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The Undying Lands were a world of waking dreams. Green lands rolled into golden horizons, while glass waves of silver and blue broke upon white sands. Sapphire skies of the day faded into the velvet black of night.

Upon a hill sat a pearl tomb where the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the first Ringbearer, had been laid to eternal rest. The second and younger, Frodo of the Nine Fingers, still walked among the Eldar, now reunited with his faithful friend Sam.

Haldir again walked among his kindred. Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn welcomed me into the Blessed Realm as one of their own, although finally had they been reunited with Celebrían their daughter.

But years passed. Time was meaningless, simply fading as light does with the coming of night, yet I felt its pull. The time came for Frodo Baggins to be laid to rest on the glittering hill next to his beloved Bilbo. Sam followed closely after and so the last of the Ringbearers faded even from the Realm of the Eldar.

With the coming of night, I took to wandering the white shores, lulled by the sound of the Sea. Many times would I wake with the rising of the sun over the water, unaware of having fallen asleep.

So it was when I awoke to see Emeriel and my Lady standing upon the sand. Emeriel's eyes sparkled with unshed tears. I followed her gaze to a gray ship docked – the last to arrive in Valinor. Her craftsmanship was not that of Círdan the Shipwright, for he had joined us in the Blessed Realm when the last ship arrived from the Grey Havens many years ago.

Calíme walked across the sand. She set an elfling down on the shore and Melion toddled happily into his mother's waiting arms. The child wrapped his arms around Emeriel's neck as she lifted him high in the morning air, tears of joy adorning her cheeks.

My heart was glad to see my friend reunited with her child. Emeriel was glowing and Melion, even as an elfling, was overjoyed to be reunited with his mother.

Galadriel's eyes were soft and happy as she gazed across the sand. I heard a gruff mumbling and saw the lock-bearer, Gimli Elf-friend as he was known, shuffling nervously across the beach. He stared at the ground and Galadriel placed a hand on his cheek. "Welcome," she said with an enchanting smile.

And then I realized. I stood up and looked at last to the ship. He walked down the ramp and onto the sand. Early morning's light shone off of his golden hair as he walked toward me. Tears fell from my eyes to the ground.

I saw that there was pain in his eyes and I knew that people we loved were gone. I longed to ask of Éowyn and Aragorn and our daughter and her family.

At last he stood before me. We did not speak; there would be time enough later. He put a hand to his chest and bowed in greeting. Putting a hand to his cheek, I kissed him softly. I knew I would finally be at peace.

Lady Galadriel led Gimli, Emeriel followed with Melion in her arms and Calíme at her side, and Legolas and I walked arm in arm, together once more. As the sun rose over Valinor, we left the beach and vanished into the West.