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Ratings: PG-13

Genre: Angst/Tragedy

Warnings: Character Death (but don't let that stop you!)

Main Characters: Shigure and Ayame

Additional Notes: None really…you can take this as shounen-ai if you want, but it can be either…


He smiled weakly. Shigure could only cry as he held that trembling hand. Golden eyes were fading, and fading fast.


The voice was soft, weak, and thin. Shigure swallowed. "Aaya, please…I'm sorry!"

"Gure… You…you saved…them…"

The dog shook his head. "But at what cost?" he muttered bitterly. "Why did you do that, idiot snake?" The tears fell to the bloodied ground, among the small rock figures of the juunishi—a clumsily painted Cat included.

The smile broadened, through it became all the more pain-filled because of it. "Because…someone…had to let…Yuki…and T-Tohru…be…t-together…"

"But why you?" he demanded. "Why not me? Or Kureno? Or anyone else?"

There was a light chuckle from those bloodless lips. "Because…I needed…redemption…"

Shigure stroked the hand in his. His eyes traveled down from flickeringgold to the crimson staining the other man's stomach, the white cloth of the kimono flowering into red there. His eyes blurred. He could see the knife that had slain the angel laying a few feet away, where he'd thrown the blade after pulling it from his friend's stomach when he'd found him.

"Why," he asked suddenly. "Why did it have to be this way?"

The other man didn't answer as he shuddered, the pain becoming unbearable then disappearing all together. Shigure could only close those golden eyes that were now vacant and hollow—empty, answerless.

Pain surged through his own body for a moment before he sighed, pressing the still-warm hand to his lips in one last kiss.

The curse was gone. At last, his dream had come full-circle.

He had never felt so much agony; the dream had cost him a friend. The curse had required a martyr to break it...

And Ayame had chosen to die for them.

Shigure swallowed. "Goodbye…Aaya, my redeemer…"


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