Chapter 1! (I'm Baaaaack!)- Fu Fu!

Kagome Higurashi, sat in her bedroom, growling with frustration over her current piece of math homework. It was a real treat in itself that she was even in her home. Usually she would be doing her homework, in the entirely unsafe, environment of Sengoku Jidia. Under the safe gaze of an ill-tempered, stubborn, beautiful Hanyou. the hanyou that she, unfortunately, couldn't get out of her mind.

She looked down at the math problem, in her algebra book. (Who cared what b plus g plus 8 equaled?) Then she looked at the doodles that coved the piece of paper she was working on. 'I heart Inu', was very common, so was 'Inu+Kaglove' and the name Inuyasha written in extravagant, luxurious letters.

She knew she was acting like a little girl with a crush, but while in her time, she couldn't get the half-youkai off her mind. Ending up with all her teachers asking who this mysterious 'Inu' was.

Kagome sighed as she heard her little brother running past her door, screaming joyfully at the top of his lungs that...NO!

She quickly got out of her seat, and ran to her bedroom door. 'it can't be true, it can't be! there's no way!' Kagome thought franticly, as she opened her door, and pecked out to the landing in front of the front door. Just to see, with a sickening sensation in her stomach, that what Souta had said, was in fact, quit true.

For there Father, was indeed, home.

"Chichioya! You're home!" Souta screamed, as he ran forward, and jumped into his fathers arms.

"Boy! You've gotten big!" Mr.Higurashi said, as he hugged his son.

"We haven't seen you for, what? 4 years? 5?" Souta asked, sounding like he wasn't angry at all. Kagome was slowly descending the steps, towards the rest of her family. Her mother was standing next to him, smiling as if nothing was wrong. Grandpa was no where to be seen.

"5 I believe. Kags! I've missed you darlin!" He said, with a distinctly American accent.

"Is that why you haven't been in the country for 5 years? Because you missed us? And don't you dare call me either of those things, ever again!" Kagome replied coldly. Everyone's smiles fell.

"Kagome!" Her mother scolded. "Show respect to your Chichioya!"

"My Chichioya, disappeared a long time ago. I don't know who this person is. But he is not, my father." She said, before turning, and marching back up the stairs, and slamming her bedroom door behind her.

"I'll go talk to her" Mrs.Higurashi said instantly, but as she moved to go up the stairs, a hand held her back.

"She'll come down when she's ready." Mr.Higurashi said calmly. "So, what's for dinner?"

Kagome slammed her door, before picking a pillow up off her bed, and screaming as loudly as she could into it. It was supposed to relieve her frustration. It didn't.

She slumped on the floor beneath her window, letting the tears course down her face.

'why did he have to come back? What happened to the stupid girlfriend of his in the states?' Kagome thought bitterly. Having truly believed the monster that was in her house, had truly been out of her life forever. The past few years having been so much better.

When her father had left, her family seemed to fall apart. He had stayed in the country for about 3 years, Souta got to get to know him, While Kagome had steered clear of him.

Her mother had seemed to loose all her flare for life. She would mope around, sleep till noon every day, and drink a lot. Until about a year before she had fallen down the well, she had seemed to pull herself together.

Before that time, Kagome had blamed herself. For it was her fault, that her mother, asked her father to leave. For she had told her mother, in all honesty, what he had done to her.

When Kagome had turned 6, her loving, caring, sweet father, had turned cold. Not around anyone else of course, but in the dead of night. Or the weekends when her mother was at work. He had done everything from beating her, to hanging her out windows, and threatening to kill her, and even sexually abusing her over, and over again. Then that one day, where he had taken it to the final level, she had spilled. She told her mother about the beatings. Not the other stuff, just the beatings. And Then, Mrs.Higurashi, had thrown him out.

And at this moment in time, All the slander that her father had used against her when she was a child, flooded back into her mind. His constant yelling of 'Bitch' 'Tramp' 'Whore', came back. And Kagome Higurashi, felt again, like she was worth less then nothing.

She forcefully wiped her eyes, before standing up, grapping her huge yellow back-pack, and climbing into the tree outside her door.

There was one place that she could still feel like she was worth something. And that place, existed five hundred years in the past.

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