Title: Taste & Guess

Character Focus/Pairing: Henry Jekyll/Rodney Skinner

Rating: T

Note/Disclaimer: This is just a silly slash ficlet I did as a 15 minute ficlet challenge, but it's quite amusing. LXG (c) to 20th Century Fox, all characters are (c) to their original creators.

"Here, taste this." Rodney Skinner handed a glass of liquor to a blindfolded Henry Jekyll for tasting.

Henry pressed the rim of the glass to his lips. The doctor was invited to a taste and guessing game after Skinner had got into Nemo's liquor cabinet. At first, Henry did not like the idea, but Skinner insisted and Henry gave up resisting.

Warm fluid started to flow down Henry's throat into his stomach. The liquor had a burning feel, but soothed the inside of his throat.

"Is it brandy?" asked Henry.

"Yes," cried Skinner happily. "It happens to be the very expensive type too!"

"This game of yours is interesting, Skinner, but I think I should go back to my cabin."

"Wait," pleaded the invisible man, although Henry could not see Skinner invisible or not, "just one more!"

"Alright," sighed the doctor. Henry suddenly felt a hand grab him by his neck tie and pull him forward. His lips met with another pair of lips that were slightly chapped and tasted of alcohol.

After several seconds, Henry pulled away and tore off his blindfold.

"Skinner!" he shouted. The doctor's grey-blue eyes were lit with fury.

"Oh come on," teased completely naked and invisible Skinner, "it was a bit of fun!"

Henry smiled the light in his eyes changing from fury to passion. "Skinner, you are just so naughty!"

"Glad you think so!" Skinner chuckled. He loosened Henry's tie and began unfastening the collar of Henry's shirt. Then, he planted kisses on the doctor's neck. Henry gave a moan under the shower of kisses. A taste of a drink might have been something to their appetites, but the taste of each other was something for their souls.