"Tying the Knot"

Summary; Billy and Mandy has to get married or get rid of Grim. Why? You may ask? Because a new law in the under world just passed the law saying if two people owned the Grim Reaper one male and one female they must get married if they are over the age of fourteen, I know it's a stupid law.

Oh yea...just so you know Billy and Mandy are sixteen in this.

Disclaimer; I do not own this show!

On with the story!

It was a Tuesday morning Mandy looked outside of her window, to see nothing but the morning sun in her face. Oh, how she hated the sunshine too bright and happy for her taste.

She turned away from the window but to only look into a mirror. She never liked her reflection. Her hair was now black, and long that her flowed down her shoulders,
she dyed her hair black because she claimed that it matched her heart. (Of course Billy has told her that he liked her better as a blond.)

But she didn't care what he thought.

Her blue eyes represented her depression, ever since she entered puberty her depression has gotten so much worse. She is more cruel to everyone except for Billy or Grim.

She slid her hands down her body she felt her curves and figure. She was probably one the prettiest girls in the school...but she always hid it. By overdoing her make up and warring nothing but black, and white.

Unfortunately for Mandy boys still tend to go after her, but she always managed chase them off.

She never wanted to date, or have a boyfriend. Mandy was sixteen years old and never had her first kiss. That didn't matter to her and never did.

Mandy left her room and walked to the bus stop.

Apparently, her and Billy were opposites when it came to dating. She saw him flirting with a girl.

'Who's the girl of the week, this time?' Mandy thought to herself.

"Hi Billy." Mandy said as she walked right next to him

"Who is this?" The girl Billy was flirting with asked, in a rued voice.

"Crystal, this is Mandy," Billy started to think but he didn't have a very good idea, "Sister Mandy"
He added.

'If he calls me a nun one more time, I'll murder him.'

Ever since the age of fourteen Billy has called Mandy, a nun.
That's basically because she never dates, and wares nothing but black and white.

Fourteen was also the age Billy has stopped trying to get a date with Mandy, he found it hopeless.

"You have a sister?"

"No she's a nun." Billy replied.

'That's it your dead.'

"Oh...William your telling people I'am a nun; How dare you"
Mandy was pretending to be Billy's girlfriend and doing a good job of it.

"Excuse me." Crystal asked she was confused.

"You must excuse my boyfriend, ever since I found him cheating on me he's been telling girls like you that I was his sister or a nun."

Crystal slapped Billy across, "Jerk!"

"Thanks for warning me about him," Then she lowered her tone of voice and said, "I think you can do better."

Mandy replied by saying, "I know."

She walked off.

"Crystal come back, Mandy's not my girlfriend!" Billy yelled.

"Why did you do that for?"

"Because, you deserve it."

"You lied."

"So did you."

"No I didn't Nuns ware black and white and never go on dates, just like you. You might as will be one."

"That dose it." Mandy said as she balled up fist.

Meanwhile with Grim...

There was a room with five chairs, glowing a dark light. A tall figure with a red lite surrounding him as he stood up.

"By the popular vote of the underworld the law has been passed."

Grim stood up and danced around..."I'am free at last!"

"Not quite." A voice out of nowhere said.

He stopped dancing around and asked, "What do you mean mon?"

"They have two weeks to decide, if they want to go ahead with the marriage or not. Within those two weeks they still own you, if they do get married they have to have marital relations within three weeks of the marriage if they do not the marriage will be resolved and you will be free."

'Mandy will never agree to that, Iam good as free...although she will make my last two weeks a living nightmare.' Grim thought to himself.

Another creature of the under world stood from one of his chairs and said, "You have to tell them everything."

Grim had a nervous look on his face, "Everything?"

"Yes, everything from the rules and conditions, to telling both Billy and Mandy that we're interfering with their fates, to fact that they were married in a prevous life."

"Yes, I understand." Grim muttered under his breath.

'This could ruin things for me as I know it.'

"Might as well go and tell them."

He took out his scythe and opened up a portal, he went back to Endsville.

There was Mandy beating the heck out of Billy.

"Hey what's going you two?" Grim said in stern voice as separated both Billy and Mandy.

Mandy didn't have a scratch on her. Billy on the other hand had a black eye, purple and blue bruises all over him.

"You called her a nun, again didn't you?"

Billy weakly nodded his head.

Grim looked at Mandy and said, "You have to control your temper young lady."

Mandy only glared at him.

"I have some news to tell the both you." Grim said in a nervous voice.

"What is it."

"Well it's-"

To be continued...

Author's note; I'am looking for a Co-writer for this fic, so if your interested, email me. My MSN IM and my yahoo IM are in my profile, this story can up two co-writers and the paring has to be Billy/Mandy in this story. If your interested email me, you will be credited for it of course.