A/N- I am so sorry! I keep posting on RWW and you guys probably get all excited and then its not the White Lies announcement.

I wanted to let you know I have opened a forum for this trilogy where I will be posting info on what I am up to and where you guys can talk about the series (my books of the real anime/manga) I also might be adding more previews as far ahead as Black Truths because I do have pages hand written for that.

Also if the interest for this trilogy and forum is high enough I might hold contest for art or previews and I will accept input on where the story should go. Lastly I might also ask opinions and hold in forum polls.

The forum is named Red, White and Black Trilogy and the link is at the bottom of my profile!


Here is another small preview as a reward…

White Lies~

Sympathetic understanding, and pity: after almost ten years, not a single drop of anger has dripped into the still blue waters of the child's eyes. In contrast the current Naruto's eyes were rippling with terror.

After all the time that passed, nothing in the room had changed. Dust never settled and the small rivers of blood never dried, still red as the day it met the air.

"so you finally came back for me? Or have you come to rid yourself of my burden for good?" said the eight year old boy.

Naruto felt a shiver run over his skin. The child's voice sounded like he was in a deep cave, it gave the impression that at any moment a drip of water from a rock ceiling was going to ring through the silence between his words.

Looking into the mess he had made all those years ago Naruto felt the sick sensation of shame creep into his chest…