Chapter 1: Ill

The alarm in Olivia's bedroom blared impatiently one warm summer morning. Normally, she'd be out of bed right away, but something was wrong. Nausea was lapping at the edges of her senses, and she was feeling extremely lightheaded."Maybe if I get up and focus on a case, I'll feel better," she thought to herself as she swung her legs to the floor, shaking off another wave of nausea before getting dressed.

To her surprise, Elliot was waiting for her in the lobby. "El, what're you doln' here?"

"I thought I'd give you a lift to work." He flashed her a smile, but it faded quickly. "Liv, you look a little pale. You OK?"
She nodded. "Just a little nauseous and lightheaded, that's all."

"Can you go in today, ya think?"

She nodded again. "Maybe it'll help me shake it off."

"Livia, I'm not sure this is a good idea. You look really pale."

"Elliot, I'm fine, really." She smiled before walking across the lobby to meet him. "So, who's driving?"

"I think I should, don't you?"
Olivia was about to agree when she felt her knees buckle. Elliot noticed this and caught her before she hit the ground. Struggling to stay calm, he scooped her into his arms and carried her out to his car. "You're gonna be fine, Livia." he soothed.

"El, my knees- they're so weak," she said as he placed her in the passenger seat and buckled her in.

"It's OK. I'm taking you to St. Catherine's. The doctors there will make you feel better."

Olivia was about to speak again when her cell phone rang. "Benson," she answered shakily.t the c

"Liv, you don't sound so good," Ceagen said with concern in his voice. "What's up?"

"I'm feeling a little funny, and my knees just buckled, so Elliot's taking me to St. Catherine's."

" Do you need Fin or Munch to meet you there?"

Olivia laughed good-naturedly. "No, I think we can handle it, Cap," she assured him as she felt Elliot start the car.

'OK, keep me posted, and get well soon."

"Thanks, Cap," she said as she hung up. Suddenly, a wave of worry washed over her. What was wrong with her, and how could it have come on so fast?"