei.

"What happened to Dexter and Howdy? I saw them the first day Mei came, and never after."

"They're owners were going on a cruise together, and they had to jet," Sandy answered her. "We have to explain that their true love is taken."

"Oh, I have to go to Panda. He wanted to tell me something," Pashmina grinned as Sandy winked. "See you later, guys." She rushed off to the waiting Panda.

"Hey, Panda, what did you want to show me?" she asked, unable to look him in the eye.

"'s outside," he mumbled. He hesitated, and took her hand nervously. Pashmina smiled, her face becoming the same color as her scarf, allowing Panda to lead her outside.

- - - -

Pashmina sucked in the fresh air. The settling Fall was drawing near. The trees stood tall, their green leaves growing crisp on the ends. Some were already turning red, orange, and yellow. "'s up there..." Panda stretched his free hand up to the trees, pointing to a particularly tall one.

"Okay, let's go up, then!" Pashmina said happily, leading the way up the tree. Panda stopped her halfway at one of the lower branches. "Er...can you wait here for a bit?" he asked nervously, pointing to the branch. She sat down. "So...just wait here, okay?" he hurried off to the other side of the tree.

"Here," Panda rushed over, holding a small pink table. It was perfectly furnished, it's sides smooth, the paint perfectly smeared on. Pashmina breathed. "Panda...this is wonderful!" She felt the texture carefully. "Thank you!" Before she knew it, she pecked him on the cheek. Soon, their faces were both burning.

"Um...Pashmina...?" Panda asked, his voice uncertain. "Would you..."

"Would I what, Panda-kun?" she asked shakily, confused at his hesitation.

"Would you liketo watch the sunset with me?" he asked, sitting down, gesturing to the pastel yellow and oranges painting the skies. Pashmina smiled warmly.

"Of course." She settled her head onto his shoulder, tingling as his fingertips rested onto her paw. She smiled, her face warm, and it wasn't from the setting sun.

Finally, she was complete.

- - - -

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