X's New Emotion

Disclaimer: I of course do not own Mega Man X
Author notes: I know this might not seem to fit with the last story put when you read the upcoming parts it will.

It was sunset. X was on the roof of the HQ. He had been there for many hours, thinking. He was still puzzled about what Dynamo said about the mysterious doctor who had resently caused trouble. Elsewhere in the HQ, Douglas was giving every repliod, hunter or not X-buster upgrades, for what ever this doctor was going to do was going to be big. X finally desided to leave the roof, to his friends releif. In the command center, Lifesaver and Signas were discusing X's resent behavior concerning the doctor. " I am concerned with X, he appears to be talking this doctor threat more seriously than anyone" said Lifesaver. " I know, I don't blame him, after all the doctor did cause the virus outbreak and Zero's death, but you are right some of his behavior is unlike him" said Signas. "I suggest we keep an eye on X for the time being" said Lifesaver. " I agree" said Signas.
As Signas and Lifesaver discused X's situation, X was heading for the recharged chamber. Suddenly he ran into Alia and fell down. "Oh Alia, I'm sorry" said X. " No It was my fault I was not paying attention" said Alia. X helped her up and she walked to command. As X looked back he had a strange feeling rush over him. He had experance many emotions that he was programed with, he had never felt anything like this. He shoke it off and proceeded to the recharge chamber.
The next day, X tried to forget the unknown emotion he had experienced the other day. X passed the com room and saw Alia. As he looked the strange emotion appeared again. He could not shake it this time and he also could not stop staring at Alia. X finally snaped out of it and ran out as fast as he could outside. " What is wrong with me" asked X? X stood there in a warm sweet. "What is this strange emotion" he asked? X went back inside.
X planned to go the the VR room to train when Alia stopped him. " X, Signas wanted to talk to you right away" said Alia. " Eh ssure tell him I be there in 2 hours" stutered X. "X are you ok" asked Alia? " I'mm ffine" said X. X then left in the opposite direction. Alia looked at X with a puzzled look on her face. X went to the the roof to think. " Why is this happening to me" asked X? X then remembered something that Zero had told him about a female repliod named Iris. He had described simular feelings that he had about her. X remember that it was called love. " Was I in love" asked X "is it possible for me to be in love"? X sat on the ledge, stareing at the setting sun when a hand touched his shoulder. He looked up and saw Alia. She sat down next X. X was almost about to faint. "X is something wrong" asked Alia? " What makes you say that" asked X? " You've been acting strange around me lately" said Alia " your not in love with me are you"? X looked almost in shock. "You are in love with me" said Alia. "Your jumping to conclusions" said X. " That's a shame because I really like you" said Alia. X looked at her tring to hold back a smile. " Ha I knew it" said Alia. Before she could say another word, X gave her a passonate kiss. He then broke it. " I love you, Alia" said X. " I love you too, X" said Alia. Alia put her head on X's shoulder as the both of then staired at the sunset. Signas who was looking for X saw the whole thing. " At least he has something to occupy his time for a while" said Signas.
X would not have much time to relax, for in his underground lab the mysterious doctor was about to begin his first offencive. " Yes, you are finally complete, and when X meets you it will be a battle like this world has never seen" said the doctor as he stood there laughing.