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Plotline collaboration- Saturn Stars and Gomp

Written by Gomp

Edited by Saturn Stars

Fullmetal Assassin.

Al suddenly lost his footing as the man swift kicked him. He landed hard on his tailbone causing a startled cry to escape his lips. What a cheap shot!

Almost in an instant, Al was on his feet, both twin hooks clasped tightly in his hands.

Armstrong stood up himself. He dug deep into his pockets and pulled out two sets of brass knuckles. He slid the five finger rings on, a point stuck out at every knuckle.

Al swallowed rather loudly. If he was to be punched in the face… oh man, it made his stomach wheezy just thinking about it.

"Aa, nothing like boys playing with their swords."

Al eyed his weapons. "Umm, they're not swords. They're hooks."

Armstrong smirked. "Just makes it more pathetic."

Al, of course, became rather angry by that statement. How was it pathetic? In one quick motion he hooked both hooks together. He allowed the left handle to leave his grasp. He then began to swing the hooked blades wildly in the air. "Come over here; let me show you how pathetic I can be!"

Armstrong did not hesitate as he ran right towards the young man.

"I was tipped off. But, I wasn't expecting my assassin to be…you."


Her steps rang out loudly in the darkened room. Edward simply stood there, not really intimidated by her.

"I had heard about you. You are spoken through high business class individuals. Surprisingly, you seem to be kept out of the media. Why is that?" Winry stopped; she turned sharply to stare at him. "Must mean you have rather good connections. Hmm, now that I know your name is Edward Elric…"

His steps were too fast for her to even move. In an instant Edward was right in front of her. She was standing right by a wall so he easily pushed her against it. His gun was held firmly in his right hand. "What do you plan to do about it?" His voice held a deadly tone.

Winry didn't even waver, she offered him a smug smirk. "Well, if you kill me I guess you will never find out."

Edward was about to pull the trigger, he was so damn close. But, once again, she captured him with her endless sea blue eyes. It was then he noticed how close their bodies were. He faltered.

"Why Edward…"

In a blink of an eye Winry had a dagger in her hand. If Edward was surprised his expression didn't show it.

Edward took a moment to look at the hand Winry held the blade in. The silk glove she had been wearing was now torn. She had a hidden sheath under the torn glove, he quickly decided, one that would eject the blade. Clever.

Both stood silently looking at each other. One held a dagger to the jugular vein in Edward's neck, the other held a gun to Winry's temple.

Edward decided rather quickly that he didn't like this girl.

She was not cute, not sexy at all.

The handle of the hook smacked Armstrong across the face. Al would have smiled if it wasn't for the fact that that didn't even seem to faze the bulky man. Armstrong still ran at him full speed ahead and in an instant Al was slammed into the ground. The hooks skittered loudly across the floor.

Armstrong lifted his fist into the air. The tip of the steel brass knuckle gleamed from the glow of the computer screen. "Who sent you?"

Al dug into one of his pockets. He found his piece of chalk easily.

"Answer me boy!"

The chalk was fairly silent as it marked the floor.

"Answer me!"

Al smirked as he looked up. "No."

Armstrong's eyes narrowed. "What?"

Al's fingers rubbed against the chalk design he had made on the floor. "I said-" The floor suddenly broke apart. Pieces of cement flew through the air. "-NO!"

It was hard to breathe. They were so close…

"Aren't you going to pull that trigger of yours?"

Edward met her calmly. "Aren't you going to use your blade to cut?"

Winry's deep red painted lips formed a bemused smile. "Good point."

Again, they stared silently at each other, both waiting for one to make the first move, both waiting for one to break.

The silence stretched and their eyes remained connected.

Then it happened. It was quiet; probably a creak in the flooring, but it was enough.

Edward pulled away before the blade could slice. He tried to swift kick her, but Winry jumped before his leg could catch her own. Edward looked up from his kneeled position on the ground. "You're fas-"

His words were cut off when he realized he was getting a very good look up her…

He shook his head. "-fast."

"Thanks.", was all she said before her own foot went flying at him.

Armstrong flew backwards while trying to escape the sudden disarray of the floor. His eyes were wide open, his mouth a jar. Alchemy… that boy had used alchemy.

"How did you…where did you…?"

Alchemy was a forbidden act. So few knew about it, even fewer actually knew how to use it. His anger suddenly flared. "This will not be tolerated!"

Alphonse only smiled at the man as he pushed himself from the floor. He dusted some of the dust off his pants. "Oh, you don't like the fact that I now obviously over power you?"

Armstrong's eyes narrowed. "Over power me?"

Al cracked his knuckles. He calmly walked over to his hooks and picked them up off the floor. He knew Armstrong was now well aware that he would not be able to beat him. I mean, Al had the power of alchemy to back him up, who would challenge someone that had that type of power? As he predicted Armstrong didn't even try to stop him from collecting his weapons.

Armstrong on the other hand saw no need to try and stop Al. If this boy wanted to fight, he planned to give him a fight. He rolled his neck around allowing it to crack loudly. In one quick motion he grabbed his shirt and tore it off.

The hairs on his chest curled just like the one on his head, Al noted.

"You want a fight boy." Flex. "I'll give you one!"

The bulky man crossed his hands over his chest, revealing something that Al hadn't noticed before, something that made Al's mouth drop.

Two tattoos of alchemy arrays were on the back of Armstrong's hands. Surely he couldn't…

Armstrong's hands flew towards the floor.

Edward moved his body just in time to escape the daggers path. Winry was good with her aim, much better than he had expected.

How did the queen of auto-mail become such a worthy opponent?

Winry's eyes were watching all of Edward's movements very intently. By chance Winry noticed Edward's questioning gaze after she threw another one of her daggers. She took an educated guess at what Edward would be inquiring about.

"Surprised that I have such good aim?"

Edward quickly did a dive from her next flying dagger. The dagger pierced the binding of a tattered leather book that sat on one of the shelves behind him.

Edward muttered under his breath. "Yeah, maybe." He did a back flip to avoid the next dagger. How many of these things did this chick have!

Winry was enjoying her cat and mouse chase. She pulled out the next dagger from the bun in her hair. She watched as Edward glued his eyes on her, waiting for her to make her next move. Winry tapped the tip of the blade against her chin as she shot Edward a pleasant smirk.

"Auto-mail mechanics make friends with shooting darts. It helps pass the time."

Edward paled slightly. This had to be a joke.

The next dagger whizzed right by his head.

Alphonse jumped from the pieces of cement that shot up from the ground. A trail of flying bricks followed his fleeing path. In the process of his get away Alphonse dropped his double hooks carelessly to the ground.

This man was good, Alphonse decided, very good.

Alphonse dug deep into his pockets. Alchemy was an art form which was so rarely used, but Alphonse knew when he was heading into a job he had to go very prepared, prepared to the very last detail.

Alphonse pulled out a white folded sheet of paper. As he ran he unfolded the paper. Drawn on the sheet in black marker was an alchemy array. The alchemy array was a rather special one that he kept handy for desperate situations.

A piece of stone smacked Alphonse right in the back.

Yup, he felt this was one hell of a desperate situation.

The floor behind him was a trail of cement ruble. Alphonse had to dive towards the wall to do what he wanted to do next. He dove straight into the wall in front of him; his right arm was held out with the piece of paper open in the flat of his hand.

The moment Alphonse hit the wall with his outstretched hand a flaring blue light consumed the room.

Winry was low on her daggers and yet had to actually hit Edward. Damn.

She tried to predict his movements the best she could, but it was as if he was always one step ahead of her! Winry grasped the handle of the dagger in her hand tightly. She should have taken the gun Armstrong had offered her earlier that day. She had told her body guard that she would be fine armed with what she had. What a mistake on her part.

The cocking of a gun took her out of her moment of thought. Winry almost dropped the dagger in her hand when she realized she was looking down the barrel of Edward's gun. The shine of the machine was almost momentarily blinding. When did he…?

Edward smirked. "That's why you don't blink."

"How did you lose your arm?"

Edward's mouth fell straight open. What the hell was wrong with this female! Talk about being totally rando-

Edward had to duck as the blade flew right at him. But, much to Edward's disbelief, the blade did not go by without harm. His left arm stung from a deep cut. Blood began to bead up in the wound; slowly it streamed down his expensive suit jacket.

Winry had another blade being twirled between her fingers. "And that is what happens when you don't pay attention."

The next blade went flying right towards him.

The only thing that saved him was the loss of footing because of the sudden shaking floor. The vibrating floors sounded like thunder.

Smoke consumed the room. Alphonse began to choke on the smoldering smoke that swarmed through the atmosphere. On his hands and knees Alphonse crawled through the hole of the wall that he had made. The dirt collected onto his pants, but he did not care. All he wanted was to get the hell out of there! He knew he was leaving behind all the information he had collected on the computer, but he figured the information wasn't worth his life.

The man could use alchemy, damn it! There was simply no way Al would be able to win.

Alphonse did not look behind him as he quickly staggered to his feet and ran into the next room over. There were no light to help guide him to the door of the room, but he did the best he could. His hands were held out in front of him as he tried to find the door that would hopefully be present against the front wall. His hands suddenly knocked into the doors knob. Score.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Alphonse turned behind him. Armstrong stood in the center of the giant hole that he had just recently created. "Boy, I am not done with you yet. We have only just started."

Al was pretty positive he could come up with a snazzy reply to that, but hell, at that point he simply just didn't care to. With one quick twist and jerk, the door swung open. The bright hall light suddenly seeped into the room, blinding him for a moment.

Al then ran out of the room as fast as his feet could carry him.

"What was that?" Winry had her hands gripping the bookshelf beside her for support. She looked at the ground that only moments prior had been shaking as if an earthquake had just happened.

Winry didn't know what she had expected; maybe at least a grunt of acknowledgement or something from Edward, but silence only greeted her. Her eyes quickly scanned the quiet room that surrounded her. Edward…where had he gone?

Oh shit, he was no where in sight! "This library is huge, he could be anywhere." She muttered to herself.

Crap, she shouldn't have let her eyes leave him! Now…oh god, now he could be…anywhere.

She swallowed loudly as her eyes kept scanning the front of the room. She knew behind her there were a good number of book shelves. She and Edward had simply been standing in the open entrance of the library. But… if she was to head into the rows of bookshelves behind her, anything could happen really. There were so many places to hide, so many places Edward could simply sneak up and shoot her.

But, she quickly realized, it was obvious he was not in the area that they had been dancing around each other in for the past half hour or so. He had to be in the back now and the more she stood in the open space of the front, the more chance Edward had for an open shot.

Winry took a few steps to the left. On the wall sat a white switch. She flicked it on. Suddenly the whole library around her brightened. Light, it would be smarter to have light.

Trying to remain calm, Winry took a deep breath as she turned on her heals. She took a step towards the aisle that would lead into the rows of shelves.

She had two daggers left, two that were her only chance for life.

Alphonse's feet rung out very loudly through the bare wide hallway. The cement walls were a bland gray, a dull light illuminated the way. He didn't hear anyone behind him; hopefully that was a good sign.

Alphonse turned another corner, and to his surprise, a door sat wide open at the end of the hall. As he ran he tried to think logically about the open door. Surely if Armstrong was in the room he wouldn't leave the door open. It would be a much better tactic for him to swing it open and surprise Alphonse. Was it smart to go into the room to hide?

The closer Alphonse came to the room the more empty the room seemed. It would be best for him to hide and to consider another way to take on Armstrong. It would buy him time, yes, it would buy him at least five minutes he was sure.

Once he came to the open door he made a quick turn and entered it. He shut the door loudly behind him.

The room was pitch black, but the noise and sound of movement was unmistaken-able.

Someone else was in the room, Alphonse quickly decided, and he didn't have a clue to who the hell it was, or, who they were…

Winry was scared…scared as hell, and it was actually the first time that night she truly had felt that way. Hell, she had never been more scared in her life!

Edward was a very well known assassin and at that moment he now had the upper hand.

Winry kept her eyes wide open and stayed very alert for any sound or sign of movement. A gust of cold air hit her at the back of her neck, she shivered slightly.

How had he moved so quickly without her seeing him?

The presence of dust gave the air a stale taste. Her heals were now stepping on a hideous olive green carpet as she walked cautiously down between two bookshelves. Her body suddenly began to tremble as the reality of her situation actually hit her. Deep down, she realized, she most likely was going to die that night. Die, cease to exist…

She didn't do anything! Why would someone want her dead? She had done nothing which deserved death. She didn't want to die… she was still young…she still wanted to live….

Winry grabbed onto a bookshelf as she stopped her walking. Her voice was almost a whisper. "I didn't do anything, nothing at all. So why…"

Alphonse licked his lips. His night vision was beginning to click in. He could make out two, no three, wait no, four figures!

He took a deep breath. Now there were five…

The sixth walked out from behind the group that stood before Al. There were six. Six dark figures that were dressed in black stood gracefully in front of him.

Al's heart suddenly began to pound loudly in his ears. What the hell had he walked into? One of the figures walked forward, their movements were so fluent and relaxed that it seemed almost as if they were floating. The person stopped a few feet away from Al.

The man stared at Alphonse, taking the young boy in. The man's voice was calm, actually rather soothing in some strange manner. He held a friendly tone. "Are you lost young man?"

Alphonse took a step back. He wasn't sure if he should just lie and act like he was an innocent bystander who had wandered down the wrong hallway, or act tough and be honest.

"Well boy, did a cat catch your tongue?"

Alphonse shook his head while keeping his eyes on all the figures in the room. His right hand went behind him as he tried to find the door handle.

"Don't you respect your elders? Answer me!"

"So-sorry, I must have gone the wrong way." Alphonse stuttered. Great, now he was stuttering! There was nothing for him to be afraid of, the people before him seemed friendly enough. So why-why did the room suddenly feel so cold? Why did he feel like it would be a smart thing to run?

"The wrong way you say? All the way into the depths of this place? How interesting… Say, did you hear that strange sound earlier? We had all become rather worried when it felt like the walls were shuddering. We are simply here to investigate. Do you know where those sounds had come from?"

Alphonse's hand finally landed on the knob. He grasped it tightly. "No sir, I do not know where the sounds had come from."

The man took a step closer, the whites of his eyes glowed slightly through the darkness. Alphonse could make out the gentle smile that spread across the man's face. "Well, that's strange, you smell of smoke. And your pants, why are they so dirty?"

Alphonse looked down at himself. The room was so dark that he couldn't even make out his own pants at all. Then how did the man…

The man's hand shot out and suddenly grabbed Al roughly by the shirt. "I don't like it when I am lied to, especially when it's by the likes of you!"

Alphonse didn't even need to open the door behind him; the door was opened for him. Light suddenly filled the dark room as Armstrong's hefty form stood in the doorway. When Armstrong saw Al, he spoke. "There you are!"

The man that had his hands on Alphonse turned behind him. The five people that stood in a row waited patiently for what the man had to say. His head jerked towards Armstrong. "Take him out. He's only an inconvenience."

All five body's dressed in black headed towards Armstrong.

Winry's whispered words did not go unheard. Actually, her words had been rather helpful for the assassin. He was able to find her quickly by them.

The gun was held tightly in his grasp. He stood at the end of a bookcase, around the bend stood Edward's next victim. He did his best to keep quiet. His breaths were hushed and his movements were slow.

A bit of a loud 'thud' noise came from the girl. Edward used the loud noise as a signal. He quickly turned from the bookshelf and held his gun out in front of him. He was ready to shoot. He was sick of these games; he just wanted to get this job over with.

But, he had to admit, he was rather surprised when he found Winry Rockbell fallen to the floor. She was on her hands and knees and…

It almost sounded as if she was crying.

What the hell? The gun was still held steadily in front of him. He hated victims that made their deaths overly dramatic. He hated it even more when they were crying females….attractive crying females at that. Edward shook his head. The job, must focus on the job.

His footsteps were silenced by the carpet. He walked slowly, and surprisingly, very curiously towards the girl. He might have hated tears, but Winry had seemed so strong. Why had she become so weak all of the sudden?

She gave a loud sniff. The tears fell to the floor. She was so frustrated! Becoming the head of the auto-mail world was not her choice! Now she was to die because of it? How was that fair? "Damn it, I didn't do anything! I don't want to die for nothing."

The voice behind her surprised her. "Don't lie."

Winry turned to look at the person who had spoken to her. Trails of salty tears fell down the sides of her face. When she saw who it was her eyes narrowed. "Who sent you? Why are you here to kill me?"

Edward almost gasped from surprise at himself when he answered her question. "An associate of mine gave me this job and I don't know why they want me to kill you." Edward had never allowed himself to be foolish enough to answer questions such as that to any of his victims before. Maybe it was because she was a crying female… maybe he pitied her. He didn't know why he had answered her, but he had done it. Ed shook his head. Damn it. But really, why did it matter if he gave her a few answers? She would be dead in a short of amount of time…

Winry stared at him in shock for a moment. Then disgust suddenly took over. "You don't know why you came to kill me? What? Is life some type of a fucking game to you!" Winry wiped the tears away from her eyes. She suddenly felt angry. This boy had to be joking!

Edward looked at her bored. "Look, this is my job. I don't question, I just do." Then why wasn't he doing it? Edward took a moment to look at the gun in his hands. Just pull the trigger, she stood venerably before him. Then why…why was he hesitating? Edward internally groaned at himself. In a quick moment of decision he held the gun firmly out in front of him. His hands were steady as he aimed and was about to pull the trigger…

A tear fell down Winry's cheek and dripped off her chin. Her words were so honest and pained. "But… I-I didn't do anything!"

The five black clothed figures headed straight for Armstrong. Al, on the other hand, had a much bigger fish to fry.

The man before Al grinned. "Who would have thought that you were going to come right to us? You make my life so much easier."

The door which had poured in some light had suddenly been closed taking the world back to darkness.

Alphonse grabbed onto the man's tight grasp, trying to pry the man's fingers off him. "Who are you?" Al asked. No matter how hard Al tried, he couldn't loosen the man's grip.

The man's face crept closer towards Al. They were practically nose to nose when he finally spoke. "You may call me Pride." His eyes turned towards his other companions that were all now attacking Armstrong. "We are all known as the Seven Sins."

Alphonse's mouth stood ajar.

The Seven Sins…strange that there were only six.

"Yo-you are only supposed to be a whispered folklore."

The man's smile broadened. "And you, my man of armor, you are supposed to be one also. Funny how the world works."

Alphonse began to choke as the man's leather gloved hand wrapped around his neck.

Didn't… do anything?

Edward's finger stopped as the trigger was halfway pulled back. What did she mean she didn't do anything? "You know what you did, don't lie." Surely Flame hadn't made a mistake of some sort.

Winry shook her head. "You don't know me, how the hell do you know! I didn't do a damn thing!"

She was…innocent?

He had never killed anyone innocent before. Or… had he and simply not known it? The grip of the gun became loose in his grasp. Had Edward killed…innocent people?

"What about the strange activities which have been taking place within the auto-mail industry?" Now, Edward didn't exactly know what he was talking about. Flame had not been exactly specific when he told Ed about the activates, but Winry seemed to know exactly what he meant.

"I don't know. I have been trying to figure that out myself! You think I would put my employees in danger like that? Edward, I used to be a mechanic. Those gases were deadly! What could I have gained from the sudden disappearance of those millions of credits from my own business? I already am wealthy to begin with. Why would I steal my own money? And why, why would I kill…"

Winry's eyes suddenly fell to the floor. It was as if a cloud suddenly loomed over her. She looked as if she was doing her best to hold back more tears that were threatening to spill. Her words came out so quiet Edward was surprised he actually heard them. "Why would I kill Hughes? He was li-like a father to me."

Alphonse tried to break the man's grip, but it was so tight.

The Seven Sins were more like bounty hunters than assassins. But, they were known for their brutal tactics. And, they were not always the most model of citizens. The Seven Sins were known through the criminal world, but no one had ever truly been able to say they had actually seen the Seven Sins. They had become more like a story than an actual fact. The only thing off about the whispered stories was he heard there were seven, not six like he counted.

Were the Sins there for him? Were they after the Fullmetal Assassin and his infamous associate, the man of armor? Shit.

Alphonse tried to kick and yank, but nothing he did caused the man to budge.

"You should make a nice plaque for our wall." Prides breath stank and Al got a front row seat to it. Great.

Alphonse's eyes glanced to the side of him. Armstrong was putting up a good fight with the other Sins, but five against one just wasn't a very good ratio.

It didn't make sense. If these Sins were bounty hunters… then why were they beating up Armstrong? If the Sins were only after him then Armstrong would hold no importance to them. They called Armstrong an inconvenience. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Wait, why the hell did he care when he was about to be choked to death!

Alphonse tried to hit Pride. Pride only laughed at Al's childish display. He held Alphonse at arm's length away from him, that way Al wouldn't be able to reach him.

Alphonse could feel his body becoming weak. He was starting to see spots in front of his vision. If only he hadn't dropped his hooks! He could have used those to get out of this situation… but wait.

Alphonse reached behind him. Wait a second… he always had a backup weapon. Alphonse would have smacked himself if he had the chance. He reached inside his pants and pulled out the knife he had tucked away.

In one quick motion, Alphonse stretched out his arm and felt the slicing skin. Alphonse was quickly dropped to the floor. The man named Pride suddenly gave a horrid scream as his hands covered his face. Even in the dark Alphonse could see the blood dripping from between the man's fingers. The blood splattered to the cold cement floor.

"My-MY EYE!"

"I don't believe you!"

Had Edward killed innocent people? He wanted to protect people, not kill them. He wanted to kill the bad ones, not the good ones. Flame was a cop. Hell, he was the captain of his squad! He knew who the bad guys were, right? Flame would never give him wrong information. Flame had been there when…

Edward's gun shook ever so slightly as he held it out in front of him.

One might ask why Edward had become an assassin if he only wanted to kill the bad guys and protect the good. Why not become a cop like dear old Flame? Edward closed his eyes for a moment as the memories of a woman of such a long time ago danced before him. It was her; he had done everything for her.

"Why don't you believe me? Edward, I have done nothing wrong…"

Edward opened his eyes. "You're lying!" She was. She was. SHE WAS!

"I'm not."

"I would never kill someone without a justifiable reason." He would not kill her the same way the woman he remembered so well had been killed. No, Flame couldn't have given him false information. Flame would never do that!

"Then why do you want to kill me?"

Edward's eyes fell back closed as a memory danced before him. Brown hair from a wondrous beauty flew in the air as she fell to the floor. A smile danced across her face as the blood trickled from her rosy lips. The love and adoration in her brown-gray eyes was so apparent that it had made his gut twist. He had reached his small hands towards her as he had been picked up and dragged away. The whispers of a promised death had been spoken into his ear, but he did not pay attention to the whispers, he still reached his tiny fingers towards the woman he so desperately wanted to touch. Two words left that woman's dying lips. They had been so quiet he could not believe he had actually heard them.

Edward clenched his jaw. "Flame would never lie."

His eyes flew open as the gun rang off.

Alphonse scrambled to his feet quickly. Pride was so consumed about his eye that he didn't even notice.

This was Al's only chance to get away and he knew it. Al looked behind him and watched as Armstrong fought off the other five Sins. "I can't just leave him here." Alphonse mumbled to himself.

Alphonse might have been an assassin (more like Edwards bitch, but Al could think otherwise), but he wasn't inhumane when it came to others who were truly in need. He looked around at his surroundings. In the darkness it was so hard to see that he wasn't even sure what his surroundings were. Well, didn't that just make the world better?

But, as chances may have it, Al had one lucky moment in his life. Oh man, what a lucky moment it was!

The door swung open to reveal a petite woman with thick glasses and a rather ugly dress. She gasped when she saw what was going on.

"I came-oh my."

The Sins which had been attacking Armstrong suddenly stopped.

The girl began to stutter wildly. "The floor upstairs was shaking earlier-I-why are you? I came to see what had happened. I heard noises-Armstrong, what-what is going on!"

Alphonse had seen this woman before. Her photo had been printed up in the papers that were on Winry Rockbell. It had stated that this woman was Rockbell's personal assistant.

Alphonse did not hesitate as he ran forward and straight through the door. Yes, it was that easy. None of the Sins had moved much to Al's surprise. What surprised Al even more was that all the Sins who had been attacking Armstrong had seemed to turn and were just then realizing that Pride was in utter agony.

Al grabbed the girl's hand, ignoring her loud protests, and yelled at the man behind him. "Damn it Armstrong! Hurry up!"

Winry's eyes were wide open. She swallowed loudly as she watched smoke begin to rise from the gun that had suddenly gone off. Had she been hit?

Winry took a quick glance down at herself. No, she was whole. She looked behind her, splintered wood of the shelf which was directly behind met her eyes. He had…missed?

The sound of the gun dropping heavily to the floor was what caused Winry to look back at Edward. Her mouth stood ajar as she saw the boy in front of her.

He seemed to be internally crumbling right before her eyes.


"Don't call me that." His words had wavered slightly, but still came out harshly. Edward stared blankly at his empty hands.

"Why?" She asked him quietly.

"Because, I am a killer. I don't deserve to have you say my real name." Edward's eyes remained glued to his hands. One hand would be made of steel if he removed his white gloves, he knew.

Flame had given him false information. No, he knew Flame would never do something like that on purpose; Flame had been given false information himself. How many times had this happened before?

Edward's knees suddenly gave out, but he did not pay attention. The only thing he saw was that steel hand of his under his white glove.

"Then what should I call you?"

When he had opened his eyes to shoot Winry, he had seen the look in her eyes. It was the same look which the woman who haunted his dreams had given right before she died. They were the eyes of the innocent. He could not have stopped his finger from pulling the trigger in time, but he had moved the gun ever so slightly so it would miss.

Winry was innocent…deep down he knew it.

"Call me what everyone else does. Call me Fullmetal." Remind me of who I am.

As much as Al had hoped that the Sins would leave him alone, he was not that lucky. It was as if the Sins had to first realize that they had left before the Sins finally decided to run after them. But the Sins ran fast, fast as hell.

Al turned another corner still dragging Sheshka, if he recalled correctly, behind him. Armstrong was right behind the both of them.

Al offered Sheshka a quick glance to inform her he was speaking to her. "How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?" He had gotten himself lost when he had taken a run from Armstrong his first time around.

Sheshka pushed up her glasses. Her heels weren't meant for running so she was having a horrible time keeping up. Alphonse's tight grip on her wrist seemed to be the only reason that she was keeping a fair pace with them. "Turn right!'

Alphonse did as told. It stayed that way for awhile. Sheshka screamed where to turn, the Sins chased them from a good distance behind.

It remained that way until they hit two closed doors which were supposed to lead them upstairs. Alphonse grabbed the handle of one of the large doors and yanked harshly.

And of course the door did not budge. "What the hell!"

Sheshka grabbed the handle of the other door. "Damn it! They must have locked them for the party."

Armstrong pushed both aside. "Let me try."

He gave the doors a rather hard tug. He tried it again, and again, and again. Sheshka grabbed onto the large mans right arm. "You know we dead bolt these things! What are we supposed to do?"

Al looked behind them. Much to his chagrin the Sin's rounded the corner. They were now all the way at the other end of the hall. Even though the hall was extremely long, it was only a matter of moments till the Sins would catch up. In the dim light Al got a much better look at the Seven Sin's. They all wore black. Two had crazy hair dos, one was a female…a very pretty female, one was rather large in the midriff, one had spiky hair with sun glasses which Al actually thought looked cool, and the remaining one, Al quickly decided, was Pride. Pride held one hand over his left eye. Blood still poured from between his fingers while a sword was held tightly in his other hand.

A very long, very sharp, very pointy, very deadly sword at that. Shit.

Al pushed past Armstrong and Sheshka. 3 seconds, that was all he would need.

Al dug into his pockets and pulled out two tiny metal circular looking objects. He smacked one on both doors. "TAKE COVER!"

Alphonse dove towards his side just in time as the bright lights of the explosion took place.

Winry watched the boy who was now on his knees simply staring at his hands. Silence had taken over the room for a good few minutes now. She wasn't exactly sure if it would be a smart idea to break that silence.

What had happened? Who was this Fullmetal boy?

Winry looked at the fallen gun. She read the engraving on the gun. It stated very boldly 'F.M.A'. It meant Fullmetal Assassin she quickly decided. An assassin he was. He didn't seem like an assassin at all that very moment.

Her eyes flickered back to the boy on his knees. He still hadn't moved. She was surprised when she saw him blink.

He's human, she thought, he's just like the rest of us. The story's she had heard about this boy made him out to be some unstoppable machine. He was so famous throughout the high-class world it wasn't even funny. He was the devil who planned to take them all out one by one. He had no feelings, people would say, he had no heart.

Only if they could get a look at him now. They would see the boy that lied beneath the blood.

A hair had fallen down in front of Edward's eyes. Edward made no move to remove it.

Winry's hand stretched out attentively to push back that hair. Her breathing suddenly quickened when she realized what she was doing, but she forced her hand to remain at its slow pace towards the boy.

Their feet stomped loudly up the stairs. Al did not look back, but he knew the Sins were right behind them. The moment they reached the top of the stairway Al forced his feet to move faster then they had ever moved before. He no longer had Sheshka trailing behind him so he could move much more freely.

He had gotten Armstrong and Sheshka out, Alphonse decided; he did not have to wait for them.

Alphonse had to get Edward and get them both the hell out of there.

Al pulled out a small computer device he had in his pocket. The device was not big and actually did not cover that large of a radius, but Edward was close enough that his own small computer chip was still traceable on the screen. A light blinked informing Al of Edward's location.

Al ran loudly down the hallway leaving Sheshka, Armstrong, and everyone else behind. He had never been in this section of the house before. The door's Sheshka had led them to did not take them any place close to the ballroom, Al was actually glad to know. That way hopefully no more bystanders would get involved.

Al followed the directions on the tiny computer screen which he had in his hands. The more he ran the closer he was coming to Edward.

And, of course, when Al was just about there, he had to trip. And what did he trip over? Nothing else but his own damn shoe!

"Damn it, there is no time for this!

Alphonse rubbed his now sore ankle. His shoes had a decent amount of weight to them since they were steel toed. Al pulled off his shoe for a moment to make sure the leather shoe was still intact. Thankfully it was. He slid the shoe back on and began to stand.

The high pitched scraping of steel against concrete suddenly caught Al's attention. Al looked up.

Pride was taking his time as he walked gingerly towards him. His long sword ran along the wall as he walked, the other hand still cupped over his injured eye.

The smirk playing across the man's face did not comfort Al.

Al turned and began to run.

Edward's hand suddenly shot out and grabbed Winry's wrist just before her hand reached his face. He didn't even look towards her as he spoke. "What do you think you're doing?" His voice was so icy it caused Winry to physically flinch.

"I'm…I'm sorry."

Edward looked up at her, his yellow eyes carrying a hard stare to them. "Don't touch me." Edward's fingers around her wrist suddenly fell away as he then reached for his fallen gun.

Winry began to rub her wrist. Edward had grabbed her by his auto-mail hand. The grip he had with his metal limb seemed almost unbelievable. Winry was actually curious as to which model Edward's arm was, but she knew better than to ask.

"You're free to go." Edward's sudden words surprised Winry. She blinked and looked to the boy who was now beginning to stand. He rose in a fluid motion. His gun was placed back into its holster with ease.


Edward looked down at her with that same cold stare. "I told you not to call me that."

"Fullmetal then."

Winry stood herself. Her right hand grasped her left upper arm as she looked towards floor.

He was letting her go… just like that…

It didn't seem right somehow.

"Why?" Her eyes flickered up to his face. "Why are you letting me go?"

Edward gave a look of surprise. She was asking him why?

"Please, just go." Edward was tempted to smirk. He was pleading with her to leave…

"Edward I-"

Her words were suddenly silenced as the doors of the library were swung loudly open.


Winry turned to look at Edward. Edward's eyes were wide open. From his mouth slipped the name, "Alphonse…"

In an instant Edward pulled his gun back out and was running towards the front of the library. Winry watched his back as it disappeared past the endless sea of books.

Edward's feet carried him quickly to the front. His brother…something was wrong with Al! Al had yelled to him with a distressed tone. He had to help him.

Edward made a sudden turn past a shelf and collided right into the person of his worrisome thoughts. They both stumbled to the ground. Edward was able to collect himself first. He grabbed tightly onto Al's shoulder with his left hand. "What's wrong?"

Al winced slightly by his brothers overbearing grip. "We have to get out of here. Now!"

Edward lifted an eyebrow. He would have asked more if he didn't catch sight of a man carrying a rather long shiny blade a few paces away from them. Nice. What the hell had Al been doing?

Pride smirked at the two on the floor. He planned to make the man of armor pay. He had damaged his face. He turned the blade slightly. He turned it to a position that would allow him to charge very easily. He cleared his throat before he spoke. "I can safely assume you two know each other."

Edward's left hand fell from Alphonse's shoulder as he stood still carrying his gun tightly in the right. He watched with mild disgust as blood dripped in little droplets to the floor from the mysterious man's covered eye.

"Who are you?"

Pride looked at the gun Edward held in his hand. Faintly he could see the engravings which were etched in to the plate of gold steel. His good eye then ventured back to the sitting form of Al.

"Well, I must thank you again young man. You have been most very helpful. First you bring us yourself now you lead me to the Fullmetal Assassin. My gratitude."

Edward found himself rather confused. Who the hell was this guy? His eyes flicker for a moment down to his little brother hoping to find some type of answer. But, he almost stumbled backwards when something very hard smacked his right hand, tearing off half his jackets sleeve in the process.

Edward looked back in front of him in shock. Part of his shredded suit's sleeve hung loosely off the end of the other mans blade. Edward's metal limb now hung out for the world to see. Even though the man had hit him very harshly Edward still had his gun held tightly in his metallic fingers.

"What… the hell…"

"Well, I suppose the rumors are true." Pride smiled, showing his teeth. He had heard the rumors of the man partially made of metal, but he could never be too sure about rumors. Now he knew the truth.

Edward's eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

He felt a tug on his leg, but did not look down at his brother. Alphonse spoke. "He's-"

Pride cut off Alphonse's words. "Well, I suppose I should introduce myself. You may call me Pride, I am rather well known actually. You see, I am part of-"

"-The Seven Deadly Sins. How interesting. So, how much are they offering you? I am sure you could fetch a pretty penny for the both of us."

Pride smirked. His hand, which was covered with the red liquid of his life, suddenly fell from his eye. He outstretched his blood covered hand almost as if in a friendly gesture. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Fullmetal."

Edward was tempted to barf. Blood ran in heavy streams down Pride's face. He had a feeling it was his brothers fault that the man was injured. A cut slashed down across the man's eyebrow, into his eye, and slightly down the cheek. He had a feeling the man might never see again. It was an extremely gross sight indeed.

Edward ignored the outstretched hand. He held his gun steadily out in front of him. "I suggest you leave before I kill you."

Pride's smile grew devilish. "Aa, you will kill me you say? How interesting…" He took a step closer. "Well, go ahead." Another step. "Let's see what you-"

The sounds of sirens bellowed throughout the night of the outside world. Everyone present in the room suddenly looked around them. The police… shit.

Edward's head quickly snapped back in place, his fingers pulled back and the gun went off, but the sudden sword whacking into his metal limb caused the bullet to fly right past Pride. Edward jumped back as the sword was swung at him again.

"Brother! Get out of here!" Edward yelled as he used his auto-mail limb to block another blow. This time Edward's gun did fly from his fingers.

Alphonse had pushed himself away from the fight. The sirens outside grew louder with every heart beat. The police were coming and it seemed like there was no where to go. He didn't have his weapons to help Edward, and he would never leave without his brother. There had to be something he could do!

A dagger flew right past Al and then past Ed. The dagger was just about to knick Pride, but Pride suddenly moved just in time. Both Pride and Alphonse looked behind them. Edward didn't even need to look, he knew who it was.

A blonde haired beauty in a tight red Japanese style dress stood between two bookshelves. She suddenly hiked up the side of her dress to reveal a sheath hidden on her upper thigh. She pulled her final blade from its hiding place.

Winry spoke. "Let him go or this time I won't miss." She sounded a lot more confident then she felt. Her last dagger had a black dragon imprinted on the blade. It was her favorite dagger, her lucky one.

Pride looked between Edward and the girl. "You would kill me for him? The man who came to kill you?"

For a moment Winry wondered how this man had known that Edward was supposed to kill her that night, but she didn't ask questions. She nodded her head. "Yes, for him."

Alphonse sat on the floor simply lost. Wait… wasn't Edward supposed to have killed the girl? Then why was she alive and now defending him? What the hell was gong on…

Pride again looked between Edward and Winry. He took a step back from the boy he had been attacking.

Edward's eyes widen slightly at Pride. Pride took another step away from him.

Winry ran as fast as her heals would allow her. "Let's go!" She screamed as she grabbed Edward's hand and began to pull him away. Alphonse dove for Edward's gun before he stood and followed behind the two fleeing forms.

Pride stood in the room not moving. His left hand went back to cover his bleeding face. "If she wants him alive, then I will allow him to remain alive for awhile longer. But one day not far from now, he will be mine."

The sirens outside blared loudly. In the far depths of the house loud voices screamed out commands. The police were there and they were already searching for the culprits.

Winry made various turns around the house as she kept a tight grip on Edward's hand. She did not look back, but figured that Edward would know that she was speaking to him. "In the basement there is a tunnel that will lead us outside. This house was built during the last war. They had built the tunnel for an escape route."

Alphonse trailed behind the two. He also heard what the girl had said. It didn't take long for them to find the same staircase that Alphonse had blown the doors open to only awhile before. Alphonse looked around, but did not see any of the other Sins or the girl and Armstrong in sight.

All three sets of feet clunked loudly down the stairs and jumped through the damaged doors of now twisted metal. Edward gave a quick knowing glance to Alphonse; Alphonse only smirked as a response.

"We must hurry!" Winry jerked Edward down another hallway. A door sat at the end of it. Once she reached it she pulled the door open and led both brothers into a dark bricked tunnel. The three ran for their dear lives. At the end of the tunnel lead them to a forest. The colors of greens and browns suddenly surrounded the three. The full moon hung high in the sky providing them with some light. The three kept running until the sun came up that morning.