Chapter 36

Inuyasha and Kagome arrived home later that evening. After a long day at Sesshomaru's. Inuyasha still insisted he was a bastard, while Kagome thought he had finally realized the errors of his ways.

They were arguing as they stepped in the front door, having been dropped off at the curb by Shippou, who had given them an ominous, manila envelope, saying, 'it's from Fluffy'. "You just don't get it wench, people like Sesshoumaru don't just do stuff out of the kindness of there hearts, he's up to something. I wouldn't be surprised if those letters were all fakes."

Kagome looked at him incredulously, as she took off her coat, and proceeded to put it in the hall closet. "And Shippou? You really think he would lie to us? He's like my son Inuyasha, I won't write him off as a liar as quickly as you do."

Inuyasha's anger seemed to deflate at the scathing tone his mate used. Before he stepped forward, and wrapped her in his arms. "I wasn't saying that, I just don't trust the bastard of a brother of mine. it has nothing to do with the br-"

"Stop calling him that!" Kagome cut him off, wrenching herself from his arms, and running up the stairs, Inuyasha went to follow her, when a hand came down on his shoulder.

"Let her go. She's had a long day. Not to mention all those pregnancy hormones she's got floating around." Kyle said quietly to him. "Let me go talk to her, she's much less likely to sit me, then she is you."

Inuyasha glared at him for a minute, reluctant to let his mate stay mad at him, but also reluctant to being sat. In the end, he nodded his consent, before Kyle went up the stairs, in search of his daughter.

She wasn't in her room. He found her in the bathroom, sitting on the floor between the bathtub, and the toilet, crying hysterically. Kyle grimaced, before sitting down in front of her. "Don't cry, you know that baka of a mate of yours hates the smell."

She looked up at him angrily, with tears clinging to her lashes, eyes red and puffy. "He'll have to live with it! He never pays any respect to people who care about him! Why can't he just grow up!" she outraged.

Kyle smiled at that. "You're right. And everyone knows that. Even you, but you've never cared before. You still don't, you just want someone to be mad at. Because what you're really mad about, is no ones fault."

Kagome looked down at her hands, that were lying ideally in her lap. Guilt written all over her face.

"I know about the well, I know about everything that happened today. Shippou told me he told Inuyasha about the separate timeline, and I know Sesshoumaru was here, and gave you the letters. A lot has happened, and you can't stress yourself out this much, it's no where near good for the baby. You need to pull yourself together, go back downstairs, and apologize to your mate. And try to ignore the pregnancy hormones as much as humanly possible." He stood up, and walked over to the doorway. "And Kagome."

She stood up to, and turned to look at him. He was smiling. "Just remember, we're all here for you, and we all love you."

The envelope, turned out to have a Birth certificate in it for Inuyasha Siaga, detailed history of where he'd been all his life, and everything he'd ever need to make a life in this era. Including, most important, a certificate of marriage, proclaiming Kagome to be, Kagome Siaga.

Everything seemed to go just great for the two-sets of soon to be parents. It was very strange when, the due date of a mother, and daughter were in the same month.

Kagome and Inuyasha were able to procure a house, and Inuyasha, a job. He was a swords trainer. Teaching little kids the old fashion, sword techniques. Good money. Mostly kids about 10-12. He was the perfect little disciplinary.

"December! What a beautiful month for a baby to be born!" Kagome exclaimed. As they left Dr. Koujou's office, in late November. Her stomach protruding significantly.

Inuyasha smiled, his mate seemed to be getting more excited by the day. She's already insisted, that if the baby was a girl, which they both thought it would be, she would be named December.

They had gotten married in October, under the Goshinboku. Inuyasha had wanted to wait, until he was accustomed to this time. Which he was, very well. It seemed almost like he'd lived here his entire life. It was his destiny after all to be here with her. Or so Kagome liked to believe.

Christmas was an unbelievable affair.

Kagome's due date, had been the 20th. But, that girl decided to be a Christmas present, and you only open those, Christmas morning.

The second Inuyasha had handed her her first gift that morning, was when the first contraction hit. And Inuyasha had loaded her into his car, (Yes, car!) And they were off.

Inuyasha was soon thrown out of the delivering room, by Kagome. He was just causing more problems, Kiesha was in there anyways, to lend support. So he went into the waiting room, to find all the Youngs, and Siaga's there waiting for him.

"How is she?" Mrs. Young asked, holding her own baby in her arms.

He just grunted, before sitting down in one of the waiting room chairs.

It took hours, and Inuyasha almost couldn't stand it. He could hear her screaming in there, but every time he got up to barge into the delivering room, three sets of hands reached out, and pulled him back into his seat.

Finally, a nurse came out, and led him into Kagome's room. Where he encountered his little girl, for the fist time.

He stepped inside, and saw his beautiful mate, lying in a hospital bed, looking thoroughly disheveled. But smiling all the same, as she looked down at the baby in her arms.

He walked up and sat on the side of the bed. His whole world lie there in front of him. His mate, and pup. His savior, and his offspring. And they were both beautiful.

He lay with her all day, just staring at her, and his pup. He just couldn't seem to get enough of either of them.

He kept going it all over in his head, his entire life had been nothing but, fighting, and death, and misery, and pain. That was until she walked in. She brightened his life, gave it meaning. Helped him do everything in his power to help others. He'd be nothing without her, hell, he'd probably be dead!

He couldn't hate himself enough for the hell he'd put her through with the whole Kikyou thing. She'd stuck by him, even though he'd treated her like dirt, and she'd even become his mate, after everything. and she'd gave him a pup.

This could just be the best Christmas ever, for he held the two presents, he'd received from Kami himself, in his arms this day.

The End

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