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Aki: Anyway, there are a lot of obscure references to other series in here, as well as to The Poke-Me Experiment.

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Tenshi: IT RULES!

Bob Picadilly trudged into a large apartment building carrying a large bag of mail. As he walked through the lobby he didn't see anyone. As he got in the elevator he didn't see anyone. This was, of course, because there was no one there. Well, except for one person on the top floor. Okay, technically that one person was two people in the same body, but Bob didn't feel like getting into that just then.

The bell dinged impatiently and the doors slid open as he reached the top floor. He walked along a fancy hallway until he reached two unnecessarily large and impressive wooden double doors. He proceeded to knock loudly on one.

"What's the password!" yelled an irritated-sounding voice.

"The world is quiet here," Bob Picadilly answered.

He distantly heard something that sounded like 'darn' and the person on the other side of the doors sulkily responded "Intrude."

Bob did so, opening a heavy door with difficulty. "Here's your mail, Mr. Ryou."


"Whatever you say Mr. Supreme Overlord." he dumped the mail bag unceremoniously on a coffee table in the middle of the floor. Ryou (or should I say, the Supreme Overlord) frowned at him as half of the envelopes spilled on the floor.

"You can leave now. Just so you know, you interrupted me while I was watching my motivational tapes. Feel guilty."

"I will." Bob Picadilly answered boredly as he exited swiftly. As he slammed the doors shut behind him, he heard Ryou yell after him:

"That's Supreme Overlord! And lay off that whiskey!"

He got in the elevator. "Freak." he muttered to himself.

"I heard that!"

"Curse those hidden microphones..."

You may be wondering what the heck is going on. Let us rewind a little.

Several weeks before this, Ryou Bakura was sitting in Math class dutifully copying down problems from the board.

"So, if I subtract the exponents and square the blah and blah de blah de blah..."

Yes, Ryou was spacing out. Hey, math was boring.

'When I take over the world,' he thought drowsily, 'I'm going to send all math teachers to reeducation camps. Or maybe they'll TEACH in the reeducation camps, being as they're teachers and all... or something like that...'


'What the...?'

"Mr. Bazooka? What would I get if I did all that in the problem?" asked the teacher.

Ryou looked around to see who she was talking to, only to find everyone staring expectantly at him.

"Me?" he said, finally.

"Yes, you don't see any other Mr. Bazookas in the classroom, do you?"

"But my name's not-" his protest was cut off as the teacher demanded his answer in that teachery way they must all learn at school.

/Forty-two! SAY FORTY-TWO/ interrupted Yami Bakura from the safety of Ryou's mind.

"Um. Forty-two?" he ventured.

"That's correct, Mr. Bazooka." the teacher turned her attention to another unwary student.


/What?/ he sounded impatient.

'Where'd you get forty-two from? I thought you hated math.'

/I do. I just thought of forty-two because it's the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything./ he sounded annoyed that Ryou had gotten the answer right.

'Well thanks a lot, Yami.' neither of them could decide if he was being sarcastic or not.

"Good job, Bakura!" hissed Yugi from where he sat.

"Lucky guess?" asked Jounouchi.

"Mmhmm." he nodded, spacing out again as he doodled a picture of Yugi with a pineapple for a head.

Before long it was Literature class, and the students half-listened to their teacher as he outlined an activity they were going to that somehow tied into the book that they were studying, even though no one could figure out just how.

"So in conclusion, just get into groups and prepare a quick presentation on what is most important to you."

"How many people can be in a group?"

"How many minutes is our presentation supposed to be?"

He waved off the class's questions irritably. "I don't know, just do whatever you want to do."

The students shrugged and there was a flurry of movement as students dove to claim their friends before anyone else could.

Unsurprisingly, Ryou found himself still sitting morosely in his desk by himself. Yugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda had their desks clustered together a few feet from him. He could distinctly hear several words such as "friendship", "friends", "the power of friendship", and "amigos" float from their direction.

Ryou twirled his pen in his fingers, deep in thought on the subject of what was most important to him, though he was distracted by the sound of Yami Bakura clearing his throat pointedly in his head.

Ryou looked over at Yugi and the others, wondering idly if they had even noticed that he was partnerless.

/HeLLO! Default partner, right here/

'Oh yeah, Yami, you can stand up there with me and tell them all about what's most important to us. DUH! They can't see OR hear you!'

/You're so irritable today. I'm so proud of you!/

Ryou gloomily doodled another picture of a pineapple-headed Yugi, only this time the Fruit-Yugi seemed to be about to slip on a banana peel and fall down a manhole.

/How about your grades/


/Your grades. Most important thing to you. The teacher'll give you an A for sure! Or maybe, um... Pizza! That'll get a laugh out of those little beasts you go to school with. I don't know,though, it might be too sophisticated a joke for them.../

'I'm surprised you even know the word sophisticated.'

/Oh, I got served there/ Ryou detected a hint of pride in his voice.

"That's enough time, class." their teacher stood up from his desk and stretched.

/In other words, the class was too loud and woke him up./ Yami Bakura commented snidely.

Ryou was half-bored and half-anxious as the first group was called up. He just couldn't think of what to say. He knew none of his classmates would listen, and the teacher probably wouldn't either, but he had to do something.

By the time Group #1 (a bunch of flighty-looking girls who had decided that getting the newest, most fashionable purse each month was the most important thing to them) had returned to their seats, Ryou had grudgingly decided to say that pizza was his most-important-thing.

/No one listens to you anyway, Ryou./ his yami had pointed out/Chances are, no one will even notice./

Ryou had to agree that this was probably true.

He did look up shrewdly as Yugi's group was called and they proceeded to blather on about the "Power of Friendship" and how it helped save the whales and fix global warming or whatever.

"Yes," Anzu was continuing, "We're simply the best of friends, Yugi, Jounouchi, Honda, and I! Absolutely inseperable! Just the four of us!"

Ryou scowled at them, but they didn't notice, or even look at him as they made their way, beaming, back to their desks amid scattered, unenthusiastic clapping from the students who had actually been paying attention.

/Don't worry if they don't notice you Ryou,/ Yami Bakura reassured him, /They're probably all high on LSD, or whatever "friendship" stands for these days./

'Only you, yami...' Ryou sighed mentally.

He sat and listened disinterestedly as the rest of the groups made their presentations one by one. After the last group had finished, he automatically started to get out of his chair, fully prepared to go up there and wing it. He was surprised however when his teacher cheerfully announced from his desk:

"Now that all of the groups have gone, you can all just... goof off or whatever until class is over. But be quiet. I'm trying to slee- er, grade tests back here."

"But we haven't had any tests!" protested one student.

"That's what you think." the teacher told him darkly.

Ryou sat back down quickly.

He sulked halfheartedly for the rest of the day. The day had passed mostly uneventfully, except for a brief foodfight at lunch, an accidental fire in the Chemistry lab, and when the students in gym class accidentally hit a baseball through a window and hit the History teacher in the head.

After last period, however, as he was walking through the hall, Ryou had an idea. An idea that would get everybody to notice him. Not that he needed too much attention, but just enough that they would remember his name, he mused sourly as a teacher walked past and told him to "Have a nice afternoon, Ryan!"

Yugi and his friends came up out of nowhere . Ryou blinked.

"Hey, Bakura!" they greeted him.

"We're going to Yugi's house." Anzu informed him.

Ryou noticed that they did not invite him. "I'm going to destroy Canada." he told them, "They've had it too good for too long."

They weren't listening. "Okay, Ryan, that sounds nice!" They ran off.

He fumed for a few moments.

'My names not Ryan!'

Ryou did not, in fact, go to destroy Canada that afternoon. He did, however, make a trip to the mall...

Hopefully this chapter wasn't too confusing! All shall be explained in time!