"Tying The Knot."

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"What do you mean you don't have to?" The voice questioned. Both Mandy, and Grim had the same thought. Of course Mandy highly doubts that Billy has any decent ideas to get them out of the situation that they are facing, and Grim pretty much thinks the same.

Grim was standing there watching in anticipation awaiting an answer. In the last two weeks Mandy has been crueler, than ever. The chores has tripled for him, and when he was done with that he had to the meaningless task of giving Salvia Spanish lessons, (without magic.) Not mention all the idiotic stuff Billy has been making him do. These last two weeks has been hell for him.

He hopes to get his freedom sometime soon, and if they do get married then he hopes the rest of- his promise to Penelope follows through as planed.

"We're only sixteen," Billy said sure of himself. "That's young," The boy grinned happily, sure that he was right; it wasn't a good excuse, that maybe considered young on earth but in the under-world it was highly accepted. So there really was no changing the law in that way.

Mandy was glaring at Billy like always.

Mandy may look mean, but inside; she's afraid. "It's the law," The voice answered. This is when Mandy blinked in reaction of a big and stressful surprise. She wouldn't marry with an idiot, or so she thinks. "No-way to cancel it?" Mandy asked worried. "Nope, so what did you decide?" The Voice asked.

"This is worst than I thought," Mandy said to herself. Billy saw Mandy upset, with her head facing down and her eyes closed. Both of them didn't have a choice, the decision had to be told to the voice; they didn't want to lose their friend Grim, even though they made his life impossible.

"Yeah we know," Billy responded.

"Tell me your decision NOW," The Voice ordered. Mandy sighed, she took a deep breath

"Ok, Billy, tell him."

Then Billy started "We're getting-" He sighed. "…Married"

"Good," the voice answered.

Then Mandy asked, "So, the deal's off?" "No you're still getting married..." The deceased voice answered, scornfully.

"So when is the wedding?" Billy asked. "In five days," The voice responded.

'I am going to kill that-' Mandy's thoughts got cut off when.

"Well, Grim they abided by they're part of the deal now you follow through yours."

Grim looked around apprehensively he didn't want to tell Billy or Mandy anything about the past. For more than obvious reasons.

There is really no telling on how they would react to such a thing. Would they even believe him?

"What part of the deal?" Mandy asked half curious.

"Grim you didn't tell them about anything did you?" The higher being spoken.

"Grim never told us anything!" The teenaged boy spoke up.

"Listen, you have to tell one of them at the least the law clearly states-" The voice got cut off when Grim muttered,

"Yeah I know," but which one to tell? He could tell Mandy and not Billy; but what was the use of that? Mandy would either get pissed and do things unthinkable or maybe she wouldn't believe him at all. If he told Billy and not Mandy; well he knows for a fact Billy is more forgiving about these things, and not get mad about this. Grim also knows as years went by Billy learned how to keep a secret (One of the very few things Billy learned over years.) But there's also the chance that Mandy might make him tell her about it later. So who to chose?

That was his dilemma, but if he didn't want to get his skull smashed in at this point in time: he might as well tell Billy. He is the better choice hands down.

"Listen I'll tell Billy." Grim said dreadfully, he feared this day would come. The day where he had to tell one of the kids the truth about themselves.

"You might as well tell him and, I'll take Mandy someplace where she can't hear." The voice responded and with that a red magical light surrounded Mandy and teleported her someplace else in the under-world. Mandy didn't have time to agree or object to what the voice has just done. He did it before she can even say a word.

"Hey where did he take Mandy?" Billy asked worriedly about his future "wife."

"Don't worry Billy she's safe." Grim responded.

"Ok, Grim..." The teenaged boy said while looking down, "What did you need to tell me?"

Okay, Billy a long time ago, you and Mandy were once known as David and Penelope."

"Oh, you mean just like the David and Penelope that are in the history books?" Billy asked excitedly.

Grim stared at Billy blankly, it wasn't to surprising that history would record David and Penelope, after all they did rule the earth for a short time. The Extraordinary thing was Billy actually pay attention in history class.

"Um, yeah."

"Didn't Penelope kill herself right after her husband died?" The young boy asked. He wasn't right at all. Penelope was no where near close to suicide even when David died she didn't go down without a fight, and a hell of a fight it was. If only Grim knew Penelope was with child; then he never would have killed David or Penelope in the first place.

Grim stared at Billy yet again, he came up with two conclusions on how would he even say such a thing about Penelope. It was either history didn't record the Great Queen's death correctly or Billy didn't pay enough attention in class. But either way Grim was right.

"No you see; I killed her." The skeleton replied he is hoping that Billy comprehends what he was trying to say.



"What's going on?" Mandy demanded to know; this voice wasn't telling her anything.

"Wouldn't you like to know."? The voice responded he was being somewhat childish about it. When the voice was living he used to know Penelope very well, and one of his favorite pass times was to annoy the living hell out of her.

Penelope did have a lethal temper, but there were only three other people (Other than David.) Who could do that and get away with it. And surprisingly enough the voice was one of them. The voice has to remember, this is Mandy he is dealing with, there's very little of the Penelope he once knew is there; because over the last five centuries her personality has changed.

Back with Grim and Billy twenty minutes later...

"Oh, so that's what it is?" Billy said in realization, he understood most of what Grim has told him.

"Yes, so you see why this law was made in the first place?"

"Yeah...but one thing I don't get."

"What is it?" Grim answered, hoping he wasn't going to ask anything stupid.

"I thought Mandy was a nun." Will Billy ever get over this fabricated nun idea? That we may never know.

"She never was, is not, nor ever will be a NUN!"

Billy just stared at Grim like he was stupid or something his only thought at this time was.

'How could she not be a nun?'

Before Grim or Billy could say another word, Mandy came back out of nowhere.

"Here you can have her back she's driving me crazy!" The voice yelled.

"I told you couldn't get away with it." Mandy responded in her usual tone of voice.

Both, Billy and Grim were standing there staring and wondering. How could Mandy drive an entity that was more powerful than her crazy? Although to anybody who knows Mandy the answer should be pretty obvious.

Two hours later...

They were all back on earth. Billy and Mandy were alone with each other right now just talking. (Or should I say driving each other crazy. But you are the judge of that.) Grim on the other hand is still doing chores. (That Mandy ordered him to do.)

"We have five days for the wedding Billy things are going to be different."

Billy only gulped, 'I wonder how different?'

"I might not talk to you ever again after this." Mandy muttered.

"I hope you don't kill me." The teenage boy said in fear of Mandy, he knows she can kill him very easily. Billy is starting to wonder: why hasn't she killed him already? Is it because the idea hasn't crossed her mind yet? Or maybe she just doesn't want to.

"If you do anything stupid yes." Billy is good as dead; he's always doing stupid things. There's no hope for him to live through the first few hours of him being married to her. It would be a miracle for him to last the first five minutes. Then again he was able to be around her for as long as he can remember and then some. Billy put Mandy through all kinds of hell when they were younger.

He would always get into some kind of mischief then she would always rescue him. So maybe he can, live through this after all.

"How should I not be stupid?" He asked his future wife.

"Get a new brain," And with her saying that she walked off.

"I wonder what store.." Billy pondered over this.

Mandy turned around and said, "We are not going to tell our parents anything about this. Got it?" She was looking at him waiting for a response.

"Got it nun commander!" Billy replied, then he saluted to her.

Mandy stopped in her tracks... 'Don't say a word to him. It's not worth your trouble.'

She just sighed, "It's going to be a long month," Mandy spoke to herself but Billy heard it anyways.

"Unless, you end up pregnant; like that was part of the law or something," Billy stopped then continued, "Then we'd be stuck with each other a lot longer than a month."

Mandy cringed at that thought, a child between her and Billy would be worst than a nightmare, (And poor Grim would spend many nights babysitting that terrifying little monster.)

"Never going to happen," Mandy said sure of herself.

Billy just stared at her, 'I better not tell her about David's and Penelope's kid.'

To be continued...

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