1Why did it hurt so bad now that no one cared? No one had ever thought he was telling the truth about the strange little green boy, and how he was really an alien. Why did it hurt so bad right now? Was it because he was older, and so was the alien. The gravitational pull was less on Earth than it had been on his home planet allowing Zim to grow taller, and fill out more with muscles that Irkens were never supposed to have. The Irken race was supposed to be a slim, delicate, but formidable opponent that killed all life on their chosen doomed planets.

What if those planets tried to fight back? What if they didn't want to be taken over? The human race seemed like they were begging for conquest, and the only person adverse to the idea was a 17 year old teen that every one despised, or thought was crazy.

Dib shook his head to shake out his depressing thoughts, and sat on the stone bench he happened to be passing. He cradled his arm gently, and tried to stop the blood flow that seemed to be never ending. He was now wearing a larger black trench coat with a ver more snaps, buckles, and chains along with some baggy black pants. He has personally sewn on a few alien patches, and wore some large boots. He never knew what Zim was going to do next, and wear. His shirt still was a bluish color, but had an evil smiley attached to the front instead of a bored one.

His hear had grown a little longer, and he let it grow a little past his neck so that vampires wouldn't attack him. The infamous scythe of hair was a little longer, and started to droop like his fathers. Dib's ears were also pierced, and he made sure to have gold, and silver hoops, and such so that werewolves couldn't come near him. Dib also had a very gothic cross tattooed into his back that covered the most of it so that evil creatures couldn't eat him like bigfoot, or the yeti. The darkness of the cross related to them, but the cross itself kept them from him. It was the perfect way to attract paranormal activity.

His arm had been slashed in several places, and he winced as he applied more pressure to get the blood flow to lessen or stop. He sighed, and lowered his head while murmuring how crappy the day had been. Watching a shadow approach him, he sighed again, and closed his eyes and muttered 'Go away...' to the person.

As if attracted to the scent of an injured Dib, Zim replied to the mutter, "Why are you leaking human? Do all of your kind leak red stuff such as that? Is it a weapon?" Zim asked in rapid succession.

"No Zim...it's called bleeding. I'm hurt, and so blood comes out." Dib said as if talking to a toddler.

"That's how your species reacts to being hurt? Why did you not the bleed when I attacked you?" Zim asked confused, and starting to get angry. Was he not good enough for the Dib?

"No Zim...You gave me bruises. That means I bled on the inside. Someone cut me with a knife, and the blood comes out..." Dib replied feeling stupider by the nanosecond.

"..." Zim watched the filthy stinkbeast, and suddenly something clicked in his alien mind.

"I did not cut you, who did? One of your filthy pig-smellies?" Zim asked almost aghast that someone would hurt their own species.

"Yeah. That Torque Smacky from our class Zim...he cut me 'cause I believe in aliens." Dib said closing his eyes now that he felt even more retarded.

"Other intelligent species do exist though.." Zim replied making sure not to give away his ingenious disguise.

"I know, but Torque doesn't care. He still thinks I'm a freak, and that gives him every right to cut me." Dib replied, and winced as Zim set his hand upon Dib's cut.

"Follow me Dib-beast..." Zim demanded quietly.

Dib stood scowling at what Zim wanted, but dutifully followed the alien to his lair. When Zim threw open the door, the short robot GIR attacked their legs, but Zim ignored the psychotic little bot.

Zim flushed himself, and Dib down to the lab, and began to look for something. Dib took this chance to look around the lab, and gawk at all the alien technology. If only he had brought a hidden camera of some sort to school. He could defiantly reveal Zim, but it seemed so...evil, and rude to do it because of what Zim inviting him in. Dib watched as Zim asked his computer something in Irken, and laughed happily at the answer. Standing back from the consul, Zim laughed again, and held it in his 'Conquered the World' pose, and handed it to Dib.

"Put this on your arm Dib-beast!" Zim said happily, and turned laughing again psychotically

"Th...thank you Zim..." Dib said, and slowly spread the slightly pinkish stuff onto his dripping wound.

The wound began to slowly heal up in front of Dib's eyes, and he gasped. The stuff didn't kill him, or hurt in any way. It actually tingled pleasantly, and helped him. He looked to Zim, and almost hugged the strange alien. Zim began to walk away, and Dib ran after him worriedly.

"Zim! Hey, I just...I'm really grateful...Can I, like...hang around for a bit? I don't really wanta go home..." Dib said in a shaky voice, rubbing his newly healed arm.

"Why? SO YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES?" Zim accused loudly.

"No...I just...I don't want to go home..." Dib said, lowering his head even more.

"Tell me WHY you don't want to go home, and I might let you stay.." Zim said in a disbelieving voice.

"I just...It's my birthday today..." Dib said in a shaking voice.

"...Isn't that supposed to be a happy thing?" Zim asked truly confused.

"Well...I guess, but my dad doesn't remember, and Gaz just ignores me. If I tell her it's my birthday, or she remembers, she usually beats me up 'cause I, 'Don't deserve to live.' according to her." Dib said ashamed that he really did exist now.

"You should never be ashamed of existing!" Zim said wildly, and suddenly burningly angry at the human race.

Their only protector was beaten by them, and abused! He was part of their race, and he deserved what every human got! Even if it was almost nothing compared to the Irkens, the Dib was treated like dirt when he was probably the most intelligent, and most beautiful-I mean, tall specimen of their race!

Zim angrily kicked at a piece of machinery in his base, and looked back to his Earthen Enemy. The Dib should be treated with respect! He should be treated like a king for saving them for so many years! He should be their lord, and master while they bowed, and licked his shoes for helping them so, and they abuse him like this!

Zim looked back to Dib, and wondered what he thought about himself, and how he could survive being hated for so long. He knew that his entire race hated him, and so did his tallest, but he didn't need to be loved. He was fine because they didn't actually hurt him. They couldn't physically punish him, and he took pleasure that they were to far away to actually hit him.

"Dib-beast? Can your species survive in space for more than 3 seconds?" Zim asked with a random thought.

"N...no! We would instantly die!" Dib said looking greatly confused, and tilted his head to the right.

"Well...I see..." Zim replied to Dib, and began to stir up a plan in his skull.

"Why do you ask?" Dib asked, and walked closer to the green alien.

"I have an idea. To help you at least..." Zim muttered, and turned back to his computer console to begin his plan.

"You want to help me?" Dib asked in a shocked voice.

"Yes. I don't care about your filthy species, but you should be treated better than what your disgusting 'race' gives you." Zim said, seething in a quite rage.

It just wasn't right that the only human that was clever enough to fight an Irken was hated. By his own family too! Zim began to mix different ingredient together, and Dib watched in an almost controlled stare.

"What is that?" Dib asked quietly, and pointed to a vial holding an orange substance that seemed to be a solid liquid.

"That, is what is called...translating from Irken to English Sompalish." Zim said with a flick of his wrist, and went back to making his own little potion.

"What does it do?" Dib asked, and looked at it curiously, while trying to say it's name himself.

"It is similar to that of a cloning device. Blood is added to it, and depending on what it is added to, it could clone, and replace parts of people, or machinery." Zim said in a calm voice, and took a scalple in his hand.

"Wh...what are you going to do with that?" Dib asked, and looked warily at the sharp object in Zim's hands.

Zim did not answer Dib, and made a quick slice into his own left arm. Dib cried out in surprise, and horror as the little green alien began to bleed a very light blue, almost clear substance. It did not run like a humans blood, but jelled out like that of some odd little stuff animal would bleed out cotton. Zim winced in pain, and squeezed about seven globs of his blood into the orange substance.

"What are you doing! Stop that!" Dib said panicked, and trying to get to Zim to stop the bleeding.

"Do not interfere Dib-human!" Zim said not coldly, but more teaching than anything else.

Dib looked to the orange substance, and watched in amazement as the bright orange color began to change to a deep purple, and liquify more than it's solid like state. Dib's eyes widened, and he watched the concoction. Zim ignored the slice in his thin arm, and began to pour small amounts of alien chemicals into the vial, and watching their reactions.

Dib watched sadly as Zim's arm continued to drip the strange, and foreign substance. Dib brought his arm up to his teeth, and ripped a piece of clothe from his coat, and approached Zim.

"What are you doing?" Zim asked curiously.

"Just...helping you out too I guess.." Dib replied, and started to try, and wrap Zim's arm up in the clothe.

Zim just watched in a stunned silence, and then rolled his eyes. Letting Dib wrap up his wounded arm, he watched the boys hair, and found himself thinking what it would feel like to have hair. To feel hair. To feel Dib's hair particular. Zim almost reached out to touch said boy's hair when he snapped his hand back. He shouldn't do stuff like that to another person. Especially a human!

Zim sneered as he recalled his latest and then redoubled his efforts to make his concoction. As he toddled around the lab, and let Dib watch him. Zim smiled secretly, and regarded Dib with a very secretive look. He knew that the human had grown taller, and done some very odd things to himself. He had put ink into his skin, pierced himself with those nasty needles, and let his hair grow. He had replaced his clothing, but it was still similar to his first outfit. That was the only normal thing that Dib had done.

Zim had grown thanks to the filthy Earth substance known as 'Milk' which came from filthy Earth Cows. Zim was now 6'2 according to Earth measurements, and Dib topped 5'8 at best. Zim had beaten Dib at being tall, which was quite an accomplishment for being an Irken. Zim had his new outfit tailored for him since he was so tall now.

His outfit consisted of a black pants that didn't hug him like his old ones, but resembled more Earth styles. His boots were almost the exact same but bigger with silver buckles. His top was the same Irken style with the same Irken siegel. The shirt did come to his knees but split at his waist to let him move around freely. His antenna had also grown longer, as well as his claws larger. Instead of getting spindly claws like his Tallest, he had grown thicker, and strong claws like an Earth animal.

The good thing about living on Earth if there ever was one was that he had adapted quite nicely, and it was a very good change according to his people's laws. The tallest beings were the rulers. His tallest topped 5'5 at the most, so he could go home at any time, and be the leader of his race. If his planned worked the way he wanted it to, Dib could also rule the Irken's with Zim.

The concoction that he was mixing up let the human's organs, and brain become that OF an Irken. He would grow antenna but still have hair, and his skin would stay the same with only a slight green tinge. He would still have glasses, but when a very strong emotion came, his eyes would become that of the color that fitted him the most, and his glasses would not be needed. Zim's own eye color was a mix of red, and purple.

Zim had known for a quite a long time that he was the smeet of his tallest, but it would give them a squeegily-spooch attack if they ever knew. The red, and purple combination meant that he was a very inteligent, if a little absent minded Irk. He was also very loyal, prone to attackes of emotion, and very straightforward.

He was almost complete with his task when Dib pulled on his Irken shirt, and asked what he was doing then. Zim sighed almost pitifully, and told Dib to be patient. Zim told the computer to let the potion simmer for a bit while he introduced Dib to the lab. Dib laughed excitedly, and began to run like GIR with the thought of getting a tour for the Irken himself.

Zim sighed happily, but made sure to not let the Dib-human know what he was up to. The Dib would be treated with respect on The Massive. If he did not have the respect of the humans, he would have the respect of all the worlds that had fallen easily under Irken influence. Dib would atleast be the leader like he rightfully should be, and worked so hard for.