Yes, yes, another collection of Bleach Drabbles. While I am not a Livejournal user, I haunt them anyway, because IchiRuki goodness can't be passed up. So for a Personal Writing Challenge, I've taken the 100 themes from the IchixRuki Community and decided that I'll write an IchigoxRukia drabble for each one. So there'll be 100 short drabble chapters when I'm done. Each will be an Ichi Ruki pairing, but some may be about different aspects of their relationship, or from some one else's perspective.

There may also be mentions of Yaoi. Being the Rabid Yaoi fan girl that I am, there may be some, even with the pairing always being Ichigo Rukia. But I am a devote IchiRuki fan as well, it being one of the six boy/girl pairings I fully support, so never fear, there wont be to much.

If anyone there at Livejournal IchiRuki gets mad and wants me to take this down, just leave me a review and I will do so promptly. Just please don't be rude – I don't mean to offend anyone by any of this so there is no need to be mean.


13. Permanent Hiatus
Title: Misunderstanding the Simple
Word count: 234
Rating: PG

When Ichigo walked away from Soul Society without a backwards glance, he could never understand how everyone else could think he was crazy. Really, after all the crazy shit that had happened (he only understood half of it, after all, why would he care about some Aizen weirdo when he knew enough strange people as it was?) just why would he want to put the strange place into memory? Everything worth remembering was set in a scar, thank you very much, and the rest of it could go to Hell (Heaven, Soul Society, whatever).

"But what about Rukia?" Ishida had demanded the moment they were back and alone.

Ichigo raised one eyebrow. "What about her?" He had asked back, in a tone that made the Quincy close his mouth slowly, then leave without another word.

He still looked as confused as when he had come.

And Ichigo could only shake his head, because no one could understand something as simple as Rukia. There was no point in waiting for her – she'd come crashing back into all their lives (his life) when she was ready to (when she felt like it, the bitch) and no amount of waiting or fretting would make a difference to the time.

And anyways, if her of absence lasted all his life, well then he'd just have to make it to Soul Society and come crashing back into hers. Simple.